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Bdellium Tools Studio Line Duet Fiber Finishing Brush, Yellow

This professional duet fiber finishing brush from Bdellium’s studio line is hand-crafted with a yellow wood handle and an aluminum ferrule. Hand-crafted brushes. Professional anti-bacterial brushes. Eco-friendly products.

Key features

  • Hand-crafted brushes
  • Professional anti-bacterial brushes
  • Eco-friendly products

Honest reviews


streaks mannnn whyyyy lol ehhh ok :p

I like it and im not picky ok lol. i have benn through SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many brushes and this one leaves streaks 🙁 not saying the others havent but this one is a hassle for small to reach areas like around my nostrils or around the eye area. fast shipping though!!! 😀 i do recommend it though for a temporary brush. decent quality but to big for me face lol :p

Chris Kill Buck, NY

super soft

i ordered this last night and got it this morning. I was so amazed how fast it got here! so two thumbs up for that Amazon!the brush is really nice quality, and the top white part is super’s much denser than elf stipling brush (i got it because it was so so cheap and ended up being one of my favorite) and much nicer quality so i think i might replace elf one with this.I haven’t tried mac stipling brush, so i can’t compare, but i think it’s great that you won’t need a better quality brush than this if you are not a professional makeup artist.I haven’t used it yet, so i can’t say much about sheding or how long it will last, but it looks pretty sturdy to me.I highly recommend it!Update (feb, 2013): It does shed.. so i took a star away. But nothing too crazy 🙂 i use it with the balm luminizer and mac soft and gentle to give my face a light glow. it works very well for that.

Sydney Cayey, PR

nice brush to use, but careful on washing it!

I really like this brush, it’s soft and does a good job with applying my face powder and I’ve used it a couple of times for stippling my foundation. But when you wash it, it sheds and a little black coloring from the black strands comes out! So the hairs of the brush are dyed, oh well.

Twila Alum Bank, PA

Great powder brush!

This brush is perfect for applying powder. It picks up just the right amount of product and blends to a flawless finish.

Wendy Rhinehart, LA

Took the Plunge

This product sat in my wish list for about a month, then in my cart for about a week or two. It looked so cute with its bright yellow handle and the price was not TOO bad its actually quite affordable compared to Mac brushes, but not so cheap like an ELF brush, so I said what the heck, I’m going to buy this!I didn’t even read the reviews or anything!!!Got it in the mail super quick like in 2 days.The packaging was perfect, it came in a small box (not a bag; good first impression).The brush was so much bigger than I expected, I actually giggled a little bit. Its shape was kind of messed up from the packaging, which is good because I always want to try my new brushes right away–which is NOT good! You always want to give them a good wash and rinse and let them air dry before using them. Using the little brush sleeves totally gave it its perfect shape.I will mention, its ACTUALLY a duo fibre brush its not one that has only the tips painted white.I tried it with my Laura Mercier silk creme foundation and it was sooooo nice. I am going to use it with the new maybelline super stay foundation I bought the other day and see what it can do! I def recommend! I look forward to purchasing more from this company!2 months later—eek major fallout. still applies like a charm though.

Selma Christine, ND

Blends perfectly

I have just started to learn to highlight & contour and I knew I needed a good quality brush to achieve this makeup look. I chose this brush because the price was in my budget & the reviews were wonderful. This brush blends so smoothly and evenly! I am 100% pleased! Thank you!

Maxine Decatur, TX


I was looking forward to using this brush based on the reviews on Amazon. After two weeks of use, I am vastly underwhelmed.I use this brush to stipple on both powder and cream blush. I use Nars powder blushes, and they are all heavily pigmented. A stipple brush is an excellent way of applying a heavily pigmented blush. This Bdellium does okay at it, but I did not get the soft airbrushed look that some better stippling brushes can master.For cream blush, I use Illamasqua or Chanel Soleil Cream Bronzer. The Bdellium brush hairs are not placed firmly enough to effectively control the application of cream color. I have to do too much work to get the desired effect. I tried applying liquid foundation, but this also took too much work.I wash the brush after every second use, and it holds up okay. The shape and softness that the brush came with was not maintained after the first washing. My other brushes (Mac, Shu Uemura, Hourglass, Urban Decay, etc) hold up well after repeated washing, so I’m disappointed that this one does not.I don’t have a problem with this brush shedding. It does lose a hair here and there but nothing major.UPDATE: I have had/been using this brush for six months now. It is mediocre at best.(1) It does not lay down color that well.(2)I am a stickler for clean brushes, and wash either every day or every other day. This brush does not hold up to repeated cleanings. The brush shape has changed and the bristles have splayed out and gotten more stiff, yet still too weak to pick-up color.I hardly use the brush because of these issues.Updated:This brush is just junk. The hairs separated from the ferrule in one big clump. I have another Bdellium stippling brush (the smaller one), and the same thing happened.Best to invest in a good brush. My best brushes have lasted years… I have one expensive brush that I splurged on when my sister got married 19 years ago!

