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Basis So Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths Singles, 20 Count Boxes

Basis So Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths are alcohol-free and soap-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. They contain natural botanicals aloe, chamomile, comfrey, and green tea. The cotton-soft cleansing cloths remove dirt and makeup with no need to rinse, leaving a clean, fresh feeling. The individually-wrapped cloths provide a convenient way to cleanse anytime, anywhere.

Key features

  • Alcohol-free & soap-free
  • Contains natural botanicals aloe, chamomile, comfrey and green tea
  • Cotton-soft cleansing cloths remove dirt and makeup with no need to rinse for a clean, fresh feeling
  • Convenient cleansing anytime, anywhere with individually wrapped cloths
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin

Honest reviews


Truly best in class – finally, a mfr got this right!

This product surprised me – I’d seen ‘alcohol-free’ mentioned with such products before, only to find that something within the product
• still
• resulted in dryness, etc. – but that’s NOT the case with this product – this product is fantastic.Not only does this product do everything one would expect it to do, but it does so without irritating the skin in any way (& the skin on my face is
• very
• ,
• very
• sensitive), & without leaving any kind of smell behind (this truly is a unisex product – it doesn’t smell feminine or masculine – it’s just
• clean
• &
• refreshing
• ).Importantly, it cleans well, & the cloth is moist enough that it does not dry out quickly, & allows one to truly clean the entire face without the cloth ‘running out’, & without the cloth ripping or falling apart (the way some products do). Also, & impressively, use on one side of the cloth doesn’t result in stuff simply being absorbed all the way through – which allows me to use quadrants on one side of the cloth, & then I fold it, & use the remaining (& unused) sides to gently clean the skin over & below my (closed) eyes (something the chemicals in many cloths would render problematic), & then my neck.Additionally, & what ultimately makes this product stand out so far above & beyond its peers, is the fact that in addition to all of what I’ve mentioned, it does all of this without making the skin feel dry or tight (something many of its peers utterly fail to accomplish) – I still marvel at this, after cleaning my face with these. And it seems as though peers of this product at times attempt to moisten in a way that ends up clogging pores or otherwise leaving the skin feeling a bit odd (& in my case, nearly all would typically still leave the skin dry & tight, & the moistening component would be something which both clogged my pores & triggered a breakout) – but not this product… this product just plain gets it ALL right. No clogged pores, no irritated skin, no dryness, no smelly anything – just clean, moist, refreshed skin.I love this product. It’s WONDERFUL.And given the all-encompassing does-it-right nature of this product, it truly does allow for multi-faceted use, & even for folks who have very sensitive skin (this is the ONLY cleansing cloth that has ever ‘worked’ with my face [it works great for neck, etc., of course, but my facial skin is waaaay sensitive]).A use that triggered my testing this product at all (especially after seeing the overwhelmingly positive reviews) was for a loved one to use after returning home from surgery, given that they would not be able to stand up much for a few weeks after said surgery, & thus washing their face was going to be an issue. This product ended up allowing her to clean her face conveniently & effectively, & to feel refreshed afterwards – the psychological boost that this product indirectly allowed was something the manufacturers might never have had in mind, but it really made a difference, & without it, she would have felt a difficult-to-describe stress that was outright avoided, thanks to the quality of this product.The effectiveness of this product allows me to conveniently clean my face during overnight stays when visiting family – there are times when washing my face in the standard way is something I’d like to avoid if possible, due solely to its effect on my hair (rinsing, specifically – it’s inevitable that the aspects of hair closest to the face end up getting wet, etc. [& usually not neatly so]). If we need to go somewhere very early in the morning (& there are over a dozen people spending the night, & nowhere near enough time for everyone to have major access to showers, etc.), or if I’d like to accompany someone for a brief early morning errand, etc., utilizing these cleansing cloths (at night before sleeping, & then in the morning, to feel refreshed) allows me to have clean skin & not have my hair look ridiculous during the relevant outing (I know that sounds laughable, but it’s true! :)Lastly, it’s great to have this product as an option for taking along for ANY time during which access to or use of a sink might be an issue (e.g. spending the night in a hospital waiting room, or in the hospital room of a loved one, or at a friend-of-a-friend’s home, or while on an extended road trip, or after a long flight, etc.).A GREAT product that leaves one feeling clean & refreshed, works with sensitive skin, doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, doesn’t leave behind a scent, utilizes a cloth that does not dry out or fall apart while using it, & is definitely a product to keep in mind for anyone for whom temporary or permanent disability or temporary resource access interferes with standard &/or convenient use of soap & water — & is something which our family learned was terrific for use with a post-surgery patient at home when their mobility was limited.VERY highly recommended.

Adeline Red River, NM

Best face wipes I’ve ever used

These are my favorite face wipes ever. Generally I’m a big fan of the basis skin care, especially because of the otherworldly fresh lemongrass scent. But Basis has outdone itself with these wipes. FABULOUS.For one, they are extremely functional. They are not wrapped individually which makes them very handy–I can toss just a couple in my purse, as opposed to others in a larger packet.They also work really well without drying out my skin. In addition to using them as face wipes, I use them to wipe off my hands, phone, shopping cart, and pretty much anything else. Even tough mascara comes off.I cannot recommend these highly enough. I’ve sent a couple boxes to friends and everybody that is tried them vows they will never switch back to anything else. Give them a try.

Fay Bulpitt, IL

Great for travel and on-the-go washing

I’ve bought a few Basics products in the past, and have liked them all. I ordered these to keep in my yoga bag to use after hot yoga classes — and really like them!They have a lovely fresh scent that dissipates pretty quickly, and they’re large enough to use on your face and chest. They leave your skin feeling nicely moisturized afterwards.Additionally, the small packets each individual towel comes in means that they won’t dry out the way that a larger package of 30 towels always seems to.They’re also super convenient for travel, especially if you’re taking a carry-on bag and are worried about liquids.I also have sensitive skin, and these don’t irritate at all.Great product!

Caitlin Munnsville, NY

Love these for sensitive skin

So happy to have found these convenient wipes available from Amazon. They are refreshing and clean very well. I use these daily to remove makeup and lotion from my face and neck. They work well for my winter dry skin and my teenagers are now using these as well to cleanse their faces to help prevent acne. Nice to find a wipe that simply cleans without any residue.

Gabriela Mill Creek, PA

Great for traveling or to freshen your face!

These are super handing when you are traveling and don’t want to pack eye makeup remover. They are great for removing mascara. They don’t do a thorough job cleansing skin, but I didn’t expect them to. They will do in a pinch though if you just want to get the makeup off before bed and put off a proper cleansing until morning.

Emilie Coxs Creek, KY