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Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, 6 Fluid Ounces

Deep cleans + refreshes. 100% Oil-free and soap-free gel with gentle botanicals foams away makeup, dirt and pollution fast for clean refreshed skin. This clearly invigorating foaming face wash dissolves away dirt and makeup. 100% Oil-free and soap-free. Gentle botanicals clean and clarify. Refreshing mint, purifying lemongrass and soothing aloe leave skin simply clean, simply glowing. Just right for normal to oily skin.

Key features

  • Dissolves make-up, dirt, and pollution; designed for normal to oily skin
  • Invigorating lather rinses cleanly without residue
  • Contains botanicals including mint, chamomile, and lemongrass
  • For external use only; avoid contact with eyes
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


very runny and doesn’t seem to clean all the make up and dirt off my face

This product is really runny and watery. I don’t like the consistency of it and does not seem to clean my face as well as other products. I think I will stick to expensive facial cleansers, such as philosophy

Kate Gallatin Gateway, MT

l love this purshase magnific products my face y cleaning like a baby face

basics is a great product I loved because I have found is that from now on I will have more beautiful skin than I had and I have a few days using it and the change is remarkable zero fat and pimples

Karla Bristol, IN

Good facial scrub

This is a good every day facial scrub that doesn’t seem to cause any negative reactions to my skin. Leaves my skin feeling really soft.

Fanny Hammondsville, OH

Good so far

I brought this for my daughter and the scent is nice and since she just started using it I can’t give more info just yetbut so far so good

Allie Fork, MD

terrific scent, consistency and cleaning, too harsh on skin

After reading that alternating cleansers was better for your skin than using the same one every day, I decided to try this one for every-other-day use. How I use it: Put about a nickle sized dollop on my fingertips and rub it into my face, then gently rinse by wiping off with a warm soft washcloth. I often put my face under the shower faucet for a brief 2-3 second rinse after that, too, which I know many skincare professionals discourage, but I find I get a better rinse that way, especially in the area where my face meets my hair.Basis is a thinnish gel consistency which feels great to the touch, and has a wonderful scent. It cleans well, though I found it wasn’t very good at taking off makeup. For days when I don’t wear makeup, it’s just fine, but when trying to take off the usual foundation and powder, some was always left behind and I had to grab a second cleanser. For the usual oil, dust, etc., though, it’s good.There’s a slick feeling to the skin after you use it, which doesn’t come off no matter how much you rinse. I wasn’t fond of that at first but have come to get used to it. That alone was enough to make me decide not to buy a second bottle.But the biggest problem was for the more delicate skin under and around my eyes. I’m 42 so my under-eye skin has definitely had changes since I was younger, and it’s much less able to take a strong cleanser. Basis left red patches in the under-eye area near the nose, and though moisturizer helped, there were dry flakes left behind. Even if it looked okay at a glance, when I put makeup on it was very noticeable. I avoid that area now and it’s all good — my forehead, chin and nose were the oiliest parts anyway — but unless your entire face is oily, this may not be the cleanser for you.I’m a little disappointed because the price, the consistency and the scent are perfect, but there are just too many cons for me to buy a second time.

Ella Buffalo, WY

Seems ok

Have only used it for a week or so, but it seems to work ok. I like the clean smell and the way it lathers.

Lorrie Plummer, MN

good stuff

I used this facewash for a couple years and found it to be very nice for skin and with cleansing, took off makeup pretty well and was a nice mild scent. I only really stopped to switch to the oil cleanse method of face washing.

Augusta Horntown, VA