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Batiste Dry Shampoo, Light and Blonde, 6.73 Fluid Ounce

Batiste Light and Blonde banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull, lifeless hair the make over it needs without any water. A hint of color complements light and blonde hair tones and helps blend in root -re-growth of colored, tinted or bleached hair. A quick burst revitalizes hair leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo.

Key features

  • UK’s No. 1 dry shampoo
  • Instant hair refresh
  • Banish oil & boost body

Honest reviews


Awesome. Perfect. Works.

I’m a new mom and I don’t have time to wash my hair every day. Gross maybe, but suck it haters, I’d rather play with my baby. (or do laundry, that’s most often the case with my free time…)Anyway, this works better than any other dry shampoo I’ve tried. My hair is auburn and all the other dry shampoos I’ve tried turned it a lovely shade of gray and felt grimy. My hair would be oily again by the end of the day.Not Batiste, my hair looks great, you’d never know I hadn’t washed it. I still pull it up on dry shampoo days b/c my hair is wavy and looks a little funky when I brush it out. I’ve noticed that my hair has more volume and stays up better too.After you have a baby, your hair falls out. So not only do you have to pull your thinning hair in a ponytail all the time, you have bald spots. Because this dry shampoo is tinted, it actually helps to disguise your scalp from shining through. Hooray!This is the best hair care product I’ve bought in a long time. The shipping was really fast too.

Caryn Moscow, OH

Does the trick

I now have dark brown hair and the previous dry shampoo I was using – Treseme – always left me with greyish hue. It was fine with blonde hair but not with a dark color so I was looking for something new and a dark color that wouldn’t leave behind the white spray.I thought the spray would be brown colored with this product but no, it was still white but for some reason it blends better with my hair. The residual color around the nozzel was brown so it was little perplexing as to how I still ended up with white spray on my head.Oh well, works good when needed 🙂

Lolita Orangefield, TX

Great for Brunettes!!!

I typically have to wash my hair EVERY day or it’s an oil slick by noon on day 2. Not only is this great for brunettes (I have super dark brown hair) because it’s a tinted powder that doesn’t make you look grey, but it prolongs your hair between washes. I was able to go 2 full days between washes. While it still felt very weird for me to not wash that morning and to use this product instead, I did not look oily on day 2, even at 9 pm! I’ve never been able to accomplish that before.

Isabelle Flowery Branch, GA

No different than most of us that just don’t have time to wash/style our hair every day

I’ve got quite long hair that is very fine/thin so when I DO wash & style it I usually use steam rollers or the twisty ones. Both take more than enough time to do & we do it because it makes our hair look allot nicer right? Can you imagine doing this EVERY day? Not me..better things to do as you all do to. Was a bit skeptical mostly because allot of reviews said it smelled quite bad/over powering & I HATE that (nose of a Blood Hound so my husband says). Can’t review the med./brunette or dark/deep brown one’s. I just bought “fresh”. NOT nasty/smelly @ all & this product does work 4 me. It’s a matter of just finding out the correct amount to use etc. I don’t use much (the lesser the better for me). It will/can leave that “powdery” residue on your hair but I think you are using to much product or just flip your head down, maybe blow dry for 20 seconds, or just use your fingers to shake/blend it in. I recommend it. Hope this helps.

Teresa Florence, IN

SUPER product!

This dry shampoo is terrific! I get my hair foiled every few months and this not only works well as a dry shampoo (giving my hair more body between “wet” shampoos) but the hint of blonde in it does a great job of minimizing the look of my darker roots! I just came back and ordered more and to leave this review. I also picked up two bottles of the brunette version to give to my friend and to my sister, both of whom are sick of always fighting the grays, hopefully that will subdue them to some degree.

Martina Pinnacle, NC

Zero stars

Actually made my hair silver/white. I would give zero stars if it was possible. Brunettes should try a different product.

Annmarie Makoti, ND


I have found this dry shampoo works the best for me. Plus it’s great because you can get it in your hair color. The only problem is my scalp tends to get a little dry but I don’t think that’s product specific.

Faith Nashua, MN

Love love love

I’ve tried this, the Tresemme, and the Klorane dry shampoos and this is hands down my favorite. I LOVE this product so so much. As a college student, my favorite way to do my hair is shower at night and sleep with it wet, then wake up with it (mostly) dry, spray some dry shampoo and brush out. Luckily my hair is pretty naturally fine and straight so I can get away with this. This dry shampoo volumizes better than any volumizing product I’ve used, so I use it even in the morning when my hair is freshly clean and then again at night if I am going somewhere. Can’t beat the price! The smell, while not necessarily amazing, doesn’t linger and it’s not horribly offensive so I’ll take it. I have medium-dark brown long fine hair and the white powder disappears after I massage it in, so I’ve never tried the brown kind of Batiste simply because it’s more expensive and there’s not really any point if this kind doesn’t show up!

