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Bdellium Tools Studio Line Basic Set, Yellow

This professional basic brush set from Bdellium’s studio line is hand-crafted with a yellow wood handle and an aluminum ferrule. Hand-crafted brushes. Professional anti-bacterial brushes. Eco-friendly products.

Key features

  • Hand-crafted brushes
  • Professional brushes
  • Eco-friendly products

Honest reviews




Kelley Annapolis, CA

Need Eye Makeup Brushes? These Are Great!

I seem to be writing a variety of reviews on obscure products tonight. But I’m on a roll, so here’s this one.I bought these brushes about six months ago and for the most part, they’re great! I must admit that there’s several that I haven’t used, and I haven’t yet figured out the utility of the white bristle nylon brushes, but nevertheless the ones I’ve used are fabulous. They’re all great quality brushes and I particularly like the larger angled brush for applying a color in the crease, as well as the two that I’ve used for my “eye liner,” the large brush that I use for my main color and the highlighting brush. If you use multiple brushes, this is the set to get.I have a friend that’s really into makeup, as she was a model when she was younger, and she’s taught me several tricks of the trade over the years. The one I like the best is my “eye liner” trick. I use the dark eye shadow colors as eyeliner – by mixing them with water. Here’s a few of my tricks.I buy a few specific Lancome products – mascara, Clis – the white pre-mascara thickener, and the creme foundation. Most of the time I wait until they have their “purchase with purchase” or “free with purchase” specials, and then get the free products. I always use Lancome eye shadows, but rarely buy them, because I can get so many colors for “free” (well not really, because I’m buying the makeup, which isn’t exactly inexpensive, but is reasonable, when I can get the other free stuff while making my regular purchase). So I’ve always got more eye shadow than I can possibly use and their colors are better on me than the usual stuff that I would buy. I use the darker colors as eye liner, and it makes a great line when mixed with water. Sometimes I even combine colors to get the shade I want.So, if you’re looking for great eye makeup brushes, buy these. You won’t be sorry.

Lina Edgartown, MA

Quality & Affordable Brushes, once again…

YAY!!!! Received my brushes two days ago and was pleased with the variety. This set is just what I wanted because it solely focuses on precise eye make-up. I can’t wait to use them!

Jannie Hualapai, AZ


I have so many brushes from this line and wanted to send my dear friend in Mexico this set. I know she will love it as much as I do.

Tanisha Maysel, WV

Great kit for the price, not all 10 brushes are amazing, see review for details.

Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup Studio Line Mineral 10 Piece Makeup Kit#1: Wash these brushes before you use. I would bet money that anyone who says they are scratchy or is not impressed with the quality of these brushes has not washed them. ALL of the brushes improved quality and application after washing.#2: You are not spending MAC $$, don’t expect MAC quality! Yes, these brushes are good, but there is a tiny bit of shedding when you first get them. Also some of the brushes are not as densely packed as I like, but I’ll get to them individually below.OVERALL OPINION: Great kit if you need a full set of brushes and are willing to buy a few extras: angle liner brush, brow brush/ spoolie, small concealer brush for packing shaddows, fan brush, ect. (by the way, skip the bdellium fan brush… not worth it)NOW TO THE BRUSHES!#964S AP Blusher, Hated this before I washed it, love it after! Now it is my go-to blusher for a sheer wash of color.#957S Precision Cheek, I would call this a medium flat-top kabuki brush. This is the stand out winner of the group. Very similar in feel to the Sigma flat-top kabuki, but smaller. Large enough to cover your whole face, small enough to contour cheeks or apply blush. I have used this with liquid, cream and mineral powder foundation as well as blush and bronzer. It works well at all, but I prefer to use it with mineral powder foundation, contour bronzing and buffing in bright blush.#955S Finishing, This is a Duet Fiber Brush. I liked it when I got it in the mail, LOVED it after washing. VERY sheer application of translucent powder or highlighter. A bit streaky with blush.#945S Contour, Hated this before I washed it, love it after! I know some people like thes brushes for sculpting under the cheek bones, but I am a slanted brush type of girl. I use this for lightly applying highlight or banana powder under my eyes. Again, WASH FIRST to get that scratchy feeling out!#942S Slanted Contour, I am not going to lie. I wanted to hate this brush because I love my old slanted contour brush. This one is not as dense as my old one, and the bristles are stiffer. After washing, I love it! I start with my old one and always end up going over my contours with this brush. It is hard to explain, but it just reaches places my other brushes won’t.#781S Crease, This is a good crease brush. It is soft to the touch while still staying moderately stiff. I wish the bristles were a bit more densly packed. I like that it comes to a point for layering colors in the crease. Also, this brush blends well. Make sure you are holding it with the handle angled up when using it or you will shade your lid!#776S Blending, Not my favorite brush in this bunch 🙁 Works better as a contour brush for the sides of my nose than a blending brush on my lid.#769S Angled Contour, Odd brush. It is round with a lot of bristles like a kabuki brush, but with the texture of a angled blush brush. It is too big to use on my eye for anything but base application (which I use my finger for). I have not found a use for this one… yet.#765S Small Angle Shader, Not my favorite brush in the bunch 🙁 The bristles got a little wonky after washing and now I have a lot of fall out with the shaddows on this brush. I will try to condition it to straighten it all back out because I really do like the size and angle of this one.#755S Smudge, Good smudge brush… not too short, not too long.Comment if you have specific questions, I have many other brushes to compare to: MAC, Sonya Kashuk and Sigma are some of my regulars.

Patrica South Wilmington, IL

Alright Brushes

I am a professional MUA. Decided to try some new brushes. I bought these brushes based on great reviews on YouTube. However they are not as great as I expected. Not as soft as i expected. Handles are fat and hollow. Very light brushes. They apply makeup well. Don’t shed. They are more expensive than Crown Brushes but I feel Crown Brushes are better.

Nadine Lakeville, CT