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Bass Brushes Facial Cleansing Brush, COLORS MAY VARY

Colors Vary Deluxe 100% Natural Bristles Acrylic Handle

Key features

  • Gently cleanses skin and exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Revitalizes to promote healthy skin
  • Easy to hold natural wood handle

Honest reviews


too abrasive for face

I’ve tried multiple face complexion brushes for pore cleansing. This one was way too abrasive no matter how gently I used it. I tried to “break it in” by using it as body brush in shower for a while (works fine for that) but it was still too harsh. Great for cleaning vegetables, though. The brush that was just right was the one made by Sephora but the two that I got promptly broke so I can’t recommend it. The perfect solution for me was a very soft toothbrush made for use after dental surgery.

Lynne Wink, TX

Used it instead of my clarisonic on a trip out of the country.

I didnt feel like risking loosing my clarisonic on a recent trip out of the country, so I brought this brush that I was gifted by a friend and I have to say it was great, not harsh but still effective. I wouldnt switch from using my clarisonic full time for this but I would definitely bring it again on a trip again and use this instead for a short period. It is very high quality and I love that it is natural bristles.

Carey Islamorada, FL

Bass Brushes Facial Cleansing Brush – good brush for face!

The bristles of this brush are perfect for getting my face clean and clear of debris. Getting those dead skin particles off the face help to open pores and really get down and deep clean. Brushing my face while I soap it up in the shower is my way of waking up in the morning, and my face feels really clean and ready for my Ambi moisturizing cream. I love the brush and have notice improved complexion since switching from a less effective brush about 2 weeks ago. This brand will be in my shower hereon in, love it!In addition: I enjoy shopping on Amazon for the savings it offers me as a “Prime Member,” the savings on shipping, and on gas (from having to drive to town to shop). The savings make up for any price difference. Why shop any other way?

Mallory Spencerville, OH

I never thought I would use a brush to exfoliate my face – but this is PERFECT!

I am very careful with my face – I don’t want to use harsh chemicals or scrub hard because I want to keep my skin looking as good as long as possible. I bought this brush on a whim, and I am not disappointed! I use it in the shower in the morning, and the bristles are so soft, yet do such a great job at exfoliating my face, making it feel wonderfully refreshed. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it never scratches. I just apply a little liquid facial soap to the brush and wet it, and then wash my entire face – even around my eyes.I would highly recommend this purchase to anyone considering it!

Lesley Edgar, MT

good so far

Mine came from Swanson and took almost 2 weeks to arrive. Brush seems ok, clear plastic handle on mine. Bristles feel tight in base. Made in China.

Christa Atglen, PA

Great brush for exfoliation

I really love this brush. It’s a bit on the large side (about 1.75 inches diameter brush head) but the bristles feel firm enough to remove dirt and oil but soft enough for everyday use. The brush has an overall high quality feel to it and I foresee lots of use out of it.

Tammie Columbus Junction, IA

Great brush

This brush is truly an investment, my skin feels so clean and vibrant. You cant go wrong for the price.

Meghan West Unity, OH


I used the Clarisonic Mia brush for about 1 year until it broke. I decided to try this considerably cheaper brush and it’s great. It gets your skin just as clean and feels better as well. Realistically, how much can you really remove and do you really need yet another electronic device just to wash your face?

Ava Alta, IA

Fish Brush

I’d say this is one of the best brushes I’ve used. It really works with whatever soap I use on my face and scrubs away the grime and dirt and my face feels very very smooth! Sometimes my skin is more sensitive to the bristles than others… So I mean, if you’re too sensitive to it just don’t scrub/press as hard lol. Boom. Magic.

May Tower, MI

Face Brushing for smoother pores

Bass Brushes is a quality product that is affordable and made of natural hair. Face brushing not only stimulates the blood on your face bringing out its natural youthful glow, but it also detoxifies and exfoliates the rough outer surface of your skin. I’m not much on grabbing tons of beauty products so the simplicity of the face brush is essential part of my daily regimen. Throw out the drab array of over-priced facial washes and stick with the basics. I normally dry brush and follow it with witch hazel toner and sometimes an all-natural moisterizer (if its a hot arid day.) Plain and simple, but definitely effective.

Ana Ruffs Dale, PA


I was looking like crazy for a facial brush with natural soft bristles. This seemed legit so i got it. So far so good.. Bristles seems pretty attached and they are very gentle and do just the right scrubbing without stripping my face. I wouldve loved it if the handle was made of wood instead.

June Toquerville, UT

Works well if you wet to soften first

I noticed some other comments complaining that the brush was too stiff. If used dry, this is the case. I have found that wetting the bristles first and then swirling it around on the palm of my hand softens them up sufficiently to then use on my face with the product of my choice. I use this brush with both a facial scrub and the coconut oil that I use to wash my face, and I’ve been very happy with it. My skin is very smooth and I almost never break out. I’m not going to attribute all of that to the brush since I drink a lot of water, eat a health diet, and moisturize regularly, but I think the brush helps.

