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Beautyblender – Double Blender Sponge & Cleanser Kit

Modernize the Way You MakeUp! The Ultimate MakeUp Sponge Applicator. Designed by two top Hollywood Make up artists, Beautyblender is the most versatile make up tool you’ll ever own. It ‘s elliptical teardrop shape is super soft to the touch, like suede and allows you to access hard-to-reach places making your make up application foolproof. It’s washable, re-useable and recyclable. It’s latex free and anti-microbial. Can be used with all types of make up; liquid base, cream base, mineral make up, cream blush, powders etc. Use Beautyblender damp or dry…we like to use it damp.Please note, Beautyblender will expand when wet. With 2 you can keep one at home and take one with you, or use one damp and use the other dry. Hygiene is a must when it comes to keeping you skin fresh and healthy. Oil and dirt from your face will stay on your applicators if you don’t take a moment to properly clean them. That’s why Silva and Lorenz offer this unique combo including the Blendercleanser, the perfect hygienic companion for your Beautyblender. Blendercleanser is a lightly lavender-scented cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. It’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly, making it fun to use. Soy has the added benefit of being one of nature’s finest moisturizers and lavender is a natural anti-microbial, so by all means, clean up with class and do it often.

Key features

  • A great starter kit. This combo pack Includes; 2 beautyblenders, 1 blendercleanser
  • Double your fun! Use 1 damp use the other 1 dry. Take one with you and keep the other safe at home.
  • Washable, re-useable, recyclable. Can be used with all types of makeup. Use damp or dry. We prefer damp. Very versatile applicator.
  • If you have problem skin Beautyblender works to cover blemishes. Use the pointed end and the stipple and twist technique for a perfect finish.
  • blendercleanser – To be used to clean Beautyblender after every use. Specificly designed to maintain the integrity of your Beautyblender.

Honest reviews


Not the proper product for applying BB cream

I purchased this beauty blender combo package after reading review on Amazon and Ulta as well as watching several YouTube reviews. The blender was easy to use and definitely should be used in it’s “wet” application form vs. dry. The stippling method was very easy for applying good foundation coverage.The downside that I found was that when I used the blender to apply BB Cream it was sucking up a *ton* of excess product. So where a blender application was taking 2-3 full pumps of Missha BB Cream, finger application was taking under 1 full pump and getting the same level of coverage. Since I’m using my BB Cream as a foundation there’s no other product in my routine to use the blender on and I’ve just sort of retired it to the back of the bathroom closet.While it might be great for liquid foundation application the blender is just the wrong tool for BB Creams; and BB Creams are turning out to be far better than foundation, making the blender an unnecessary tool.

Michaela Umpqua, OR

Fake beauty blender

Before you purchase you need to know this is 100% FAKE. It’s completely different size, texture and results to the real thing. Amazon needs to stop the scam!

Joyce Cogan Station, PA

Sponge = 10 stars, cleanser = 3

My cleanser won’t dispense properly, so I have to open the jar and pour a tiny bit on the sponge. This is enough to drag the review down a bit…however, the sponge is so awesome, it keeps the review at 5 stars!For a few years now I’ve been trying to find a foundation that doesn’t make me look like I’ve caked stuff on (which basically rules out all compact-style foundations) and that matches my very pale skin tone (which rules out a lot of others). Chantecaille’s cream-style Future Skin was excellent in texture but too dark for me, for example.I finally found a great color from Haba USA, but the foundation is a very runny liquid. For a week I struggled to get a good application but it always came out streaky and looked bad. I was about to give up and go back on the hunt for some other brand, when I decided to order this Beautyblender combo. (I’d been eying it for months, but not sure it was worth the price.)This thing is a miracle. It is a very soft foam and it’s actually like a bulb with a narrow rounded tip (in the pictures it appears to be a flat sponge with a teardrop shape). Reminds me of the foam used for the super-decibel-cutting earplugs they make. Closed-cell foam?Because the foam is so dense, it doesn’t soak up tons of foundation like some sponges do, and it applies it very evenly. Over a few days of experimenting I found that swiping it on produces a more even result than blotting it on. This is a PERFECT product and have already bought one as a gift for my sister. As long as Beautyblender’s in business, I’ll be supporting them.

