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Bass Brushes Large Square Paddle Brush

The Green Brush (100% Pure Bamboo Hair Brush) Bass Brushes have been used and recommended by hair stylists everywhere. There top quality bristle and craftmanship have proven their durability even under the most demanding professional use.

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Honest reviews


Beautiful Large Brush with sharper wood pins

This Bass Large Square Paddle Brush is beautiful! It is a work of art. Beautiful wood in aritsan creation. The wood pins are a little sharper than the brushes that have the rounded plastic tips but not so sharp that it scratches. It feels great and goes through my thick hair and massages my scalp. It feels very nice in my hand as well. I am very pleased with this brush.

Christy Albertville, AL

Humph! This brush does NOT have the wooden bristles mentioned by other reviewers

I got this brush after reading reviews from others about the wonderful wooden bristles. However, this brush does NOT have wooden bristles – they’re plastic. The description doesn’t indicate the type of bristles, either plastic or wooden, so it’s not misleading in that sense. But it definitely appears to have had wooden bristles in the past, which have been replaced by plastic bristles, and there is no disclaimer to indicate that the previous reviews no longer apply.I’m really disappointed – it’s an okay brush, but nothing special. I definitely expected (much, much) better, and this ensures that I won’t be buying any Bass products again. If you’re looking for a wonderful brush with genuine wooden bristles, get the brush I ordered at the same time I ordered this (something less than deluxe) one. It’s theEarth Therapeutics Natural Wood Pin Massage Brush (Large)and that’s the best brush I’ve ever owned. I use the Earth Therapeutics one all the time, and reserve this brush for just after I wash my hair, when it’s still wet – I don’t have to worry about ruining the plastic bristles. That’s really the only reason I kept this brush instead of returning it. Fair warning though – if you use this brush on dry hair, you can get a lot of static from the plastic bristles.

Bettye Phenix, VA

Good quality, bigger than expected, and works great.

I’d been on the hunt for a new wood-handled, wooden-bristled hair brush for a long time. My old one had lasted me many years and I wanted a back-up and couldn’t find the same brand again. Bamboo seemed like a good renewable and "green" choice and the price was right. I ordered it after reading lots of reviews and looking at many different prices and products.This brush arrived and has a sturdy handle, lovely cushioned pad for the many finely-rounded wood bristles. I’m impressed and it works beautifully in my hair. We’ll see how it holds up over the long term, but right out of the packaging, I’m very pleased.

Judy Osage, MN

A nice brush

This brush has a great feel to it. I don’t use it for styling with my blow dryer…just for a nice brush out.

Lakesha Whiterocks, UT

Massage for your scalp

This brush is awesome. I have not experienced a lot of hair lost and it feels really good on my scalp.

Kristin Elton, PA