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Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brush Studio Line – Pencil Shaped Blending 780

Bdellium Tools Studio Line of brushes are makeup tools designed from top grade materials and assembled by hand for a superior quality. Each and every brush showcases the flawless application medium that is Bdellium Tools. From precisely shaped brush heads to balanced mixtures of natural and/or synthetic hair bristles, the luxuriously lacquered long wooden handles of the Studio Line will give you optimum control and comfort resulting in a perfect application time after time. All of the Studio Line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.

Key features

  • Perfect for flawless application
  • Luxuriously lacquered wooden handles for convenience
  • Bristles are treated with an antibacterial agent to preserve skin quality
  • Pencil-shaped tip creates precise shading on the eyes
  • Ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow

Honest reviews


Precision application

I love using my pencil brush! This brush a great for creating a strong “v” shape with my eyeshadow and is perfect for blending colors to the lower lash line.Bdellium has a quality product that rivals pricey department store brands!

Tisha Hysham, MT


I love this brush! As a makeup artist I love this brush and use it ritually! It’s great for blending and even getting eyeshadow in the crease of the eyes and on the lower lash line.

Emilie Oakley, KS

Great brush

This is a great little brush when you need a bit of precision (e.g. darkening the outside of your crease, applying shadow on your lower lash line, even contouring your nose). Wonderful value.

Bette Franklin, IL

Pencil Brush

Love this brush – precise application makes for an effortless makeup routine! So glad I bought this brush over more expensive options!

Angelica Gouldsboro, PA

I LOVE IT!!!!!

This is my 1st Bdellium purchase. I have a small asian lid & was surprised how the brush picked up the eyeshadow & when I applied it to my lid, I did it with not much effort. WOW WOW WOW! This brush is very dense & yet very soft on my eye. I am very excited!!! I will be ordering more brushes from Bdellium!!!! I cant afford Mac brushes & don’t own any. I am hooked on Bdellium! Thanks Bdellium for a great brush for a great price!!!!

Annette Waldport, OR


i love this brand, i have many other brushes and they are all quality. check them out bc they are worth while. cant beat the price

Geraldine Hayden, AL

Great brush

Everyone needs a brush like this in their collection, it’s a perfect brush for applying a darker color in the outer v of your lid, or anywhere that you want a color in a finite space. Very happy with it.

Selma Olivet, SD

Bdellium Makeup Brush

I use this brush all the time. It’s just the right size if you have smaller eyes. Overuse, though, will cause your eyelids to get sore some.

Rachel Lawton, IA

Best brush!

Love love love this brush. It washes very well, maintains its shape and I just love it. So happy to have it in my collection.

Annie West Brooklyn, IL