Erma Griggsville, IL

Not really working for me

This isn’t soft enough for the face, it scratched and hurt the one time I tried to use it. Before that I had been using it as a dry brush for the body before a shower and it’s AWESOME for that but I decided to try it once for what the package said it was for.Giving it 3 stars because it works great for what I bought it for (worthy of 5 stars) but is horrid at what it was made for (worthy of 1 star) so I’m averaging it out.

Avis Meadow Valley, CA

AWESOME facial brush!

I read the reviews and opted to try this instead of shelling out hundreds for the "sonic variety." GREAT move! I’m VERY pleased with it and my skin is LOVING it! I’ve started a whole dry brushing regimine, so I figured I’d include something for my face as well. I don’t dry brush on my face, but I use this brush with my cleanser and REALLY love the way it exfoliates!

Clarissa Bradley, CA

Too rough

How long am I supposed to wait for this thing to soften up? Quality seems good and I do brush my face sometimes, not convinced that is even a good idea, maybe I need more guidance?

Alyce Waterford, CT

Good, no..great face brush.

Good manual face brush; very good quality for $10 or so. Its sturdy, the bristles don’t shed and my face is squeaky clean after every use. Only drawback, no cap for it, but I can deal.

Hannah Compton, CA

Be warned only ONE brush

The world is getting to be a place where one has to read the fine print for fear of being deceived. The brush itself IS good BUT the ad says BRUSHES AND shows multiple brushes. I feel that this was done deliberately and this kind of thing always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you are ONLY selling ONE Brush, then show one brush, be honest.

Emily Winter Garden, FL

Not bad

At first this brush was WAY to rough for my face. I don’t have overly sensitive skin and my last brush was super soft. But I stuck with this brush and within a couple weeks I found that I liked it better. I think now that my last brush was too soft. It didn’t exfoliate as well as this one does…plus I think it softened up a bit. Now that it’s summer, I especially like having this one around for better cleansing.My only problem with it is that I have a small face and it’s a bit big (I’m 29 and short and still wear kids sized glasses). My last brush had a smaller head which I found easier for scrubbing all areas of my face, especially around my nose.

Elisa Pauls Valley, OK

Really harsh and rough!!

I like a serious exfoliation! But this can be used to clean the grout in my bathroom! Buy another brush, I’m now using it to scrub my shower. Very rough and felt like I was using a cleaning brush on my skin!! Plus the bristles fell out!

Marva Minot Afb, ND

my face feels very clean and looks shiny!!!

best face brush out there!!!! love it!! it cleans my makeup with the cleanser i have !!! perfect!! worth the money!!!👍

Adelaide Randlett, UT

This ended up drying my skin

This was too harsh for me. I tried both dry and wet brushing my face with it. I am even doubtful if it can be used wet. Anyway did not work for me. However I have begun to use it on hands and feet which works well

Jaime Alamo, TN

Great for travel

I normally use a Clairsonic brush, but I had to go on a long trip so I decided to try out this brush instead. Overall it was a great alternative. The bristles weren’t too soft, and they did a good job of cleaning my skin.

Deloris Arlington, VT

very nice

I also have a clarisonic but I enjoy the face brush also.I can use it past the minute or two from the clarisonic.Thanks for a nice product

Marisa Redan, GA

Facial Brush

Works perfect, bristles didn’t fall out, great value. I use it everyday and it is a good way to wash your face.

Leslie Sandia, TX


This is a wonderful facial brush, that makes my skin feel clean, and makes my pores look smaller and black head free!

Carole Woodstock Valley, CT

too rough

I have sensitive skin and this brush is too rough for me- would often leave my face irritated for hours so I switched for a softer one.

Carrie Rodney, IA

It’s ok

This facial brush might not be great for those with sensitive skin. It does exfoliate but I often find that after using it my face has dry patches where it wouldn’t normally have them. I usually counteract this by using a ton of cleanser, using gentle pressure, and only using it every other day…plus I do a good job with moisturizer. No exfoliation equals flakiness but too much roughness on the skin causes the same problem so I think those with sensitive/dry skin would be better off using a less harsh brush.

Rochelle Glenallen, MO

Too soft

I was looking to replace a brush I am currently using and love. The bristles on this brush are too soft for my needs but thank you.

Diane Midlothian, MD

fabulous for the complexion

I don’t know why I haven’t had one of these brushes long before now. The theory is clear, that we need to exfoliate the dead cells and stimulate for the new. The brushing action feels wonderful and immediately produces a more clear skin tone. I will get a lot of use from this brush.

Yvonne Haydenville, OH

Good Product

Need to run the brush under hot warmer to get it to soften up enough to be used gently on one’s face……good product and recommended.

Mabel Gruetli Laager, TN