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Beauty Without Cruelty Eye Make-up Remover, 4-fl Ounce

Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover with herbal extracts and vegetable glycerin gently removes all types of make-up, including water-resistant, completely and easily without irritation.

Key features

  • Never tested on animals
  • Make-up can be re-applied immediately after use
  • Never tested on animals

Honest reviews


Great product

I’ve used this stuff for years and it’s really great. I have sensitive eyes, but I love to wear lots of eye make up. Lots of eyeliner, from liquid to pencil, lots of mascara both water proof and not, large amounts of eye shadows, both creams and powders, and this has easily removed all of them without too much rubbing or irritation. It is great for my sensitive eyes, it doesn’t sting or burn, and it easily removes all my eye make up without hassle. It leaves my eyes feeling nice and clean, and what is better is you can apply new make up almost right away after removing it with this stuff! It’s great because many eye make up removers you cannot do that with. So, if you make a mistake you can redo it quickly and easily.Plus, its cruelty free and natural 🙂 and the price is pretty good! I’ve had the same bottle for over a year, its just now running out. what more can you ask for?

Jean Hawk Point, MO

Pretty good

I like that this company has its morals in the right place. It feels a little oily. I wish the cap was a twist off instead. I prefer to dip my cotton swabs in then pour out the product. Does that make sense?

Sarah Rockbridge Baths, VA

This product burned my eyes

I’ve been trying to find a good eye makeup remover for a long time, since Revlon Colorstay Lip and Eye Makeup Remover was discontinued. This had pretty good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. Right away it burned my eyes so that was not pleasant. I also didn’t find that it completely removed my eye makeup. I wear a lot of mascara but not waterproof so I was disappointed that there was still so much left on my eyes after using this. I am returning it. For now I’ll stick with good old Ponds cold cream. It doesn’t burn and works well at removing my mascara.

Jennie Vernonia, OR

love the concept, and it works exactly as it is supposed to

The idea of NOT torturing animals in the name of “science and research” is very sane and appealing to me, and that itself would be enough of a reason for me to buy this product… which BTW I have been (using this make up remover) for many years with great success, and was glad to find it on Amazon (it is not always that easy to find it in the stores).It does exactly what it is supposed to, does not leave any greasy residue, washes out easily, and gets rid of any make up, that I have been using, including the mascara.Definitely highly recommend!

Helga Thurman, OH

Best eye make up remover ever

Love this product. It does not sting your eyes at all even when removing heavy mascara. Really does take off all of the make-up..

Julie Livingston, MT

Very unhappy with this product.

I normally love just about every natural skin care product that I try. Not this one though, unfortunetly. I expected more from it but it did not remove my eye makeup well at all. Very hard to work with, and found myself rubbing at the skin a lot with this one. Will not purchase again!

Ellen Quakertown, NJ