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Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Signature Collection Shower Gel

10 fl oz

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  • Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Signature Collection Shower Gel (10 oz)

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Don’t See The Appeal

I really don’t see why people like this particular fragrance so much. It’s just your typical perfume smell. In my opinion, there are much better floral scents out there such as Enchanted Orchid.

Kelly Jasper, IN

One of my favorite Bath & Body Scents

I absolutely love all of Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom products. This scent is so refreshing and dare I say, almost sensual. Bath & Body Works shower gel is so rich and lathery, plus does not dry out your skin. I always feel so much better after a long soak in the tub using this wonderful product.

Araceli Sturbridge, MA

Wonderful scent!

I love this stuff it smells so sweet but not so sweet that it’s sickening. I also like the packaging. I do suggest that you keep an eye on the bath and body works wed site. They sometimes have cheap sales. And the best time to go to the store is in Jan. when these is plenty of clearance.

Chrystal Dallas, PA

Bath and Body Worksw japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream 8 oz

I love this product. I have been ordering this product almost every 3 months and I order 3 at a time. I highly recommend it.

Jolene Wofford Heights, CA

Great Lotion — pretty smell too!

I have to admit, when it comes to lotions, my purchases are really influenced by the smell. Luckily, Bath and Body Works’ lotions are very rich (and this one is no different), so your skin is receiving the moisture it deserves while you get to enjoy the luxurious scent.This scent smells light and fruity, with almost a perfume-ish smell. Very intoxicating!I love this lotion, and highly recommend it for girly girls, like myself.

Elma Hastings, NE

A great moisturizer

love the thicker consistency of this cream, to soften and soothe winter dry skin. And in my favorite fragrance too!

Charity Kane, IL

Too Strong scented!!

I am fourteen years old, and my mother had brought this scent for me for Christmas. I used it in the shower, and…WOO!..this scent is waayyy too strong for a teen! Even my mom told me when I walked out “what’s that perfume that you have on? Whatever it smells too strong”I am not saying that Cherry Blossom is bad…I am just saying that it’s not the right smell for me! If you do not like heavy, flowery, floral smells, then this is not the shower gel for you! In my opinion, this does not even smell like a cherry blossom…it smells like a bunch of florals thrown together.Shower Gels and Scents that I would recommend:
• American Beauty By Beloved
• Be Enchanted (Bath and Body Works)
• White Citrus (Bath and Body Works)
• Perlier Snowdrop (my favorite <3 )
• YOUTH-DEW by Estee lauder
• Sweet Honesty (Avon)

Lynette Cochranville, PA



Dale Adairsville, GA


I adore the smeell of the product. Came in perfect conditions.

Tommie Terry, MS

I love this scent and the cream is very thick and long lasting

I love this scent and the cream itself is nice and thick and when put on prior to getting in bed it helps keep my skin soft until morning. I would like it to contain more shea butter but it is what it is and that doesn’t hurt it at all.

Gayle Brill, WI

Japanese Cherry Blossom is a Scent for Good Sleeping!

Love this Shower Gel… I bought it for my mother who is handicapped, and she said that it helps her have a great nights sleep! I love the scent myself and hope it’s always around…A clean and innocent smell makes you not want to get out of the shower. Great Product!

Patrice Williamson, GA