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Basis Sensitive Skin Soap Cleans and Soothes — 4 oz

The original, dermatologist recommended basis soap with soothing chamomile for the purest, mildest clean ever. This very caring, ultra pure formula does more than clean sensitive skin. Natural calming agents chamomile and aloe vera soothe and comfort skin. No fragrances, dyes or other harsh ingredients. Rinses completely. Leaves skin clean, calm and comfortable. No wonder dermatologists recommend it.

Key features

  • The original, dermatologist recommended basis soap with soothing chamomile for the purest, mildest clean ever
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Honest reviews



I decided that as I am getting older, (age 42) I want something very gentle to cleanse my face, and I found it in this little bar of basis. I read reviews about the bad smell, but I don’t smell much of anything when the bar is wet or when it is dry. I have been using for about 2 weeks and had had no adverse reactions on my combination skin, and actually the dryness on my forehead is much better, but maybe that’s due to the warmer weather, I don’t know. I do know that I will be buying this again. It’s simple and perfect and I love that it has chamomile in it. I see they have a vitamin bar as well maybe I’ll try too.

Marci Kingsley, PA

Very Good Soap

I like to use this soap in the Spring and Fall, because my skin isn’t too dry or too oily as it is during the Winter and Summer months. I have sensitive skin, and it cleans my face gently without leaving it dry or greasy. I don’t like using facial cleansers, I prefer bar soap. This soap has been hard, if not impossible to find in stores during the past few years, so I am glad I’m able to find it here on Amazon.

Tania Whitehall, PA

Great soap

My mother has been using this product for years and swears by it,it takes all her make up off nicely and her skin looks fantastic for her 79 years of age,she will not try anything else and is glad that Amazon has it for where she use to get it,they no longer sell. Highly recommend.

Dorothy Rock Tavern, NY

Good sensitive skin soap

This is a good sized bar and Basis soap lasts quite a long time without getting mushy. Box arrive a little squashed but soap was fine.

Corine Oregon City, OR

Nice, clean soap!

After the first use, I thought, "Oh no! This is going to make my skin SO DRY!" But it wasn’t so bad. The next time I used it, there was no problem at all. I love that it is basic and unscented. Works great on face and body.

Cindy Dalbo, MN

Cleansing Bar

I take a lot of medication because of my disabilities. Several of the medications have the side effect of drying my skin. If not treated, the skin begins to crack, which brings the danger of infection. Usually the biggest problem is my hands. For various reasons, I wash my hands many times a day (one day I counted twenty times). Every time I washed my hands, I make my skin dryer.So, my physician told me to find a body wash that is not soap. Most products that I found were body washes with drying agents and perfume. The bars of “soap” that I found mostly emphasized chemicals to remove the products of hard dirty labor. The few exceptions were “beauty bars” that were full of lotions (usually with alcohol, which dries the skin).Then I heard about Basis but could not find it in my stores.Recently I found Basis on Amazon. Basis does not have perfumes or dyes so I do not need to worry about reactions to chemicals. Basis also avoids drying agents. With Basis, I need only watch the moisture lost due to toweling and chemicals in the water.Using Basis almost eliminates drying of my skin. Basis contains camomile and aloe vera so it is very gentle. I highly recommend Basis, especially for people with dry skin.

Lacy Mountainburg, AR