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Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand & Body Lotion, 100 % Vegetarian, 16 fl ozs.

Beauty Without Cruelty Hand & Body Lotion is the perfect all-over body treatment, a refreshing drink of moisture for dry skin. This unique plant-based formula absorbs quickly replenishing skin with pro-vitamins, humectants and the protective emollients, shea butter, kukui nut and jojoba oils to soothe and soften. Together they replenish, moisturize and protect skin against the effects of time and environmental stress. pH BALANCED. NO ANIMAL TESTING – NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS – SINCE 1963

Key features

  • The perfect all-over body treatment
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Organic Ingredients

Honest reviews



My new favorite body lotion! I love how this moisturizes and it smells perfectly fragrance free (some fragrance free stuff kind of isn’t). Plus, I have really sensitive skin and this hasn’t irritated it at all. Will re-purchase.

Amanda Katonah, NY

gentle, natural and light. my favorite hand cream!

i threw away and returned many creams before I found the right one. this lotion is light but nourishing. leaves my hands soft but not sticky. the fragrance is very light almost smell free. i would recommend it to a queen! beautiful! thank you!

Margarita Ace, TX

Cruelty free and made in the USA!

I am someone that prefers to buy American-made products when possible. I was happy to find that this is one of those products. I bought this as a replacement for Vaseline Intensive Care, and this is working out very well. I have been slowly phasing out all of my chemical laden beauty products and buy things that are better for me and the environment, but I also need to save money when I can. I am on a budget. I realize this is more expensive than Vaseline, but I believe it is worth it. This works just as well or better than “normal” moisturizers, plus it is paraben free and fragrance free. It is very thick but still applies easily and absorbs quickly. I’m not sure that one reviewer that said this was very thin was reviewing the correct product, because I can put a dollop of this on my finger and hold it at a 90 degree angle without it moving. That is thick! The downside is that it is hard to get all the product out of the bottle once there isn’t enough to pump. I have bruised my hand trying to slap out the last of it. This also doesn’t have “that smell” that fragrance free products have. You know that kind of off-putting plastic or chemical-like smell that makes you wish it had fragrance added. I really have to put my nose close to the lotion to smell anything at all, and even then it is hardly noticeable. The bottle states that you can add your own essential oils to the lotion.I really like this lotion and have been using it for almost a year now. I have noticed that my shin skin doesn’t flake during the winter anymore, and I get a lot less hangnails. I apply it once to my legs in the morning and I am good all day. I even use this on my face occasionally and it doesn’t clog my pores, and on my lips when I can’t find my Chapstick. If I really had to nit-pick and find something wrong with this, I would say the bottle is too smooth. It is pretty slippery and I have dropped this on my feet a few times. I thought I broke one of my toes with a full bottle of this, so beware! Or just don’t be as clumsy as I am.

Ellen Elkridge, MD

Five Stars

Great lotion! It seems to last forever. No smell but nice to be natural!

Pat Galt, IA

NON-RETURNABLE & not good for dry skin

I have pretty dry skin. This lotion doesn’t truly absorb into the skin and moisturize. Instead it sits on top of your skin. How do I know this? Because when I shower at the end of the day, all the lotion residue washed off. Kind of gross. I would’ve returned it if I could 🙂

Rosalie La Jolla, CA

Not for extra dry skin

I really love this lotion. It isn’t greasy, and it doesn’t make me get little red bumps on my arms! I don’t know if it’s an allergy or what, but other lotions always break me out in tiny red bumps on my upper arms. This is a great everyday lotion that I can use all over, and I am thrilled that it doesn’t have fragrance.The only thing not to like is that it isn’t great for super dry skin. I still have to use something else on my hands, knees, feet etc because this just doesn’t cut it for those areas.edit: I finally got to the bottom of the bottle and am really annoyed with this packaging. The straw inside the bottle is way too short to reach the bottom. There was a good 2-3 ounces left down there so I’ve had to balance the bottle upside down (not easy with the pump on top but I put it in the middle of a toilet paper roll) and open the lid each time to get some out. I don’t want to throw out that much product, but I find myself not wanting to take the time to use this lotion now that I can’t just pump it out quickly.

Katharine Elsa, TX

All the right stuff.

This product is wonderful. It’s creamy, rich and absorbs quickly. Not sticky, and made with organic ingredients. Best of all for me, there is absolutely no fragrance! Other “fragrance free” lotions I’ve tried still had some sort of faint chemical smell but this stuff is just great! Highly recommended, and well worth the price.

Audra Ogden, KS

What’s not to like?

I’ve just received my second order of this lotion and expect it will become a standard. Good texture and feel, subtle and rapidly disappearing scent, quick absorption. I thought I had earlier rated this 4-stars but, if so, I am boosting my rating now. One minor drawback is the relatively quick fading of the moisturing effect–which could be related, in part, to living in New Hampshire in mid-winter. The ingredient list is reassuring, unlike a vast number of other lotions on the market.

Chandra Eden, UT

Great for those whose skin can’t take a greasy moisturizer

First off I have guttate psoriasis and anyone with psoriasis of any sort know they have to use A HEAVY moisturizer. I however can not because heavy moisturizers usually are very greasy. Those greasy products irritate my skin and make my psoriasis worse which you can imagine is being stuck between a rock and a hard place. This lotion was heaven sent. It went on thick and creamy and I could see it absorb into my skin. I would have given it five stars but with shipping it ended up costing over 20 bucks which is a lot of money for the amount you get which for me I will be lucky if it lasts a couple weeks.

Angelita Utopia, TX