Nikki Industrial, WV

So far so good

I have only used this once, but I was very impressed with it. I like that you couldn’t see the product in my hair at all. It took the little bit of oil out and smelled good : )

Abbie Carrollton, GA

EXCELLENT Product, Lasts Into the 3rd Day.

I have long, dark brown hair, which I normally have to wash every day to keep it from looking oily and limp. I’ve tried a few different brands of dry shampoos, including Got2Be and Not Your Mothers, and Batiste is by far my favorite so far. I’ve had problems with other ones making my hair look dusty-grey, but this dry shampoo is much better -as long as I remember to use a light hand-. It did leave a little bit of a residue-y feeling, but that’s been a pretty common occurence with any dry shampoo, in my experience.It smells good, not as grandma-ey as others, though I can’t really describe the smell. The closest I could say is a very light vanilla smell, maybe? After using it (the day after washing my hair), I even went without washing my hair again that night and left it in my hair, and the next day all I had to do was brush out my hair and style it, and it looked good as new. I didn’t even need to spray more in my hair, it was a very nice surprise!The only con would be that if you scratch your head, you may come away with grey looking “dirt” under your nails, which is the tinted powder. Also when you shower, you’ll see the tinted color coming out when you shampoo.

Louella Pearl City, HI

brown scalp..face neck and ears?! no thanks

I have benn using batise dry shampoo for a couple of years now but it is the first time I get the brunette one since I had highlight before but now have dark brown hair… while I am a fan of the batiste dry shampoo this one that comes with a little color really dies my scalp brown and in my hair line and even in my ears.. so using it ends up looking like I just colored my hair and got color all over my skin .. not good. And I dont use a lot i only do a couple of sprays here and there but end up feeling and looking dirty so I will go back to my regular cherry batiste which also smelles so much better 🙂

Vera Gnadenhutten, OH

Not perfect but the best dry shampoo in the market

As far as dry shampoos – this has got to be the best one out there. I bought the one made specifically for dark hair, which I don’t think any other brand has. If there are any out there, I don’t know about them. Before this one, all I’ve ever had experience with are the dry shampoos that leave my hair with white, powdery residue which, no matter how much I massage it into my scalp, still makes me look like I have dandruff.This dry shampoo really works. I hold the can about 1 1/2 – 2 feet away from scalp then spray. I don’t spray all over my head, just the oily parts. It is a refreshing blast of cool air and is a pleasant smell. I massage it into my scalp and instantly, I can tell that it is soaking up all the oil and my roots are perked up, not limp. It gives it some volume. It does last all day.The cons –1. Do not wear light-colored clothing when you are spraying. It will get on your clothes. Although the can says that soap and water will get the product off, I found that I had to really scrub my fingers very hard to get all the black powder off. I don’t think it will ruin clothing but it might be a pain to wash it off.2. Like with any hair product that I put on a dirty scalp (such as hairspray or what not) my scalp was itchy by the end of the day.Overall – Batiste is miles ahead of any other dry shampoos, especially if you’re a brunette, you will want this.

Susan Hulett, WY

Perfect for between washes

I have dark hair and used the original Batiste for years and was pleased with the results before a friend convinced me to try this one. This works quite a bit better for dark hair; the original leaves just a slightly visible layer of white dust over dark hair which isn’t intolerable but makes hair look a bit dull. This isn’t visible at all, and it actually smells quite nice too. It also gives roots a bit of volume which I like. The only downside to this is the powder is obviously colored dark so washing your hands thoroughly after using this is a must.

Camille Belfair, WA

Dry shampoo

I really depend on this stuff. My hair is too fine to wash everyday, but tends to get oily at the scalp. I order multiple cans at a time now, and buy the brown tinted when available!

Lillian Chicago, IL

Best value and quality in a dry shampoo

This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and it is also the best value. It lasted quite a while and the blonde tint helped hide my roots growing out so I could stretch my salon visits another 2 to 3 weeks. This is the only dry shampoo I have ever used that made my hair feel freshly washed after use. It takes a few minutes to set and then you must shake some of it out, but once you have used it you get almost a full day of freshly washed hair. I recommend it, my only issue would be that I didn’t realize how important it is to shake vigorously because I still have some product left but no aerosol to spray it, so make sure to shake well before use. I will repurchase for sure.

Karyn Milnesand, NM

A brunettes’s best secret weapon!

I have always washed my hair daily but recently my hair dresser has told me that it’s actually healthier for your hair to wash it less often (as in every other day or so) because the natural oils are beneficial to it. I hated how my hair would feel on day two and always just brushed off her suggestion until I came across this dry shampoo that is meant for brunettes. My hair is dark brown and regular dry shampoo leaves a light powdery look while this dry shampoo has a dark color that blends nicely. My only suggestion is to make sure that your hair does not fall on your face after using this dry shampoo until you are sure that it has dried completely because it will leave dark marks on your face. Overall I think this is a great product and I plan on buying it again when my bottle runs out.

Amanda Marathon, IA


i like that this is brownish so that i dont get a crazy white residue, but i dont like the scent its really strong, and i do not like that it creates basically a brown sludge on your scalp lol and when you wash it out in the shower its brown everywhere. ehh it does the job.

