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Beauty7 Disposable Micro Applicator Brushes for Eyelash Extensions 100 Packs

Lint Free Micro Brushes. 100 Micro Brushes in all. Lint Free and Non-Drip. Eyelash Extension Micro Brushes make applying eyelash extensions easier than ever in less time. Have the right products available while applying eyelash extensions so time can be cut down. Aids in applying glue, moving lashes into place, removing excess product off skin or lashes. Non-drip tip makes them ideal for using around the eye area. Bottom slides open for easy acess to one microbrush at a time and slides back for safe and sanitation storage. Disposable after use makes them easy to use and less costly that using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning.

Key features

  • 100 Micro Brushes
  • Lint Free
  • Color: blue & yellow, random shipment
  • Non-Drip & Disposable
  • Easy Opening Bottom

Honest reviews


Product works good

The ad said they were pink however when they arrived they were blue. I am still able to use them but everything else is pink in my salon. I should have sent them back but I needed them.

Blanca Topeka, IN


Because of the reviews indicating a sponge end that frequently fell off .. I decided to do further research. I found a sterile dental quality that has a micro brush on the end .. a bit more expensive $6.66 for 100 .. but I felt more comfortable with the dental quality close to my eyes .. we only get two eyes per lifetime! Since I just use one per day .. I was willing to pay more for safety. Below is the product link and review I wrote: 100 Micro Applicator Micro applicators Microbrush .. GREAT APPLICATORS! […]REVIEW: ABSOLUTELY outstanding solution to the problem of waste when using the Latisse eyelash prescription product! I saw these at my doctor’s office .. gave it some thought .. spoke to someone who is currently cutting down the brushes that come with the Latisse prescription. A laborious effort .. she even said she was SURE they made the brushes so thick and said to use a 2nd one for the 2nd eye .. JUST to waste the prescription .. AND increase their profits! She is/was SOOOOO right! These work WONDERFULLY! Being sterile is very important .. but I use just one for both eyes .. being careful to have clean hands .. this is just perfect for the Latisse application .. thank you! REALLY saving quantity of product being used! (A tip .. my friend said after the initial 6 week period of getting the eyelashes started .. she now only does it every other night and it works just fine. Saving on product AND time!)++++++++++++++++++++++++++UPDATE:I just found on Amazon a cheaper product .. only thing is I can’t tell if the micro tip is a tiny brush like my current ones which I really like .. or what. BUT when I run out of my current ones .. I may order these . 400 for $7.99 :Dental Disposable Micro Applicator Bendable

Kellie Maysfield, TX

Work great with Latisse! Will definitely reorder.

These are awesome Latisse applicators!! Totally recommend these and will continue to order them! They work much better than the applicator brushes that come with Latisse!

Tracey Morrill, ME

Won’t use these

I bought a product to apply to my lashes to thicken and I thought these were actual brushes that I could use with the other product.

Liz Randolph, ME

Great for applying Latisse!

Since several other reviewers commented that they use these for applying Latisse, I ordered them for the same purpose, and they work great! I usually use one swab to do both eyes, flipping it over so that a fresh side of it is on each eye, and they work really well that way. You’re able to get right along the lash line, with no dripping or mess.

Kristine Luling, LA