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BASQNYC Cucumber Tea Eye Gel, 0.5oz

Give your eyes a fresh start with Basq’s soothing cooling Cucumber Tea Eye Gel. This antioxidant rich blend with Cucumber and Green Tea helps soothe eye puffiness and smooth fine lines while rich hydrators and a gentle cooling tingle awaken eye area. For daily use, just dab under the eye area or for a more intense treatment at night smooth on a thicker layer before sleep.

Key features

  • Soothes tired puffy eyes and smoothes fine lines for an energized look
  • As seen in Pregnancy & New Born Magazine
  • The cooling feel and refreshing gel instantly wake up eye
  • Use any time to refresh tired looking eyes; apply thick layer in the evenings for an intense hydration treatment that keeps eyes looking refreshed and vibrant
  • FREE of Parabens and Phthalate and Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy

Honest reviews


Works great but is very drying.

For the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing super puffy eyes on my lids and great big bags under my eyes. I tried burts bees radiance eye cream and a clinique eye cream also. Both creams failed to produce results so I decided to give this a shot. I put it in the fridge ad put a nice thick layer on my lids and bags before I went to bed and withhin 5 minutes all the puffiness and bags were completely gone! Wow! I even woke up with no puffiness and bags. i don’t know what they put in this gel but it works wonders for me.Ok I had to go back in and take off 2 stars because after using this for about 5 days my lids became super dry and started to burn. I stopped using it and applied some vaseline on my lids until the dryness and burning went away. I think I will use it just to get instant results but it’s not good for long term use.

Kirsten Mc Dowell, VA


ok, I’m almost afraid to say this because I don’t want the price to get jacked up or the person that sells this to run out of them! haha (but seriously!) This is the best thing (next to preparation H) that I’ve found for my under eyes.It is a gel and it does shrink the under eye eggs and just really smoothes and tightens it out pretty well (for me). I have fairly bad under eyes, so I have been well pleased with this.

Terry Chaseburg, WI

Only used this product for one day feels like I got a eyelift, feels good!!!

I guess ill have to come back in a week or two and give my final opinion on this product. I have only used this product for one day and I see a slight change so feels as though my undereyes are tightning(which is a good thing for me) and there is slight change of color under my eyes and the lines are slightly gone. But so far the thing I like most about this product after one use is the tightning feeling under my eyes and the cooling sensation…it’s doing good so far..can’t recommend this product right now though, ill have to do an update.Ok now for the update: This is a good eye cream so far I see results small to medium results but I am happy I see results..Iam using this cream to get rid of my under eye circles and just keep me from getting bags period. Now I came back early to give my update because this eye cream is best for me and I am happy so far I can’t waite until the end of this month to see how much the cream has rid my circles..I do have to say I have to put alot on to see maximum results but even though the jar is so little there is still so much product left.

Krista Warner, NH

Nice, good, okay.

I like it very much. I’ve used clinique’s eye cream which works well but stings my eyes. This one isn’t a miracle worker, but it is refreshing and soothing, and makes your eyes look a bit less bag-gy. I would use it for normal days, but probably not for special work days where I must be really really ridiculously good looking.

Kathy East Berne, NY

Light and refreshing, but not much else

I’ve used this for a few weeks without any real difference in dark circles or puffiness. As far as lines go, I see no change at all. It’s a nice, light eye gel, but nothing to get too excited about.

Catherine Placitas, NM

Nice and refreshing

This product worked okay. I used it more for waking up my tired eyes in the morning. I like to put it in the refrigerator so that it is nice and cool. Doesn’t really help with under eye circles though, at least not mine

Lucia Buckeye, IA


I love this product! It feels good, works for puffiness, and you have to use only a small amount, so it lasts long! I have really sensitive skin and it helps with its redness and puffiness..

Fannie Standard, IL

eye moisture

It’s a good eye cream, but I didn’t notice any miracles. If you put it on a little heavy, it will become a bit sticky and make a funny texture under you concealer.

Lessie Phoenix, MD


This is just what I need for tired, puffy eyes. It feels so soothing and cool. Love it, and will purchase again!

Carol Pineland, FL

doesn’t do anything

I read some gels could replace eye cream. Not this one. Only thing it does is a refresh some on the eye area like a cooling effect, not much more for me.

Roslyn Memphis, MI

Love this stuff!

It leaves a fresh and cooling feeling after application. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone! I’ve been using it for months.

Noelle Louisville, GA

Eh… Okay

This stuff felt great going on as it was nice and soothing but I bought it to help with my husbands bags and dark under eye circles and after almost two weeks of use we noticed no change at all (we even put it in the fridge as recommended). If you want something that is merely soothing I would recommend this but if you need it for anything else or have serious bags you want to minimize I’d shop elsewhere.

Allene Kekaha, HI

Nice cooling gel to apply in the morning

It has a nice refreshing feeling and does not over-moisturize my eyes in the morning. Some other eye moisturizers are a little to greasy, making eye makeup application more difficult. So this product is pretty good, but I’m not raving about it. Does nothing to reduce appearance of dark circles.

Deanne Washburn, ND

Did not see a big difference

I used this product and I did not see a big difference in my dark circles and bags. Trying something else.

Natasha Pennsboro, WV

Not much for me

This probably works for some people and not for others. I didn’t see much happening for me and tried something else.

Marisa Obion, TN

great for puffy eyes

I used many different products for puffy eyes and nothing seemed to work better. I normaly keep it in the fridge and it’s really nice when I use it in the morning.

Molly Shell, WY