Cheryl Spring Hill, TN

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

I have terribly acne-prone skin, and while I love my Bare Minerals, I’ve had a hard time with the brushes breaking me out. If I don’t clean them every single day, I’m sure to be left with blemishes. But the brushes are terribly inconvenient to clean, and need to dry overnight (sometimes longer). So I’ve been looking a while for a better option. I’ve tried cotton swabs, wedge sponges, and a million different other applicators, but none of them seemed to be compatible with BM.This product has finally ended my search. I love that it can be washed every single day, and I especially love that you can use it damp. So I can literally wash it right before I use it.I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about using BM with a damp applicator, but honestly, I think it works wayyyyyy better. First off, you don’t end up with powder all over your clothes, the bathroom floor, etc… It all ends up on your face, which I’m sure is saving me on powder and subsequently $$.Second, the powder just seems to go on better when it’s damp! It’s much easier to get the coverage I need.Just can’t say enough good things about this product. I am hooked!

Muriel Wolfe City, TX

love it

wors great makeup goes on flawless and even will definatly buy another one in the future bought one for my mom also

Sadie South Newbury, NH

Spendy, but the best!

Wish I had not wasted time/ money on dupes…. this is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! Perfect application.REMEMBER THOUGH: Works best when used with NON-water based foundations. I have seen lots of reviews that say "used so much product"… Not so if you use an oil based foundation. My fav is MAC full coverage cream foundation, I use LESS with a wet beauty blender than a brush or regular sponge.

Anita Powder Springs, GA

Sponge worthy

I thought a sponge is a sponge is a sponge. Wrong. This little make up sponge is amazing. I dampen the sponge first and then use it to apply foundation. I’m actually saving money because the Beautyblender applies the make up evenly and it’s unique shape gets into the curves and contours of my face. I can’t believe I spent that for a sponge but I’m sure glad I did. It’s a keeper.

Laurel Warsaw, KY

Love these

These have made my foundation routine so much easier. I like getting them wet first because the foundation goes on a lot smoother. These are great and you will absolutely love them. 100X better than a brush! My only problem is that one of them ripped a tiny bit in the first week I bought it.

Inez Fairlea, WV

Worth spending the $$ for the real thing!

Once you go beauty blender, you won’t go back! These little sponges wear so well, give you a flawless and airbrushed finish for your makeup, and ultimately cause you to use less product as well! You can use them for foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer, to blend out concealer, or whatever you need! They’re multitasking brush sponges! Worth it! Give them a try!

Milagros Burt Lake, MI

Awesome products for flawless skin

These BB’s are the bomb!! The cleaner that comes with them is wonderful! I’m so happy I decided to spend the money and get this set! I do a lot of airbrush makeup and these give the same finish. Just make sure they are damp before blending and you’re good to go!

Juanita Windsor, IL

the best

I’m a youtube makeup tutorial addict so before i get anything new i go on to youtube and check out the reviews. Everyone and I mean everyone had nothing but good things to say about the Beautyblender so I got it and let me tell you its a must have, it blends foundations flawlessly and it doesn’t matter what brand of foundation you use it ALWAYS blends it out wonderfully. when you wash it it all kinds of pink washes out with it so that was kind of strange, I havent tried the cleanser yet, baby shampoo is my brush cleanser preference. I even use the blender to blend out cream highlights

Barbra East Dorset, VT

Great product but not for someone on the budget

I’ve heard about Beautyblender for quite some time. Not sure why it took me so long to try these out. Since I’m always on the look out for new ways to apply my foundation. But I’m glad I finally got my hands on these.The way I prefer using these is to first apply foundation all around my face with regular foundation brush without bothering to blend it out. Then I use the Beautyblender to actually blend things out nicely. And I gotta say these do the job perfectly well. I even use the pointier end of the blender under my eyes after I just applied concealer with my brush.The reason why I took out one star is for budgetary reasons. First reason is the obvious high cost of the blenders. Make up sponges are available for fraction of the cost in the pharmacy, and I’m not saying they would do as good of a job, but for someone on tight budget that could be a much better option. Another reason is the fact that these blenders just like any other sponges absorb a lot of product. So if you decide to use these, expect the small bottles of foundation to last less amount of time than normally, and hence more burden on your pockets.Overall great foundation/concealer/blender tool, as long as not on a very tight budget.

Judi Lyons, SD


Bought this for my mom and she loves it. She says it takes time to use it but her make up ends up looking flawless. So I recommend this to whoever loves an airbrush finish.

