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Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brush Studio Line – Precision Kabuki Airbrushed Effect 957

This 2 toned synthetic hair brush has the versatility to apply powder blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer. The wide, flat bristled head allows you to pick up product with ease & precision while evenly sweeping the product resulting in a professional air brushing effect on the cheeks. Ideally used to buff liquid products.

Key features

  • Perfect for flawless application
  • Luxuriously lacquered long wooden handle
  • All synthetic fibers
  • Length: 7.2 inches

Honest reviews


Perfect Application!

After much research and experimenting with different brushes I stumbled onto a link to the Bdellium line. What a wonderful product! The #957 is perfect to apply my liquid foundation. I stipple it on and the bristles are so soft it’s like a mini massage for my face. You only need a little bit of product using this brush and my foundation looks flawless! I purchased other brushes from the line after this one and will review soon.I washed this brush and so far have experienced no shedding at all. The brush retained its shapes and softness.I will be buying a duplicate set of these brushes. They are such a great deal. I’m so glad that I didn’t spend the major money for the MAC brushes that are not as soft!

Allene York Beach, ME

Great for Liquid or powder!

better than any Kabuki I have ever used! It applies liquid foundation to a flawless airbrushed perfection and my bare minerals with the same ease and smoothness. However, if you are looking for a light coverage, this is not the brush for you, This is for a medium to full coverage foundation.

Octavia Brooklyn, MS



Patsy Columbia, LA

Unbelievable Brush!!!

I cannot express how much I LOVE this brush!! Prior to purchasing this I was using my fingers to apply my foundation (and have been doing this for a decade), but after reading articles that suggested using foundation brushes I began my search. The first thing that appealed to me about this brush was the antibacterial bristles: SO SO important in a product like this! Second was the wording “Airbrused Effect”….I thought, “Hell yeah, I want to look airbrushed!!”. And I do! My foundation looks unbelievable when used with this brush. After using it for the first time my husband commented on how smooth my skin looked (and this is a man who doesn’t notice if I chop half my hair off…)! I cannot believe I have been living without this product! I would consider it a must buy, even for minimal make-up wear-ers like myself.

Colleen Bryans Road, MD

My go to foundation brush

Love this brush for applying foundation everything goes on smooth and perfect. It works much better than my sigma flat topKabuki!

Madelyn Nevada, IA

okay, nothing spectacular

The brush head looked shorter in the photo. I still use my sigma brush since the buffer itself is shorter

Diann Holt, CA


As I’ve mentioned with other reviews in regards to the Bdellium brush line, I really really love this brush line. I have not had any issues this brush line. The brushes pick up my products with ease and there are no shedding. LOVE IT! This brush specifically I love because it gives me an airbrushed look and feel.

Nelly Carrollton, MI

Suuuper soft, well made brush

I have a few synthetic, flat top kabuki style brushes. I debated quite a bit before buying this because I had just gotten the E.L.F. Studio powder brush and this seemed similar. Since I never reach for that I thought it would be a waste to get this. Well, I broke down and decided to get it anyway. I really love the brush. I think it may be a little softer than the E.L.F. brush, if that’s even possible. I have used the 957 to apply pressed powder as well as liquid foundation. I think it works well for both. It blends well and feels amazing on the skin. If you like flat top kabukis I would highly recommend it.

Marina Seffner, FL

Love this new brush!!!!

I formerly had brushes from Bare Minerals and boy did they get rough. Now I use PUR minerals – lots better, less mess and this brush is PERFECT for applying!!!

Claudette Dona Ana, NM

I use it everyday 🙂

Since it’s my first time to use this kind of brush, It’s perfect for liquid foundation, powder, good quality I can say. hope you can try it too 🙂

Agnes Conejos, CO

Great quality

This brush is a great buy for the price. I use it for my liquid foundation. When used right, it gives an airbrushed finish. Haven’t had any fall out.

Deann Lancaster, OH

Bdellium brush 957

I was looking for a good kabuki brush and was a little worried about buying on online without being able to check it out in person. I’m glad I bought it though. The quality is really good and no hairs have fallen out yet, which is always nice. The handle is a little too long for me, but I like the size of the brush and it works great.

