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BeautyBlender Original Travel Kit 2 Piece Kit Includes: 1 Pink Blender + 3 oz Cleanser

Beautyblender Travel Kit features a soft, egg-shaped sponge that works as effectively as a makeup brush to apply foundation, concealer and even lightweight skin care treatments. To preserve the effectiveness of the sponge, a liquid cleanser is included to wash away makeup and excess oil. This convenient kit is fits perfectly inside your overnight or carry-on bag. Beautyblender Travel Kit includes: Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Blendercleanser (3 oz.)

Key features

  • Includes manufacturer warranty
  • 1 Blender sponge
  • 1 Blendercleanser 3 oz.
  • Organza bag
  • It’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly, making it earth-friendly and fun to use

Honest reviews


better off purchasing kit rather than just beauty blender.

Your best bet is to purchase the soap with blender than just the beauty blender. it is more cost effective. I have tried regular soap and the soap that comes along with it, and I like the beauty blender soap better. as far as the beauty blender, I think it is okay. I personally just like using stipple brushes. I feel like a lot of my foundation gets lost in the blender. I continue to use this blender about once a week in hopes that I will like it, but so far I find nothing amazing about it. Cleaning it is the most time consuming part of the routine. you really have to scrub the areas where makeup is embedded in order to get it all out. the soap it comes with seems to be more effective than dawn. I don’t think I would purchase this again, but I had to try it, so I could have my own take on it.

Bernadine Granite City, IL

AWESOME sponge

I LOVE this product. It is the best purchase I have ever made. It puts on foundation perfectly that it looks flawless. Don’t waste your money or time on other sponges that are wannabe’s, buy the real deal. It’s even reasonably priced for being such a great sponge.

Carlene Defiance, IA

ONE OF A KIND- no imitations compare

Let me just say, if you are contemplating buying the name brand "Beauty Blender" verses a similar sponge- GO WITH THE AUTHENTIC BEAUTY BLENDER. I know it’s pricey and I cringe when I purchase these, but they really are one of a kind. I have tried its competitor- a small yellow tear drop shaped sponge that boasted to be identical. After one use, I tossed it. The texture was too dense and cakey, it absorbed all my makeup and did not blend effortlessly. When I use the BB I use less foundation and it literally takes me one minute to apply a full face of perfectly blended foundation. The texture of the sponge is very light and airy. It fills out nicely when damp and I think applying my liquid foundation with the damp sponge allows the makeup to be applied to my face instead of sucked into the sponge. It seems to blend with such ease. MUCH better than fingers or even a brush. I simply dab it all over in small stippling like motions. And since they can be washed and reused I seem to only have to repurchase a couple times a year so all in all it’s well worth the extra bucks.

Holly Arlington, NE

Great Deal!

First time using this it takes some getting used to, But I love it, makes your foundation or bb cream look like skin blends so nicely, This was a great deal seeing as I cant stand to see my beauty blender dirty just a little bit of the cleaner and its clean again

Ilene North Las Vegas, NV

Exactly as described by others

I am always watching girls on Youtube do their makeup and they all swear by this Beauty Blender. I broke down and bought one after many years of wondering what it was like. I love this product. I don’t need to use too much foundation when using the blender. It gives a soft, airbrushed look to the makeup, as if I’m not wearing any at all. There are no stroke lines or ‘hot spots’ that you can normally get with brushes. I am very pleased. As for the cleaner, it is not very soapy but more like a lather. It didn’t get some of the makeup off my blender but could just be that my foundation is hard to clean off. I ordered the Beauty Blender with the cleaner just because I do not know how else to clean it. Maybe with more use I will learn how to care for the blender better. Overall, I would definitely recommend this! Free shipping plus the cleaner!? Totally worth the $20!

Brittany Mineral Wells, WV

spend the money, you get what you pay for!

I wanted to try the beauty blender after hearing many great things about how flawless application it gives, I was debating wether to buy one of the cheaper versions of this but after reading a review of this girl who first owned an original beauty blender and then wanted to saved a couple bucks and purchased an imitation and said that its truly worth buying the real thing because the material it different and its just not the same…anyway I decided to spend the money and go with the real thing and im glad I did because I get a flawless application everytime and works with great!

Luisa Rector, PA

Beauty Blender

I saw a friend of mine using this and she said she swears by it. So far so good, I have just started using it and I am very happy with it. Very easy to use, makes your make up goes on nice and smooth.

Henrietta Blaine, WA