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BDS – Unisex Wavy hair band headband / Hair Holder – Many Color Available

This unisex wavy headband is a great accessory for children and grownups!

Key features

  • This cute wavy headband is a great accessory for children and grownups!
  • Unisex
  • Ultra light and easy to use
  • Many color to choose from! Candy Colored!!!
  • BDS are licensed trademarks of Best Deal Shopper, LLC

Honest reviews


very uncomfortable

This is one of the worst hairbands I’ve ever owned – and I own quite a few. The metal really presses on the scalp. It gave me an awful headache!

Keisha Shaniko, OR

Really cool look

This product creates a really cool look with a bump up. I use it wearing a ponytail or down. I have had several compliments on the look it creates and the best part is that it doesn’t pinch behind my ears or pressure my scalp! I have long thick hair, so that is all I have to compare this too, so I can only recommend it for that type of hair. However, I do not see why any other hair would have any issues with it.

Esmeralda Kaaawa, HI

Very cute

I was trying to replace a wire, zigzag headband that I could forget I was wearing, I lost it! This is nicer looking and has a dressy quality and my hairdresser even commented on it. (

Marjorie Eastport, NY

Poor fit

I have a larger head in my opinion and this headband is huge. The good thing is that it will not break and it is possible a person might be able to bend it so it is tighter.

Gayla Haw River, NC

Doesn’t break

lightening Fast shipping. I bought some wavy cheap hairbands and they broke before two days. This one is metal, wavy and can be bent to comfort. I wear it everyday. Would recommend. If you don’t lose it, it will last you a long time. I like it.

Harriet Paulina, LA