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Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, 6 Ounce Tube

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash is 100% oil-free and soap-free and is designed for normal to oily skin. It contains refreshing mint, purifying lemongrass, and soothing aloe botanicals. The invigorating lather rinses cleanly without residue and lifts away make-up, dirt, and pollution, leaving clean, refreshed skin.

Key features

  • 100% oil-free and soap-free
  • Contains refreshing mint, purifying lemongrass, and soothing aloe botanicals
  • Lifts away make-up, dirt, and pollution for clean, refreshed skin
  • Invigorating lather rinses cleanly without residue
  • Designed for normal to oily skin

Honest reviews


Reconsider if you have sensitive skin

I just go this in the mail, turned it over and saw sodium laureth sulfate in one of the first ingredients. Given all the negative press for SLS lately, and because that I’m trying to find something for my sensitive skin, I have to return it (and with no free shipping, either). There’s also perfume in it.If SLS and perfume don’t bother you, it’s probably worth the buy, but I’d probably try one tube from a local drugstore before buying a 4-pack.

Latasha Shady Dale, GA

wow – 5-star great!

An excellent face wash, leaves the skin super clean. I love the smell – a light grapefruit scent is fantastic. I’m a repeat buyer when these run out.

Francisca Fort Supply, OK

Face wash

Any product by Basis is a good product. My wife says this washes her face very well. The only negative was that it has a heavy perfume smell. The Amazon description was very clear and accurate. The product was packaged well and arrived in good condition.

Maritza Oakfield, ME

Gentle and cleans well

I have combination, acne-prone skin, and I have tried many cleansers, irrespective of the price. This is my favorite. It cleans thoroughly, doesn’t leave any residue, and doesn’t dry out my skin. The fact that it is inexpensive is a pleasant bonus. I will continue to buy and highly recommend it.

Randi Charleston, WV

Dermatologist Recommended

My husband purchased this four pack of Basis face wash. Prior to using it, I was using Murad Anti-Aging Acne wash (which costs about the same for one bottle). I started using this, and while nothing is instant, within two weeks, my skin had adjusted to the simple and natural formula. It would clean my skin, without causing it to be extra tight like some face washes can do. It calmed the redness that I sometimes get around my chin and nose. One tube lasts for a very long time. You really don’t have to use much at all, as it foams up very nicely. And the tube packaging makes it easy to toss in my gym bag without fear that it will leak like a pump sometimes does. A few weeks later, when I followed up with my dermatologist and he asked what I was using, I told him how great Basis was working for me. He told me that he used to recommend it all the time, that it’s a great face wash, but sometimes can be a challenge to find. Thanks to amazon, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Jeannie Green Harbor, MA

Replaced my usual Aveeno cleanser.

I have sensitive, combination skin. My forehead and nose are oily, but my cheeks and chin are dry. Additionally, if my skin gets too dry it becomes tight and red. I’ve been using Aveeno’s Ultra Calming foaming face wash for some time now with great success. Unfortunately, it’s expensive, and then Amazon decided to remove it from the Subscribe and Save program, so I decided to give this cleanser a try and I’m glad I did.The Basis cleanser does not foam up right out of the bottle like the Aveeno, but rather it’s a gel like consistency and needs to be rubbed together in your hands to build up the lather. It lathers up well, and rinses cleanly without leaving my skin dry feeling. The Basis smells nice, with a light slightly floral fragrance. After using the Basis for weeks now I’ve have not noticed any bad reactions or issues.All in all… a great face cleanser, even for those with combination sensitive skin.

Cortney Bowmanstown, PA

So glad I tried it.

My dermatologist recommended this gentle yet thorough cleanser for me to try instead of the more aggressive one I had been using. My past cleanser had exfoliating particles as well as an alpha/beta-hydroxy treatment, which was causing my skin to be uncharacteristically oily. I told her that I was using the exfoliating/acid cleanser because that was the only thing I had tried which deep cleansed my pores and got rid of greasy excess sebum. I didn’t realize that my skin was producing its own excess oil to combat the natural oils that were being stripped away. I had never heard of Basis, but decided to give it a try. I will never use a harsh cleanser again!

Nettie Elizaville, NY

Best sensitive face wash

I love this brand of face wash! They used to carry it at CVS, but no longer.Now I resort to Amazon and buy it in three-packs. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. This does a great job at cleansing without being harsh or drying.

Lucinda Chester, MT

The only cleaner I use!

I am so thrilled that Amazon sells Basis facial wash, as I can no longer find it in stores. It leaves my oily/combo face feeling squeaking clean! And I like the soft and clean fragrance, too. Well, not really a fragrance, just a fresh smell. Great price, and it never has bothered my sensitive skin!