Angelica Gilbertsville, PA

great for powder, not so great for foundation

this brush is super duper soft! which makes it excellent for applying loose powders/mineral foundations, mineralize skin finishes, and powder and mineral blushes. i think its probably the softest brush ive ever come across! the problem is that the instructions/caption that comes with the brush says that it can be used for liquid foundation. that is definetly a no-no! i would not use this for anything liquid. the brush is simply not sturdy enough. it cannot blend any liquid on the skin, the bristles travel in every direction and simply lack the control needed for applying liquids. i also found that this brush is easy to deep clean but not so easy to spot clean. the bristles make spot cleaning difficult because they travel every which way and the spray brush cleaner seems to just get wasted in the process. i would recommend this brush for powders only. i think the brush would be ok to go in an artist’s kit because the client/model would feel like she’s getting pampered, with how soft the bristles are.

Carolyn Adair, IL


This brush is perfect for stippling on liquid foundation. Its easy to get a flawless full coverage look without looking over done or fake. I don’t own any expensive brushes but with this I don’t need to!

Wendi Port Gibson, MS

Great quality but not much use

This brand is excellent and I love it but this particular brush doesn’t do much difference from my other foundation brushes and it doesn’t offer much definition either

Ginger Clarington, PA


This brush is fantastic! It is so soft and it gives me just enough glow using my bronzer. It is not heavy and it just looks so airbrushed. I also noticed I used A LOT less product, it is loose mineral powder and when I tapped the brush the excess came off in the cap. Perfect! Antibacterial is an added benefit, all my brushes are antibacterial now.

Jeannette Bucyrus, OH

Great product! Nothing less than a Mac 187

I used a Mac 187 and this is nothing less than a 4 times more expensive Mac. Very happy with it, I would def recommend it!

Marisol Starke, FL



Delia Morganton, NC

Inexpensive, yet luxuriously feeling brush

I purchased the Finishing and Blending Face Antibacterial Makeup Brush #955 – Studio Line from Amazon a few weeks ago and I can say I LOVE this brush. I insist on super soft, non-shedding, non-expensive brushes for my make-up and this little gem fits the bill. I use it to stipple on my NYX cream blush and it is amazing. I noticed 2 hairs came out the 1st time I washed, but none since. Its soft on my skin and washes up very well (got all the heavy pink pigment out of the white top part of the bristles w/ very little effort.) Recommend!

Clare North Powder, OR

Great Blush Brush!

One of the best brushes for blush. The white bristles on the top really grabs onto the powder so a little blush goes a long way. You dab on the blush and then swirl to blend. It works better than most regular blush brushes. Highly recommend.

Alma Greenleaf, WI

I don’t know what to use this for…

As far quality goes this brush is as good as any other Bdellium Tools brush; soft, sturdy and it won’t shed at all and that is why I gave it four stars but when it comes to this particular brush the problem is that I don’t know how to use it, if the bristles were a tad shorter it would be perfect but the bristles are way to long and it makes it flimsy which makes it hard to control it, I planned to use it for blush but it makes my blush get all over the place so it has remain in my brush holder unused, so sad.

Delia Winnsboro, TX

Excellent Brush!

This brush is absolutely wonderful! I use it to blend my foundation and if i contour i use it for that as well. This brush could be used for many things, you could also use it for blush. It works amazingly great! The bristles are soft and the brush is really easy to use. I’ve been told this could compare to the mac version of this brush…but at a much cheaper price. I hope Bdellium keeps their low prices.

Leola Hassell, NC


It’s very big, but I like it. x x x x xc xc xc xc xc xc cx xx x

Kathy North Versailles, PA

One of my favorite Bdelllium brushes.

I absolutely love this brush. I use it for application of BB cream and pigmented blushes. I find the stippling effect beautiful. The brush is perfection!!! Buy it!

Michell Madisonville, KY


I was surprised by how nice this brush is. The handle has a nice weight and the brush hairs are very soft. I’ve never used anything like it before and found the application of make up to give a full coverage. Or I could be doing it wrong? Anyway, I’m glad I purchased it. Better than spending tons of money on one from MAC or somewhere.

Bernice Barnett, MO

Great for liquid foundation

LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush for my liquid foundaion. Besides using a flat head kabuki or a stippling brush makes application of liquid foundation so easy. Need to purchase other brushes from this line.

Mallory Haralson, GA


I purchased this product about 2 weeks ago…Then I loved it..Now I hate it!!…Now it leaves hair on my face!!…I lay my brush for a minute and hairs are everywhere!!!…Unless I just got a defective brush I DO NOT recommend this product..

Pearlie Hadley, PA

Stipple Brush

After reading the reviews I purchased this product. I am a MAC girl thru and thru but brushes are incredibly expensive and I wanted to try this type of brush out before I bought a really expensive one. It was much bigger than I anticipated. Other than that it’s perfect. The bristles are nice and soft, it doesn’t smell funny and it DOES NOT shed. I have MAC brushes that shed more than this one does. I usually do not give anything 5 stars but this product deserves it. I would defiantly buy again and I am not going to replace this brush with a more expensive one because this brush works great.

Karina Felicity, OH