Ericka Aliceville, AL

love love love it

I watched several foundation’s tuttorials on youtube using this kind of brush. I was use to a precision foundation brush as I was tought to, but I saw how easy this kabuki made the foundation application and I decided to try it. I’m so happy I did because the texture it gives to your skin is gorgeous. You must try it

Liz Westphalia, IN


i read all the good reviews and i was just thinking to myself i must try this. I purchased this like a couple of weeks ago and i just love it. It is full pact and has the most softest bristles. I had fall out the first time and then i ashed it and never again have i had a fall out….I’ve never used brushes to apply foundatuon but i just love the way it evenly spreads my foundation…..THIS IS A MUST HAVE 🙂 VERY HAPPY

Natasha Lockhart, SC

Very Soft and Doesn’t Shed

I have used this brush for every thing, from applying liquid foundation and powders to blush and bronzer and each application is flawless and looks better than any makeup brush I’ve used

Lakisha Moosic, PA


I love this brush. It is very soft and very nicely packed but also not stiff. I use this to buff out my foundation and it gives me a really nice finish. I love the color and quality of the handle and bristles. The price is very great and I love this brush so much. Must have!

Alyson Barrackville, WV


Great for stippling foundation. It does provide heavy coverage. And now that my skincare routine has made my face acne-free. I don’t really need as heavy coverage as with this brush. I now prefer the stippling brush from real Techniques core collection.

Elsie South Montrose, PA

studio line brush

i love this brush. it feels so good applying blush on cheeks. I tried it on myself before anyone else , it feels so soft and applies so good. im glad i got it

Nora Billingsley, AL

Love, Yet Again!

I have bought the brush set through Bdellium Tools and have bought some separates and I am never anything but satisfied! I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation for an airbrushed look! I will continue to use and buy these brushes! This one is super soft and dense! I stipple the foundation with it and then if there are any spots I have left then I run it in circular motions over the spot! Works very well! Highly recommend!

Terri Rockwood, TX

Soft and awesome

This brush is truly incredible! The coverage it delivers with both powder and liquid foundations is truly airbrushed. If you have dry skin, moisturize well because using this brush in a stippling motion to apply products can micro-exfoliate and lift up dry skin so it becomes visible. This brush is incredibly soft, easy to use, and doesn’t get dirty easily. LOVE it!

Jodi Idanha, OR


This brush is great I didn’t want to pay so much but I figured u get what u pay for brush makes my makeup look flawless instead of caked on. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I saw reviews on you tube and it convinced me to buy. I’d say if u want a flawless look get this brush it’s well worth the price and lighting fast shipping like 2 days good seller

Nellie Oscar, LA

Makeup bag must!

I love this for foundation distribution! I just dab foundation on the back of my hand. Then I dip the brush in it and dot a couple on my forehead. Then cheeks (one dot on each). A dab on my nose and chin. Then go back over the entire face with the brush (don’t add more foundation). Keep making a circular motion over your dots. It blends beautifully! I finish off with Loreal Transluscent Powder! Gorgeous!

Rochelle Montello, WI

Love it

This brush is perfect. It spreads everything evenly and it makes my foundation look natural. It doesn’t go on with streaks, it just goes on smooth and natural looking. its also good with blending the concealer as well.

Sharon Orrum, NC


Ok. The brush is great! Soft and seems durable. However, the bristles are longer than I anticipated. Also, it picks up my liquid foundation, but does not distribute it as well as I would like. I’ll continue to use it, though. The seller is amazing. I received this item in a day. Kudos!!!

Kristie Norcatur, KS


It’s soft, and works great. Great price too. I’m glad I didn’t get something like this in Sephora because it would have been 20x more expensive for same function.

Josie Doddridge, AR

Airbrushed Effect

this brush makes applying powder foundation so easy and quick. it gives me a smooth/ flawless finish. the brush feels so soft on my skin and the flatness of the brush is what makes it so easy and quick to apply makeup. my new favorite makeup brush

Haley Reserve, MT

Omg! I love this brush

This brush is amazing. I bought more just because I’m afraid they will discontinue it. It’s as good as my mac brushes… Perfect for applying foundation, perfect softness and density. Picks up makeup great, you can use this to blend or to stipple your foundation I do a mixture. I use mousse foundation and light powder on top and I get compliments on my foundation all the time and I have acne!!! I just tell people its all about the tools and the way you use them, and this is the best tool. very happy with purchase!

Sophia San Jon, NM


I love this Brush. This is my second purchase and I just recently bought the black one. Very well-made, very dense and really serves it’s purpose.

Lena Bausman, PA

Excellent foundation brush

I use this brush to apply my foundation and it comes out flawless. This brush is really soft; no scratching up your skin like other pricey brushes. Also, NO SHEDDING either, like some of the pricey brushes. I’m pleased with the quality and price. This brand has made me rethink, just because a product is not super expensive, means its crappy. These are far from that term!

Lindsey Ellettsville, IN