Angelia Olathe, KS

Gentle and cleanses well

It cleanses without over-drying and has a nice fragrance.With subscribe and save, this product is really affordable. It only takes a little to wash the entire face and each tube lasts me more than two months.

Jeannie Avenue, MD

Good Clean Feeling

I can no longer use this because it does dry my cheeks out too bad but it does control acne very well and cleans my shave area very well (I am guy). It foams very well and lasts long enough for you to get a good cleaning. It does make my face feel tight but I actually like that. I would advise someone who has used traditional acne cleanser to give this a try becuase it is not as harsh as the salicylic acid. I am sorry I cannot use this anymore it really did wash my face very well.

Lana Friesland, WI

It’s Ok

I miss my Olay cleanser that lathered with a creamy foam and rinses clean. This doesn’t lather as well, but it does seem to clean. I am switching back. Olay makes great products that feel great and always work well.

Holly Searles, MN

Great Cleaner for the money

I’ve tried a bunch of different cleaners from really cheap to really expensive because let’s face it, you will pay anything to keep your face from breaking out. I really like how light and smooth this one is and it makes your face feel super clean. I use this cleaner with my clarsonic and it works great. My husband even likes it because it isn’t very fragrant and it only has a light hint of citrus. Definitely a great buy.

Lydia Long Bottom, OH


This is only $3 at stores – I realized this bulk buy was a rip off too late. My mistake.

Allene Annapolis, CA

Great face wash

Great face wash at a great price. Good for sensitive skin. I have had no issues with breakouts or drying out my skin. It has a lovely fresh scent.

Casandra Dinosaur, CO


Another Basis product that’s my go to soap! I love the bar version of this as well.This smells once again so clean and light yet a nice refreshing scent without being over powering at all.I love using this on my face everyday.

Jewel Paris, IL

LOVE Basis

This is an awesome basic face cleanser. I love how it smells, lathers, rinses, and how my face feels afterwards. Skin is clean and soft. This cleanser is said to be for normal to oily skin. But if you have sensitive skin that is not SUPER sensitive, I’m sure you can use this. That’s the kind of skin I have. I tried other formulas that are made for sensitive skin (Cetaphil) and found those to be too gentle that it didn’t give me the clean feeling I wanted. This cleanser took off my make-up and really gave me balanced results–dry parts were cleaned without over drying and oily parts were cleaned and unwanted oils were removed. I stopped using this cleanser for a while only because I couldn’t find it in stores anymore. I’m so glad that Amazon carries it and at an even better price than before since I’m using Subscribe and Save. I highly recommend this cleanser. I only wished it came in a more convenient pump dispenser.Last note: Make sure you do not get this stuff in your eyes. I feel like when it gets in my eyes, it’s more painful than when I get shampoo/soap suds in my eyes. It might be effects of the minty botanicals… but just heed my caution.

Maryann Kasbeer, IL

Been using it for decades

I have been using this for a long time, from back when breakouts were my biggest concern to now when they would just get lost in my wrinkles. I have tried many other, some very expensive, products, but it is still my favorite. It has never bothered my very sensitive skin. The scent is nice and it leaves my face feeling very clean but not dry. It is difficult to find locally (I did see it in one beauty supply store for $5/tube) and am very happy to have it available for a very good price at Amazon.

Lindsay Jasper, MN


This 6 oz. tube is only $2.49 at Ulta!! Glad I checked before buying FOUR of them. Hope this helps!

Mavis Wingo, KY

Best Face Wash

I haven’t been able to find this product in stores for quite some time so order them 4 to a pack. This stuff gets rid of make up, and deep cleans my skin. I have combination, sensitive skin. It’s not soap so it doesn’t strip or irritate my skin. Leaves my skin smooth, clean and refreshed.

Lakeisha Ralston, OK

Good face wash, but NO makeup remover..

I like it. My oily skin feels so squeaky after using this BUT it is no makeup remover (as claimed on the product description). Forget eye makeup, I can’t even get any foundation/powder off. I find that a little astringent on a cloth ball works well to remove leftover makeup, but then again, it might just make better sense to use a makeup remover to begin with. Great as a face wash!….but lacking as one claiming that it removes makeup…

Britney Cornersville, TN


I love Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash! Not so gentle around the eyes but it is the BEST for removing light makeup and in the morning time.Very refreshing and smells beautiful!Please don’t stop selling these <3

Maritza Utica, MO


I’ve been using Basis Face wash for over 10 years now. It gets my face clean and feeling fresh. The scent is wonderful. And this stuff gets all of my makeup. I love it. Its gentle on my skin and still is potent enough to get rid of my waterproof eye make up.

Renae Basco, IL