Rosario Lawen, OR



Rosanne West Townshend, VT


this beuty blender is amazing!!! it leaves my makeup flawlees, It comes with the cleaner so it helps with not having to buy a cleanser. I bought the sigma 100 dollar makeup brush kit and do not even use it no more becuse of the beuty blender

Lucille Medora, IN


I wanted to know what the hype was, and let me say that the hype is RIGHT! These sponges are amazing. Really perfect your makeup. I love them. Easy to use, easy to clean, and carry on.As for the soap/shampoo, my favorite part about it is using it on my make up brushes. They really get cleaned in less washes than normally, and they are truly clean and fresh. I recommend it, even if it is just to clean your current brushes.

Faith Osage City, KS


I have been wearing liquid foundation for twenty years. I have tried every newfangled way of applying it: from expensive foundation brushes, all types of sponges and of course, my fingers. I always go back to application by finger. Seems the easiest and most effective way. Then I saw Beauty Blender in a YouTube video. It intrigued me. I watched a few You tube tutorials, and decided I should buy one. At twenty bucks for one sponge, it is pricey, but I went for it, but keeping my expectation level down. I’ve tried too many gimmicks… but this is no gimmick. It REALLY WORKS! It transforms your foundation to an airbrushed look. So easy to apply (just make sure sponge is damp), and apply in a bouncing/stippling motion. You need very little foundation with this method… so what you pay for the BeautyBlender you may actually save on buying less foundation.I use Liquid Foundation (Clinique Repairwear – $29 a bottle). But I think you can use the BeautyBlender with cream or mineral foundation. I also use the pointed end of the Beauty Blender to stipple on my eye concealer — I use either Bobbi Brown or Amazing Cosmetics (both are dense creams). Does a good job of applying the concealer.Now about the BB cleanser:1) The Pink Dye does run when I use the Beauty Blender Cleanser. Don’t has this issue if I use mild hand soap or Clinique “Take the Day Off” Makeup remover. Hmmm????2) I don’t like the method of dispensing the cleanser. The five ounce version has a pump dispensing method which means you have to place the BeautyBlender on the pump to release the cleanser liquid. The foundation transfers from the BB to the pump, so you have to clean that up. Yuck! The 3 ounce bottle is a squeeze/pour dispenser.Overall, hands down, one of my best beauty purchases EVER!Suggest you go on YouTube and and view some BeautyBlender tutorials. It will help you perfect the application.

Libby Kearsarge, NH

The best blander!!!!

Love this blender!!!! The best tool for your Foundation and conceler aplication, gives you perfectly smuth flawless airbrush look. Highly recomended.

Cortney Cantua Creek, CA

2pk plus cleanser

It’s a little more involved but I’m enjoying my BeautyBlender. I find I use less product and get a better finish. Considering how much I hate using the typical wedge sponges that’s saying something. This set (with the cleanser)was only $3 than the set without…so I’d say it was definitely worth it. The cleanser works well and does remove all the product. The scent is mild and pleasant.I’m happy!

Della Richville, MI

great buy

Using the beauty blender is the best was to get a flawless look with foundation. This kit is a lot cheaper than buying them separately so what a bargain

Katie Cahone, CO

I Don’t Understand Why This Is So Amazing – But It Is!

I just don’t get it. It is just a sponge. BUT this sponge is like no other. It truly gives my foundation a perfect application. I’ve used my fingertips, foundation brushes, stipler brushes, knock-off BB sponges, and nothing beats this BeautyBlender! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t caved and bought the real deal.I can’t explain why the BeautyBlender is the best foundation applicator I have found, because it makes absolutely no sense to me. But if you haven’t purchased one yet because you are thinking "it’s just a sponge – it can’t be that great", then you just need to take the plunge like I did and it will make a believer out of you!As for the cleanser that comes with it? It is fine. I don’t know if your own brush cleanser or baby shampoo would work just as well. I just thought if I was going for it, I would go all out – and I’m glad I did.

Brandie Leopold, MO


Where has this been all my life! I don’t apply my make up without it. It is a must have in your kit. ..the cleanser is amazing.

Zelma Port Lions, AK

Highly overpriced and a waste of money even if they were cheap

I bought the original Beauty Blenders cheaper than here at Camera Ready Cosmetics website and I’m glad I was able to save a few bucks in this wasteful purchase. This product is highly over rated and I don’t understand all the fuss about them. They apply makeup just as good as the cheap, old style wedge puffs you find at your local drug store for just couple bucks for a full bag. These Beauty Blenders ripped after just 5 usages and they are definitely no worth the price! In addition, they consistently discharge pink ink every time you wet them, no matter how many times you wash they still discharge pink dye, which is totally gross. I’ll most definitely never buy them again and post a video on my YouTube recommending them not.

