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bareMinerals Well-Rested for Eyes, 0.07 Ounce

When you’re short on beauty sleep, it shows. Except when you use our Well-Rested. This eye-brightening shadow base is beloved for its magical ability to diminish the appearance of morning drowsiness. Sweep it on to counter dark shadows around the eyes or even the nose and lips. Size: Medium

Key features

  • Masks your all-nighter by refreshing the eye area and creating a bright-eyed look
  • Keeps your true hue all day long when applied under bareMinerals Eyecolors

Honest reviews


Good for Kitties with Littler box issues

This product is good and worth the price but a little pale for me. I still use it though, but probably won’t buy it again because it washed me out.

Jean Bear Creek, WI

Not for very tanned skin

I did not buy this product on Amazon, but purchased at Macy’s on the recommendation of the cosmetic person. My BE foundation color is Golden Tan, and I came in to purchase the Honey Bisque concealer (the complimenting color for Golden Tan). She convinced me to purchase this color instead, saying she thought Honey Bisque would be too dark. Well, ladies, if you use Golden Tan or any shade darker, it is very likely this will be too light for your skin tone. It was so light, the next day a co-worker commented about my foundation and asked me what I was using because it was all she noticed about my face, and that it was really obvious. My bad for not having the makeup person try it on my skin first before purchasing. No big deal since Macy’s has a good return policy, but I thought this would be helpful for anyone using a darker shade to think twice about buying this shade. It does not blend in to darker shades no matter how much you buff!

Blanche Allen, SD

Finally…something that works

Well Rested has been a delightful surprise for me. It does a perfect job of concealing the blue tones in my severe dark circles. I like that the coverage is great but it doesn’t look heavy. I was actually using Kat Von D’s tattoo concealer for my dark circles. The weird thing is the coverage wasn’t all that good but it looked really heavy. Well Rested can be used as a concealer or shadow base. I use it with primer and setting spray to prevent cracks and creases. I like to wear it alone on no makeup days for the pick me up it gives my face while still looking natural. I love, Love, LOVE Well Rested.

Ashleigh Myra, KY

Great concealer

I am very happy with this product. At first I tried applying it with the Bare Minerals concealer brush, but I found it sat on top of my skin, creased, and looked grainy. I wasn’t at all happy with it. Then inspiration struck. Mix it with a dab of eye cream or moisturizer and apply it as a cream. This works perfectly. It covers smoothly, without creasing or looking grainy. It works great under the eyes, across the bridge of the nose, and on any blemishes. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Pauline Lady Lake, FL

not for me

I have asian yellow undertone skin and when I apply this product to my under eye, it noted more the yellow undertone and it does not look natural.To cover acne spot and eye circle, I prefer the bisque.

Suzanne Grandview, WA

bareminerals make-up

My doctor recommended this make up for me and it is not only skin safe and comfortable to wear but also nice looking.

Francis Oglethorpe, GA

always on hand!

this is a great under eye powder and i do look well rested rather than my old decrepted (sp) self… lol

Lisa Lexington, NE

Very well-rested

This stuff has done a great job at concealing my dark under eye circles from chronic insomnia. Just be careful with the amount you use. If you use too much it settles in creases later in day. I just use a very small amount and it works!

Rena Gentryville, IN

Well-Rested Indeed!

This product works quite well. Nice texture and easily blendable with other make-up….either foundation or blush. Hides imperfections and looks natural. Best applied with a small make-up brush.

Opal Saint Maurice, LA

Love it!

So much better than thick liquid stuff. Goes on very nice over the primer and lasts all day. Best price I have found, will buy more!

Claire Cashiers, NC


Could not believe how well it works. I don’t have a huge need for this product, but there are days when a little help is welcomed.

Jenifer Leblanc, LA


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I cannot tell you what a difference this stuff makes!! I have bought it several times now and unless they discontinue it, I will never use another under-eye concealer again! 🙂

Melinda Wilsons, VA

BareMinerals Well Rested for eyes

I like this product to help hide the dark circles under my eyes. With mature skin you have to use products that will not go into the lines around your eyes.

