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Beautyblender Air.Port Pure Kit 3 piece

Beautyblender Air.Port Pure Kit includes the essentials for a perfect makeup or skin treatment application. The gentle cleanser ensures your Beautyblender Pure sponge is clean and free of oil and dirt. Features portable sizes to store in your vanity, makeup case or carry-on bag. Beautyblender Air.Port Pure Kit includes: Beautyblender Pure Solid Blendercleanser (1 oz.) Air.port Carry Case

Key features

  • Includes: (1) PURE BeautyBlender, (1) 1 oz Solid BlenderCleanser, (1) Air.port Carry Case
  • Latex Free
  • Net Weight: 1 oz (Solid BlenderCleanser)

Honest reviews


PURE brilliant design & solid treat

Though I needed a new sponge, I admit I bought this set because of the case and the price was better as a set. Looking at the photo, you’ll notice the solid, unventilated container flap. I’m delighted by how designers solved the air-flow problem there by making the sides concave which gently hold my sponge so air penetrates all around and it dries evenly when placed on the counter.I like this PURE blender best over my pink beauty blender because I’m dubious about the pink dye being safe. In my experience, both perform equally well using either liquid or mineral makeup. Though the solid is yet unused, I read that lavender has antimicrobial qualities, so I have no doubt that the solid will be naturally well preserved when I do use it. As a creature of habit, I’m cleaning it with shampoo and am saving the solid for later, as a treat.

Sonya Elwood, IL

cant live without it

This product is wonderful. I use it works and will be repurchased.A bit expensive, but does just what it’s suppose to.

Valeria Hurley, WI


I use regular Beauty Blender sponges and love them so I bought this white set for a friend as a gift. She loves them too. They last a long time. They do stain easily though.

Imogene Shirley, NY

Love it just for the solid soap alone

I always try to avoid perfumes and dyes whenever I can so when I saw that there was a dye-free blender I knew I had to get it. Works just like the original, yes, it shows make-up easier but it still washes clean. I also LOVE the solid soap. The liquid is fine but this saves a ton of space on my counter and I can travel with it. I also feel I use less of it.

Roslyn Davis Wharf, VA


I bought this about a year ago, and haven’t used it much.I started using it again, and can’t believe I haven’t been using it all year! I’s beautiful, and the solid I use to regularly clean my brushes, too. I also love it’s little "mesh cage" so I can take it places, and still allow it to dry out. This is a perfect product for foundation, creme blushes, hilighters, and concealers. I have been able to clean it to still be completely white after every use, so I’m planning on using it for a while yet! I will also keep the cage-y thing, and continue to use it with my replacement beauty blenders.

Gayla Victory Mills, NY