Fern Neches, TX

really love this

love the sponges love the cleaner, hate the price, really makes your makeup look pretty though. my foundation looks way more natural

Adeline Essex, VT


These sponges are simple the best when coming to apply foundation! The finish is incredible! It is just a little difficult to clean it, but the blendercleanser does a better job than the other regular cleansers I used to use before purchasing this combo.

Alejandra Hopeland, PA

Will change how you see foundation

The best thing with this sponge is you can use the cheapest makeup and have it look flawless. If you don’t already have one, purchase, it won’t disappoint. And the cleaner will last you half a lifetime

Aurora Rock Falls, WI

It’s worth every penny

I have spend lots of money on imitation blenders. There are no substitutes…none that I found yet…from the high end make sponges to the target ones to the dollar store ones…nothing comes close. Leaves any foundation looking flawless on your skin…from the superstar no rub off foundation to the glory skin foundation to the oil control foundation buy it if you wear foundation every day like me 🙂

Linda Thorndale, PA

Wow! Great!

This is amazing. Especially the blender cleanser. This actually cleans my brushes and the blender so quickly and thoroughly! too bad it smells a bit like my grandmother, though.

Twila Rochester, IL

Love it.

I love this sponge, and this is such a great deal for two of them and the cleaner. The actual beauty blender cleaner is the best cleaner I have used for the beauty blender. It takes out all the makeup and turns the sponge back to its bright pink color. The sponge is also wonderful. It makes your makeup go on so smoothly and naturally. It does not cake up and it blends out so nicely with this sponge. It does offer a more sheer coverage as opposed to a dense brush.

Annmarie Flasher, ND

A Product I’ll Never Go Without!

I have been on the fence about the BeautyBlender for months. I had watched countless YouTube reviews, and read tons of reviews on various sites. I kept thinking that surely this little pink sponge couldn’t be THAT great, and I thought the price seemed a little crazy for just a simple little sponge and some cleanser. Finally I broke down and got myself the kit with two sponges and the 5oz cleanser, using an Amazon gift card I had. I am pleased to say that I was so wrong in regards to this product. This little sponge is absolutely amazing! I normally apply my liquid foundation with my fingers, and oftentimes it has left me with a slightly uneven finish that I end up having to touch up to try to even it out. I no longer have this issue with the BeautyBlender. My makeup goes on perfectly every time, and I think it actually takes me LESS time using this BeautyBlender than it took me when I was using my fingers to apply my foundation. The BeautyBlender is so easy to use. It can give anyone professional-looking results, even if you’re like me and are far from being considered a makeup artist. I put a dab of foundation on each area of my face with my middle finger, then I take the slightly damp BeautyBlender and bounce it all over my face. It only takes a couple minutes to have a flawless, airbrushed-looking foundation finish. I love how the BeautyBlender has the large end and the small pointed end; it’s super easy to get into small corners around your nose/eyes with the small end. I still apply my pressed powder with the regular puff it comes with, because I need a fair amount of powder on top due to my oily skin. I don’t ever have a problem getting my powder on smoothly anyway; it’s always been the foundation that has given me a little bit of trouble.I really like the cleanser that comes with the BeautyBlender too. It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t take much at all to get the BeautyBlender clean again. I have not really noticed a lot of pink water coming out when cleaning my BeautyBlender (I saw some other reviewers had mentioned this). I do use cold water as directed on the package when cleaning mine though. I would think warm or hot water could certainly cause more color loss.I have been absolutely amazed at the results I’ve gotten from this little sponge. For me, the results well outweigh the initial cost! Not to mention, this is not a one-time-use throw-away item; you can use the same BeautyBlender for up to 6 months. I think on a cost-per-use basis, it’s actually an excellent deal and this product is definitely NOT a gimmick. It truly does do everything it claims to do. I’ve never been happier with how my makeup looks, thanks to this little pink sponge. I know this is one product that I will never be without again.For those interested in the blue sponge that can be found at Target, be aware that the foam material used to make it is more dense and it does not “bounce” on your face quite as well. I don’t even intend on trying one of those at all, because I’m extremely satisfied with my BeautyBlender in every aspect.

Patrica Alamo, TX