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Barielle Cuticle Minimizer, Extra Gentle, 0.5 fl-Ounces


Key features

  • Cuticle Care: for hard , ragged, or dry cuticles
  • Apply to cuticle and leave on for 2-3 minuted
  • Gently push back cuticle with cuticle stick provided
  • use once a week or as needed

Honest reviews




Sonya Cornland, IL

This was a bad joke

There’s an insert in the package telling me how important cuticles are to nail growth, and I get that, but every now and then, they need to be abolished from the nail for appearance sake. That’s what I thought would happen with this "minimizer." But I was wrong. Nothing happened. Nada. Talk about a waste of money, if you want to throw your hard earned cash away, buy this. If you want to simply remove/push back cuticles, use anything else. I’ve been using Sally Hansen most all of my life, and I shouldn’t have experimented. Barielle in my opinion is an overpriced line that has snob appeal but nothing else. All show, no go. Don’t waste your money.

Sandra Emerson, KY


this a product I have used since I was young and loved how it keeps my cuticles nice! so glad I found here in amazon

Naomi Dwarf, KY

Wow. Good stuff!

Guilty. I’m one who pushes back damp cuticles then trims them with nail/cuticle nippers. The result? I end up with little beginnings of hangnails the next day.I bought and tried Barielle’s Cuticle Minimizer. Following the directions worked perfectly. I first made the mistake of adding some of the gel to all my cuticles – both hands – spreading it out to cover the full cuticle. Using the orange stick, which comes in the box with the gel remover, I started pushing back and gently scraping my cuticles, one by one. It seemed to dissolve the excess cuticles, including my little hangnail beginnings.One problem, by the time I finished my first hand the second hand’s gel had pretty much dried. The result was not nearly as impressive as the first hand. I added more gel, waited another minute or two, then finished the other hand. Beautiful! I really don’t think my cuticles have ever looked better – this after just one use. I logged into my Amazon account solely to enter this review – that’s how impressed I am.No brainer – easy and fairly quick to use, the box comes with everything you need, and you don’t have to worry about little hangnail beginnings.

Lynne Mount Carmel, IL

Gentle Cuticle Remover

The Formaldehyde free formulation is gentle and effective with aloe to soothe your cuticles. They say to apply liberally, but very little gel seems to be needed if you use this on a regular basis. A manicure stick is included and helps to push cuticles back. I noticed my cuticles were especially smooth and healthy after using this product.I had not even tried the intensive nail renewal oil yet, but did try the Professional Protective Hand cream and in one day, my nails looked much healthier even without polish.The nail polish remover by Barielle seems to also work with you instead of against you. The difference in the Barielle products is in how they work to improve your nail condition with each application. Other products seem harsh and unkind over time. The Barielle Intensive Renewal Oil is also effective for cuticles and contains sesame seed and coconut oil.~The Rebecca Review

Concetta Windthorst, TX

Works well

This worked very well. I had to leave it on for a while for it really work. I have very thick cuticles, and usually cut them to get them back. I still needed to cut this time. One huge plus, however, is that it didn’t drip off everywhere. I liked the thicker consistency.

Carolina Hardy, IA