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Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner restores polish to its original consistency.

Key features

  • Thins nail polish for even flow
  • Smooth and easy application

Honest reviews


Its ok

The problem for me with this is that i have to put too much in the nail polish for it to make it thinner, but i guess is because maybe the nail polish is too dry.

Rochelle Batchtown, IL

Must-Have Nail Product

This product is a life saver!1) It saves so much money because you don’t have to toss out old polishes when they get too thick to use.2) Thin polishes are so much easier to work with.I put a few drops of this in my polish before I start painting almost every time I do my nails. I’m able to get much more even coats and apply them perfectly with thinned out polish.I don’t know how I survived without this for so many years. This is a must-have for anyone who does their own nails.

Marlene Arab, AL

Great Product – Worked for ALL Brands

I bought this to thin out my Seche Vite having read elsewhere that it worked for someone else. I like the fact this is 4 ounces which is a great size and it worked very well. I also use it in my polishes that are a bit thickened and it works well for those as well. The cost is low for this product and the results are great. I only wish it had a dropper but the flip top works okay to control the amount I add. It worked with my Seche Vite and was so much less expensive than their thinner. It also did not dull or have any negative effects that I can tell.

Antionette Bascom, OH

This is spectacular!

This is so good to thin a nail polish! I have got one really beautiful polish but it turned out to be too thick, my old thinner was over, so I got this one, and it did the job perfectly well.

Janelle Catawba, NC

nail polish thiner

this came really quick for drlivery. i had some polish that was thick so i puta few drops in the polish and it looks great now. thanks again

Kelley Careywood, ID

Great stuff

I got this a few days ago and have used it to successfully resuscitate many bottles of nail polish which were thick and crappy and otherwise would’ve been ready to go into the garbage. A 7 year old bottle of Essie nail polish was suddenly like new again. My half used bottles Seche Vite top coats were suddenly restored to their previous glory. This is a good investment especially if you have a large nail polish collection. A+ as well for the seller too. I had some issues with the packaging with the original bottle I received (the contents leaked) and they were able to resolve the problem very quickly.

Marcie Yates City, IL



Karina Huntsville, AL


The reason I gave this 3 stars is because this bottle needs a dropper. It does work, although I have used other brands that were more expensive that worked with LESS product. You have to ad so much, then blend then ad a little more. I have noticed that the polish I have used it in have thickened up again as time goes by. I’ve had to ad MORE of it to polishes that I’ve previously thinned. Even with that, it does work, doesn’t seem to effect the nail enamel as in the way it dries, or the look of it, or the color.

Earline Great Mills, MD