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Beautyblender Pure Makeup Sponge and Solid Kit

Beautyblender Pure Makeup Sponge and Solid Kit features the essentials to keep your complexion radiant and flawless. With the sponge applicator, you can easily apply your favorite wet or dry foundation and concealer. You can also gently dab on skin care treatments around the eyes, lips, forehead or entire complexion. Use the cleanser to wipe away any leftover residue on the sponge to preserve the shape and efficiency. Beautyblender Pure Makeup Sponge and Solid Kit includes: Pure Single Blender Solid Blendercleanser (1 oz.)

Key features

  • Includes manufacturer warranty
  • Ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste.
  • Features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet.
  • Handcrafted in the USA. A great gift for every fancy, beauty-loving girl you know
  • Easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce

Honest reviews



I remember that when Beautyblender first became widely available I thought to myself, "Who on earth would pay that kind of money for a sponge?" I’ve never been one to go out of my way to own anything but basic brushes and tools, and I thought perhaps this sponge required special techniques to use it properly. When I saw the obvious popularity of the product, I became curious, so I bought several "dupes" from a range of different product lines. Some were terrible. Some were pretty good. However, with the exception of the ones that cost equal to or even more than Beautyblender, they all crumbled, stained, fell apart, soaked up all the makeup, and/or functioned badly for application. When I finally tried my first Beautyblender, I thought to myself, "Who on earth would use makeup without this sponge?" It’s the easiest makeup tool ever, and it works for applying all face/neck makeup evenly and flawlessly. The texture, size, design, and fabric are truly ingenious, and this product allows me to have perfect-looking skin everyday if I want to. The Solid Cleanser is brilliant. It’s the best sponge/brush cleaner I’ve ever used. It’s thorough, yet gentle, and it helps my sponges last for months and months.

Lottie Seneca Rocks, WV

Great combo

I used to use a cheaper version of the beauty blender that I would buy at my local Target. The actual beauty blender is MUCH better. It applies makeup better and lasts longer. I wash mine daily and have not had it rip or tear on me. The soap works great! Its gentle and gets any makeup off the sponge. I used to use baby shampoo but this soap works much better! Highly recommended!

Wilda Rose Lodge, OR


It’s the real thing and it’s fabulous! I got some dupes before, and it’s just not like the real thing. It’s so soft and works with so far ALL of my foundations, blending everything in seamlessly. It’s just SO EASY TO USE, and makes creating a foundation base so easy and fast. Also I must mention the solid soap it comes with, is AMAZING!! Just wet your sponge and swirl and it cleans it so quickly and easily it’s amazing. It rinses everything right out and it’s so easy, I clean it every morning before doing my makeup so that no bacteria has a chance to grow. It was a great purchase for both, I think I spent 19.95 for both, something like that. So I was a little worried I might not be getting the real thing but like I said, it’s amazing and I’m happy. Thanks Amazon.

Marion Summerfield, KS

Beautyblender is amazing.

I already knew I liked beautyblenders, but my skin was really sensitive and sort of breaking out. Getting this "Pure" version really helped with that and there is definitely a noticeable difference when applying makeup.The Solid cleaner cleans MUCH better than the baby shampoo or sensitive soap I was using to try to clean my blender with before. It pulls the makeup out like magic! I really recommend it and it makes cleaning my Beautyblender a lot easier than before – now I clean mine much more often. Also there isn’t any time in sight when this stuff will run out, the texture is like rubbing a blender on a bar of soap except the residue you get from doing that just pulls the makeup out and cleans off easily#.

Corrine Fort Covington, NY

Love it!

I absolutely love my beauty blender! This little wonder can be used to apply and blend my concealers and foundation flawlessly. It does not waste too much product (when used wet). It is easy to use and a must for anyone who wears makeup! Don’t hesitate to buy.

Tori Butte, NE

Must buy

I Love this thing. My only regret is not buying this product sooner. I use it every time is put my make up on, it blends out my conclear and foundation flawlessly.

Latoya Green Valley, WI