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Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods for Men Cologne Spray 3.4 Fl Oz

Twilight Woods is an unforgettable, masculine blend of cedar, white pepper and musk.

Key features

  • Signature Collection Twilight Woods
  • Men’s Cologne
  • 3.4 Fl Oz

Honest reviews


My Son…

Saw and smelled this in the store. Loved it and wanted it. I suprised him with this cologne and its exact in smell , bottleDesign and box. He loved it. Definitely a must try.

Becky Lettsworth, LA


If you want your man to smell great then you need to buy this spray. It smells so wonderful to me

Jamie Perks, IL

This is great smell

At a time when there are a ton of different colognes it is increasingly difficult to find a good smell that doesn’t cost well over 80 dollars. With this scent I have found a great smell that doesnt break the bank. It is a muskier smell without too much floral tones. Very masculine and smells even better on than just smelling the cologne itself.I highly recommend this product, it is a great value for the price!!

Roslyn Shelby, MI

The beauty of this scent is the opening, but it doesn’t last

I tried this at the local BBW and was blown away by the opening, which does indeed harken one into thinking they could be nestled beneath the canopy of a cool, dark forest. It is a fresh and herbaceous, woody smell that makes you think “Wow, I want to smell like this all the time!”. The problem is that this goes away within about 30 minutes, leaving one smelling of musty peat moss, with no warm woods or musk to fall back on. There is no sweetness after the die-down, and makes one understand the problem with some cheap scents, they don’t have a good formula.Regretfully, after the good part evaporates away, the smell is like a cheap knockoff of “Grey Flannel” (a scent that is disliked by many, but not by me. It has it’s place…when wearing a business suit).Anyone considering this should apply it to your wrists and wear if for awhile. Don’t buy it on impulse, you may be sorry you did.

Nannie Sheldonville, MA

Oh! Wow! That does smell good!

I have always loved the smell as you walk into the Abercrombie Store. But I never wanted to spend the high dollar for 1.7fl oz. Well, I found it! Twilight Woods is almost identical but better. And its 3.4fl oz. Very refreshing with a hint of spice. But a soft spice.In additon, I received the item in two days in mint condition.

Louella Woodstock, GA