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Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding

Attain the ultimate moisture, definition and curl control with Curl Defining Pudding. By smoothing, softening, and protecting, this advanced blend of soft-hold conditioners and moisturizers helps promote natural curl elongation and healthy looking growth. Use regularly to hold and elongate curls providing non-sticky, frizz-free lasting styles with a natural shine. This non-flaking, curl defining formula is perfect for finger-styling, taming unruly flyaways at edges and creating perfect coils. Kinky-Coily textures can expect to have greater elongation while maintaining fluffy frizz-free tresses. Excellent for wash & go styles created in the shower. Once dry, scrunch on our Shine & Silken Growth Oil to nourish and add instant sparkle to finished tresses.

Key features

  • Defining custard style offers ultimate moisture, definition’ and curl control
  • Smoothing, softening, and protecting advanced blend of soft-hold conditioners and moisturizers helps promote natural curl elongation and healthy looking growth
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Soy, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter
  • Non-flaking, curl defining formula is perfect for finger-styling, taming unruly flyaways at edges and creating perfect coils
  • For curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy hair textures

Honest reviews


I wasn’t a fan of this product to be honest

I had this product for about six months and frankly I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t define my twist outs or braid outs compared to Roots of Nature coil creme, I didn’t see any sheen and frankly it left my hair kind of dull and waxy feeling. Which is odd because the ingredients looks promising. I have type four and it is quite porous. I passed it on to a young lady who is transitioning.

Therese Clarksville, MD

the price is the only good thing about this product

I purchased this just to try it out and had never seen any reviews prior to purchase. Bad idea. First, the floral scent of the product is overwhelming, the product left my hair feeling greasy and did nothing to define my curls. Out of all the cons, the only pro is the price, which was reasonable at 7 bucks at walmart. And yes, i do plan on getting my 7 dollars back. I certainly will use the refund on another product.

Ernestine Whelen Springs, AR

Luv this and the Moisture butter together…

So I have been wearing my hair natural for about 2 yrs, I do try to keep it in proctive styles like braids or flat twist. My hair is naturally currly and dry, so I wanted to improve on how I was caring for it. My first thought was Mizani…well their butter didn’t do much for me at all. I came across Beautiful textures and I have falling for at least 5 of the products. Once a week rub a mixture of Almond, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and coconut oils on my hair, I put a plastic cap on and clean the house for 15 mins. Then I apply the rapid repair on top of that and put the plastic cap on for another 30 mins…clean somemore. I rinse all of that out and then wash the hair with the detanling shampoo. I follow up with the leave in conidtioner. Then I twist my hair with the curly pudding and and moisture butter with a little of the silken oil…. I make sure there is enough butter on the ends of the twist. I roll my twists on soft rods… the next day my hair is soft, manageable, and my twists are defined. I have stopped “washing” my hair with the exception of this shampoo. If I feel build up, I co-wash(or wash with conditioners) I also have been drinking greensmoothies and adding almond oil and flaxseeds to them and my hair, skin and nails are looking better everyday!

Dionne Taylor, AZ

Definitely curl defining although

I had a lot of flaking. I didn’t see anyone else mention it so maybe it was just the BT edge tamer used in combination with this product but I got a serious amount of flaking. I’m giving it four stars because it defines my hair so well and my hair is very soft.

Krystal New Martinsville, WV

Best product for my hair

First let me tell you I bought this product from Walmart for 5.96. If it does not work you can take it back. I did the big chop almost 2 months ago with about a 1-2 inches of hair and now it has grown since the chop. I have tried so many products for my hair and have taken back a lot of them. This product is the first curl control pudding that has worked for my hair….It just help make my curls pop and give it a gloss that I like and it is not shiny.Everyone hair is different and God I do know that. Everyone hair and curls are different. My hair pattern is 3 b-3c. I do not really believe in the typing of hair 100 percent. But it kind of let you know the type of hair that I have. How I found this product was I was looking a video on you tube(have watched thousands of them) and came upon this girl name Kyra. Guess what she had hair exactly like mine….My hair at this time is really strange. My front and sides are really curly on their own and the lower nape area. However I have a section in my crown that is totally different with almost no curl patter but straight and kinky,so I put a lot more emphasis on that area.When I first used this product it did work somewhat however better than other products that I used. So I put it to the side. Then I began reading a lot more and came upon a web site call and let me tell you I learnt a lot from this lady. she is biracial, which I am not however I got some kind of mixture in my hair. My hair is very soft and have some kinky straight to very curly sections. I have been following what she does and my hair loves it. Even if your hair is a 4c this site would be helpful. I have customize my regimen however I still follow closely with what she does. The only thing difference is I added was this curl control pudding and let me tell you this is the first time that my hair has looked so good…. I am on my second day hair and his has never happen before. I can see my hair lasting another couple of days. She says that I may have to redo it 4days to a week.Please try it if you have my type of hair it does work. You get a lot of product and you do not need a lot…it will last me for awhile. Just to let you know to it has a strong scent which I like but if you do not like a strong scent this is not for you…..

Marcella East Glacier Park, MT

Nice definition for my natural 3c/4a hair

I try a lot of curl products because sometimes I prefer defined curls. I got a sample of this from a hair show and really liked it. I used it on 2 day old hair, not freshly washed but clean. I liberally spritzed a combo of water and a little Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating Conditioner on each medium sized section of dry hair, detangled with a fine toothed comb and then added the BTCC Defining Pudding (about a quarter size). I then twisted and went to bed. Today, I have very nice, defined shiny curls that aren’t frizzing, even though it’s in the 80s and humid today. My hair feels soft but like it has a little gel in it so not pillow soft, but soft enough. Pillow soft means I have to do it again the very next day so I need the extra hold. Tonight I’ll put it up in a pineapple bun and I think it will hold up pretty well over the next few days. The smell is a little strong, but it doesn’t smell bad, just a little fruity, and the scent doesn’t stay in your hair the next day. The price is usually around five bucks in a BSS so buyer beware if the price is out of whack. All in all, I like it.

Marsha Danville, PA