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Bdellium Tools Studio Professional Makeup Brush Roll-Up Pouch

This professional roll-up pouch from Bdellium’s maestro series features a chic black leatherette exterior with the ability to house up to 24 brushes or makeup tools. Hand-crafted brushes. Professional anti-bacterial brushes. Eco-friendly products.

Key features

  • Professional roll-up pouch for makeup brushes
  • Pouch has 20 pockets; 4 side pockets
  • Has a secure velcro strap closure
  • Additional interior flap to protect brushes
  • Smooth leatherette exterior

Honest reviews


mini brush holder

I am a make brush entheasuist and have many and that is why I ordered this case. The picture in my opinion is misleading in the size. I don’t own a brush as short as this holder will allow so I will use if for pencils. Other than that the product is ok and it isn’t worth the money to return. Would not buy again.

Velma Cromwell, MN


There aren’t many makeup brush rolls available that consist of sufficient pockets and at a reasonable price. This is one of the very few that fits the bill. It’s a very well made piece with many pockets for you to store all your eye shadow, eye brow brushes which I have quite a few :-), then there is enough also for the foundation, powder, fan, kabuki, blush, blah blah blah. There are 2 levels of pockets so you can store double of the amount. Bottom line it’s a well made and practical brush storage roll and the price is unbeatable!The only minor improvement I’d suggest the maker are;1: make the pockets at the end larger so one can put large handle brushes there. For now, I just took out the stitches between 2 regular pockets to merge them into one large one.2: a longer velcro hoops, so if you have more brushes you can still seal it properly.

Maryann Randalia, IA

Wide brushes beware!

The pouch is great and holds a lot of makeup in the slide slots in addition to the brushes.My only quibble is the slots for the brushes. If the brushes have a wide handle on the bottom, they will not fit. If you have the Samantha Chapman powder brush, it will not fit and the blush brush from the same line will be a struggle to get in. There should have been a variety of widths of slots for the brushes. I had to cut the stitching to make 2 slots into 1 in order to accommodate the brush.

Nelly Fort Jones, CA

Brush pouches are expensive – this one is perfect

I shopped around for some brush pouches and they are not cheap. This one is great – it fit all of my brushes and they’re laid out nicely so I can see each one. I like the roll up and velcro strap. The one I used previously zipped and eventually it all fell apart. I would recommend this product.

Carmella Weston, MA

Exactly what I was looking for!

I bought this brush roll with the intention of using it to transport my cosmetic brushes during travel. It has 20 individual, same-sized slots which are wide enough to hold my thick-handled blush brush, and can also be used to double up brushes with thinner handles, effectively increasing the capacity to over 20 brushes of varying size. An interior flap folds down to protect the bristles of the brushes when the pouch is rolled up, and the inner material reminds me of a synthetic canvas, making it easy to wipe clean and dry quickly. The exterior i made of a soft, supple leather material and the velcro on the strap that secures the roll is long enough to keep it closed when it is empty, as well as when it is full of brushes. I have zero complaints about this product and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Hannah Mott, ND


This was truly worth it! I would recommend it to others. I received it in no time. Material sturdy and clean finish.

Helena Huntington, AR


I had the hardest time finding a brush roll that was long enough to handle my beautiful bdellium brushes. Thankfully, this was the perfect fit. It has two rows of brush slots, so all sizes and lengths fit perfectly. This makes packing for travel a breeze!

Rosie Leewood, WV

This is a spectacular product!

Very pleased when opening this brush roll-up. The outer fabric is very rich for a synthetic and sturdy, but not stiff. The slots will hold any variety of brushes and the flip-down protector is key. Very professional case.

Casey Dougherty, TX

Great way to store brushes

I use this on a daily basis, and am pleased that it can be easily washed when it needs to. I prefer natural fabrics that this has held up well. Heartily recommend.

Debra Moody, AL

Very Nicely Made…be sure you know it’s TRAVEL size

This is a very nicely made brush roll. The material does not have the cheap vinyl feel/smell so often found in brush rolls. The feel is high quality and the strap that surrounds the case encircles it twice before velcroing so it holds it securely. This is a nice way to keep brushes organized and in good condition.I mistakenly ordered this travel sized one and was initially disappointed my brushes didn’t fit until I learned my error and ordered the standard size one. Just to save others from the same mistake, be sure the length of your brushes is ok for this size, otherwise, the professional size is just as nice…only longer. Very happy with bdellium products and would recommend.

Hillary Barrigada, GU

definitely worth the money but…

let me first say that i would definitely buy this product again because it stands in great relation to the price you pay. That’s why I gave it 4 stars. However, if you consider buying this product you should know that there are a few things which are not ideal:1) the velcro part is really short, which limits the amount you can store in the roll because you don’t want your brushes to be squished.2) there is a double row of brush pockets, but if you store big brushes (e.g., kabuki brushes) you can only use one row.3) a large part on each side (about 2”) is closed of, but you can open the seam for additional storage.4) and if you care for that (which i don’t), as you can see in the picture, the inside color is horrible.However, I am able to store about 27 brushes in there and 2 spatulas. I will probably do sth about the velcro, though.

Earnestine Walnut Grove, MN