Jeannette Saint Libory, NE

Wonderful dry shampoo

I have medium light blonde hair and have used regular, white, dry shampoo for a long time. This is SO MUCH BETTER! It takes away the greasy shine and adds extra manageability and body to my fine hair without the dull, gray residue you can get from non colored products. The smell isn’t too bad. It’s better than others I’ve used. I went through a whole can and bought more, not just for me, but also for my sister who’s hair is just like mine. She loves it too! I also don’t want to leave out that this does not make your hair feel sticky or dirty. You retain the smooth and light feel of your normal hair.

Freida Luverne, ND

Try it!

I have tried at least 12 different dry shampoos ranging from $3 to $30. This is the best formula hands down and it has the best smell!! I would give it 10 stars if I could. It is an oily hair eraser! Just make sure you shake the can a lot between sprays

Lilly Gray, GA

The Best Dry Shampoo for Price!

I have used multiple dry shampoos within a reasonable price range. This is by far the best! Definitely worth trying at least once. I have been using it for months now and still love it.

Fanny Speedwell, VA

Works…kind of.

I sweat in my sleep and my hair gets oily at times. My answer to this has been to put a bit of baby powder in my hair and then go to sleep. The baby powder does leave white residue, but it evens out while I sleep. Then I brush and it looks and smells good. On the rare occasion that a little white is left over, I just use a bit of water.I used it as directed and it still left slight white streaks. They weren’t as bad the the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, but still noticeable. My baby powder does this, but costs WAY less. If I am going to spend extra moolah on a specialized product, I want it to be better than baby powder. The spray DID NOT even out as I slept and I had to wet my head to make the streaks go away. Brushing helped only slightly.Also, although the scent is not unpleasant, it isn’t really pleasant either. Geared towards being gender neutral, so it would be good for light haired guys, I guess.I gave it 3 stars instead of one or two because it did soak up the oil and did not make my hair feel too weird – although there was a noticeable difference in texture, it just wasn’t a bad difference.Also noticeable was how dirty it made my face after applying it. It didn’t look like it left a brown residue, but when I wiped my previously clean face off with toilet paper, it looked like I had tried to apply fake tanner. I would take off another star for this, except that it makes sense it would do this since it is made specifically for dark hair. That was the reason I bought it, so I can hardly complain about it. I will just wash my face after each application.

Ingrid Irvine, KY

Different result as expected

I have the dark brown but when I spray it, it gives my hair an ashy look. I’ve used dry shampoo before and so this result is new to me. I am not impressed.

Tammie Turkey City, PA

Really like it!

Smells good. Goes on light and does the purpose well. It doesnt take a lot. Great for those days that I dont leave the house but want to freshen up. I’ll definetly purchase again.Price is good.

Bernice Warren Center, PA

The best dry shampoo out there

This is the only dry shampoo for me. I’ve tried so many different brands and types, and I just keep coming back to Batiste. It’s amazing. It actually does what it’s supposed to do, it does it fast, and it doesn’t leave my hair in a jumbled-up mess. It’s very powdery, so if you’re not into that, I wouldn’t buy it. If you are into that, and feel like that’s the only way to go — I’d go for this guy.I love, love, love this. Will repurchase as soon as possible!

Leeann Egg Harbor, WI

Works great

Didn’t have any issues with it, and it smells better than I thought it would. Very nice product!! Definately will be using it again.

Madge Thorn Hill, TN

Truely Godsend

I have thinning hair and a very oily scalp. Before Batiste, I had to wash my hair every single day so i didn’t become a greasy mess and my shiny scalp didn’t shine through my fine hair. Batiste has completely changed my life!! I can now go through 3-4 days(3 days being optimal) without washing my hair. Additionally it adds alot of texture and volume to my hair. I spray it all over my hair and wait for a few minutes before brushing my hair. I then style my hair and finish off by spraying it in my roots away from my part. I usually part on my left side and use it as a root lifter/ filler on the right side of my head to make it look like i have more hair.

Norma Westside, IA

great bargain

dry shampoo is great for in between washes,the purpose is for it to suck up the grease, so you can go longer without washes, but not too frequent , it will dry out your hair and damage it.. i use them for emergencies and once a week now for work or an important event, it saves the day!

Clara Kellyville, OK

Sent this to college with my daughter.

Becuase sometimes you just don;t have time and you have to go! So, she reports liking this for those times.

Marina Towanda, PA

So far good nothing extraordinary

This Batiste Dry Shampoo, Light and Blonde does the job, keeps the hair less greasy so I don’t have to wash my hair every single day, also the color is fine as I have blonde hair and I don’t notice any particles on my hair.

Angelica Hoodsport, WA

Black hair

I purchased the dark one wasn’t ideal for black hair. It absorbs oil though. I sprayed it in my room and the smell was there too long, I don’t know if this is a bad sign.

Margery Guilford, IN