Emilia Laurel, IA

My favorite concealor

I love this stuff! I use it anywhere I’m blotchy, not just around my eyes. My method is to apply it before I put on my powder foundation. Then the brightness isn’t severe. It helps even out my skin without having to apply a ton of foundation. Sometimes, I will apply more to my lids after I put on foundation, then it makes for almost a discreet eye shadow, good for a daytime look. You can also use it as your base on your lids before applying eyeshadow. And yes, it does conceal dark circles. It is very versatile, definitely my favorite bare minerals product.

Hilda Rothbury, MI

People will notice!

I have used this product for years. I used to buy it straight from B.E. and would pay $18 for an amount half the size of this one. The one here on amazon is much larger for less money. No brainer there!I really like the way this product goes on and the way it looks. Once I ran out of it, went to work without using it, and several people asked me, “are you feeling okay today?” or “you look tired.” That is what I get for going a day without this under my eyes! I had to go run and buy some more right away!

Johnnie Tajique, NM

Bring on the compliments!

This is the most effective product I’ve ever used! My eyes look well rested and my overall appearance is refreshed. People will notice and you’ll feel amazing! Love it!

Leanna Cutler, ME

Good stuff

I use this as my concealer as well as to hide dark circles. And you need just a teensy bit to do the job.

Olga Leo, IN

Blends with Medium Kit

I purchased this after buying the bareMinerals Get started kit in the Medium color and noticed that it didn’t have anything for undereye concealer. I have some dark circles under my eyes (esp. if I am tired). I don’t really think I needed this though. The makeup itself did a fine job in hiding the circles for me. I will definately use it (good heavens, I won’t waste it -the price was insane!). The color itself has a more "yellow" tone than the medium makeup color. I think it does help mask some of the undereye color – it seems to blend perfectly anyway. This will last me a VERY long time seeing as you only need a tiny amount.

Selma Kingsland, TX

Just as the primer..

this just doesn’t work for me. I used this for awhile a couple of years ago and found it to be very effective, however since moving to a I’ve had to go with a much less drying concealer which is basically all the "make up" I wear.

Chelsey Waldoboro, ME

Best under-eye concealer I’ve found!!

I’ve tried liquid concealers and cream concealers from different brands (Almay, Mineral Fusion, etc), which have all worked pretty well for blemishes, but I struggled to find a concealer for my prominent under-eye circles – I have it so bad sometimes, it looks like I got punched in the eyes. This stuff is such a blessing and so forgiving, I love it to death and will definitely order it again!It’s a cream/beige color, and I think it has a very slight shimmer to it, but I don’t really notice it. I think it works by reflecting light off of the area you apply it to (maybe the mica in it?). All I know is, when I brush it on to my under-eyes, that area looks much brighter and lighter, and looks refreshed! I have tried combining it with the cream concealer I have, but I have found that for me, at least, what works best is FIRST putting on my foundation all over my face, and THEN patting some foundation using the Bareminerals "Max Coverage Concealer" brush to the under-eye area, THEN brushing the Well-Rested onto my under-eyes using that same brush. I like using the foundation as a concealer under the Well-Rested because I think it helps conceal the dark circles, and then the Well-Rested gives it more coverage and brightens/lightens the area. I love the look!! I’ve tried it for blemishes, but I don’t think it does much (and it’s probably not meant for blemishes anyway). It’s absolutely indispensable to me, and I think this jar (2g/.07oz) is going to last me a LONG time because you only need a TINY bit, as usual with Bareminerals!AND – it doesn’t come off onto my glasses, which is a problem I’ve had in the past with other concealers. The Bareminerals foundation ALSO doesn’t transfer to my glasses. Wonderful products!!

Esmeralda Danville, KS

Awesome results!

This product is very good. I love the results under my eyes and some places on my skin where I need to hide/conceal something! I definitely recommend this product!

Jayne Hoehne, CO


Ok i was a skeptic but after trying this product im hooked. I usually have problems getting a good cover from bare minerals but this product actually makes a difference under the eyes. Looks very professionally done makeup. Definitely buying more of this.

Carlene Powder Springs, GA

bareMinerfals Well-Rested for Eyes – HATED it

This so called concealer seemed to emphasize all imperfections; undereye bags, circles and line and wrinkles. I looked like a clown! Oh, also, it is drying.

Jill Bluemont, VA