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Batiste Dry Shampoo 5.05 oz. Color Black [Misc.]

Specially formulated for black hair tones to dry cleanse and complement your hair colour with no powder residue, revitalizes greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Quick and convenient to use wherever you are.

Key features

  • Helps relieves dry and lifless hair between washes

Honest reviews


Smells Blah and Seems Useless…

Not sure why people are raving about the scent. It’s blah and a little repellant to me. Tresemme’s dry shampoo smells nice, citrusy clean… sprays out to powder that brushes out clean (no residue) and Bumble & Bumble is great to add volume, degrease and help with color or coverage.Total waste of money to me, even if its cheap. Just like shoes, quality counts more than quantity… pay the extra to get what you want.Pay the shipping and I will send you my 2 cans… wait, it did come in handy to make some clip-in extensions look less fake, shiny.

Letha Stone Ridge, NY

Very Good

After reading a few reviews, I decided to give it a try.One of the reviews did a comparison in price/brands, and I figured, before spending money on one that’s expensive, let me work myself through the price pyramid. I don’t regret it and it has lasted me about a month, I only spray a tid bit as it doesn’t require so much, I usually just spray it on the top middle portion of my headm which is usually where we all heat up the most.When you comb the product through the rest of your hair it still absorbs the moisture and extra grease you may have from any serum you wear, but it leaves it soft, so I am usually able to wear my hair out an additional 2 days. I recommend this product as well.

Leanne Glen Morgan, WV

It got everywhere.

I didn’t care for it. It was difficult to control. It got all over the place. I’ve been using Style Edit instead and I like it better.

Jordan Tipton, MI

good for emergencies

dry shampoo is a miracle item.. however, if you are trying to grow out your hair, and healthy…. only use this for when you are desperate for some dry and non oily scalp.. if you use all the time like i would before, it will break and dry the hell out of your hair!

Verna Weston, NE


I liked this especially the color! White dry shampoo doesn’t look good on dark hair.For everyone who thinks they only got 2 uses out of this, it’s because it leaks out. ALL dry shampoos do. I don’t know why, go ask a scientist. I put some of that poster putty (that yellow stuff that holds up posters instead of tack or tape) and covered the spray hole. Problem solved 100%. I gets MONTHS out of my dry shampoo, in every brand.

Casandra Bynum, TX