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BareMinerals Well-cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo, Large 4oz. Tube

Bare Escentuals id Well-Cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo 4 fl oz Prolong your brushes’ lives by regularly using this rich foaming conditioning cleanser containing nourishing ingredients. Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo washes away all traces of dirt, makeup, oil, and debris and conditions the hair and fibers to a soft finish. }

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  • BareMinerals Well-cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo, Large 4oz. Tube

Honest reviews


Amazing shampoo for the price

This brush shampoo is great! It cleans my make up brushes easily without having to use very much product and it rinses clean without leaving any residue. I’ve only had the product for a month now and used it 3 times without anything but amazing results, it’s too early to tell if it helps extend the life of my brushes, but time will tell! As of right now I am very satisfied with is product!

Jillian Wise River, MT

Great cleaner

Love bareminerals products, Wanted to do a better job cleaning my more expensive brushes. This shampoo does the job! Great gentle cleanser that gets out a lot of old makeup from brushes. Leave brushes feeling like new! A little goes a long way! Love this!

Lynne Panola, TX

Gets brushes really clean

I rinse my brushes after each use, and then once a week clean them with this and warm water. You can see all of the makeup running off of it. Then I just set them to dry overnight, or if it’s nice out, put them outside to dry quickly in the sun. I had no idea my brushes were so dirty, and I feel less worried about bacteria living in them when I use this.

Kay Sunnyvale, TX


This stuff really get the makeup out and I mean all of it. The only thing is that after the brush is dry, it is not the same until you keep using it then it will go back to the way it is.

Brandi Centertown, KY

I really liked it.

It’s very rich so only a little will do. I don’t have BareMinerals brushes, just ones from Sephora but the shampoo works great on them. It made them nice and fluffy. It also really cleaned the brushes very nice.

Sophia Citrus Heights, CA

Love this stuff!

By far my favorite brush cleaner! It deep cleans your brushes and keeps your bristles nice! I have no problem using this with my very expensive brushes! Love this stuff!

Elizabeth Peshtigo, WI

Rinse and repeat

I have nice soft brushes… some natural hair, some synthetic, and after I use this cleaner they are brought back to life, nice and soft. The only problem is, I have to wash them, rinse, then wash them again. Sometimes three times depending on the type of brush (how big it is and how much makeup it holds). I’m not the most diligent brush cleaner. I wipe them off on a towel after every single use, but only use the cleaner about every other month. If I did it more often I may not have to repeat the cleaning so many times. The bristles in my brushes have never had any falling out problems, regardless of cleaner. Very faint scent, it’s pleasant, just smells clean. Your fingers will be nice and soft too after massaging each brush :)I just wish I didn’t have to go over again so many times. I use SO many brushes on a daily basis, that to clean all of them takes quite a chunk of time.

Fern Cumberland City, TN

Very good, cleans brushes!

This product worked exactly as expected. My only complaint is that it came out of the tube a little fast so the first time I used it some got wasted.

Brittney Wapato, WA

Works well.

BareMinerals brush conditioner works great. I use it on my bareminerals brushes and other brushes too. They clean up nicely! I was very nervous that my brushes wouldn’t be as nice and soft after I washed them, but that was certainly not the case using this stuff. I think it’s important to clean your brushes to get all the bacteria off of them and this product makes that an easy task to accomplish.

Elba Big Rock, IL

very good, i have used few times and liked very …

very good, i have used few times and liked very much

Angelica Martinsburg, OH

Excellent brush cleaner

This product does a great job of cleaning my makeup brushes. It leaves my foundation and eye shadows brushes clean and smooth. It did seem to leave my bronzed brush a bit stiff, but that may be due to the shape of the brush to begin with. If you have sensitive skin, and plan to wash several brushes at the same time, you may want to consider wearing gloves as it is a bit harsh and drying to the fingertips.

Noreen Pixley, CA

Great stuff here

Great shampoo for your brushes. Cleans very well, and brushes are soft after they dry. – products last super long too!

Noelle Frederiksted, VI

Leaves brushes soft!

This is currently a staple in my brush-cleaning routine. I’m amazed how easily it gets out set-in oils and powders while leaving the bristles soft and looking like new. It’s even refreshed a few old brushes I assumed were beyond help. I tend to use this as more of a deep-cleaner about once every couple weeks or so, while using a different formula like Japonesque or Parian Spirit for more frequent cleaning.My only complaint is that the smell of the cleaner is a bit strange as it does not contain fragrance.. but this is a personal preference of mine as I love my brushes to smell light & clean!

Gracie Bigelow, MN


This product not only cleans well, but conditions brushes. I bought it for my new brush, but tried it on older ones I thought I’d have to replace. Now they’re like new again.The price for this on Amazon was half what it is on other sites.

Morgan Genoa, OH

I love this

I use this product all the time. I use my brushes a lot and I am cleaning them a lot and this product cleans really works well. I love it.

Ebony Belleville, NY

Great product!

I just got this today in the mail and just finished cleaning my brushes. A little goes a LONG way. No smell to it so your brushes will not be left with a perfume or funky smell. Rinsed out nicely. Will order again.

Catherine Appalachia, VA

Great Brush Care

This keeps all my brushes happy and healthy. 😉 It works great and is very easy to use. It doesn’t have any sort of offensive smell and is gentle on my hands and the brushes.My brushes are still fluffy and soft. They are like brand new. I clean them about once a week.

Fannie Dublin, NH

Great cleaner for brushes

I never knew they made shampoo and conditioner for brushes it’s great to have plus leaves my brushes nice and clean when I run out I will definitely be getting more

Natalia Jerome, ID


This worked great for all my brushes. I immediately saw how dirty my brushes were! yuck! No scent to it so that’s good, but over all my brushes are really clean now, and i don’t even need alot for it to work, so its great!

Adriana Bardwell, TX

Yeah, it works

I was surprised at how well it worked. My brushes were getting rather gunked up and washing with soap and water was not cutting it anymore. This shampoo cleaned them up better and seemed to be more gentle to the brushes.It is a huge amount of product and will last an incalculable amount of time – probably through a few brush sets. It works fine, but it’s expensive.

Adela Pickstown, SD

This product lasts forever.

It does what it says. Cleans your brushes and keeps them looking like new. You also don’t need that much shampoo so use it sparingly.

Kathy Rumney, NH

You invested alot in good brushes. Take care of them well.

I was initially hesitant about the real need to buy a specific product just to clean my make-up brushes. Wouldn’t something like hair shampoo work just as well??After counting the number of Bare Escentuals brushes I had, the amount I had invested in them, and realizing I wouldn’t want to be spending that money again, I purchased the Brush Conditioning Shampoo in the 4 0z tube from Amazon’s BE selection.Approximately 2 years later, I am still glad I did. The shampoo removes all traces of make-up in record time and with very little massaging of the brush. All traces of the shampoo rinse out very easily leaving your equipment practically brand new again. No soaking, no scrubbing, no trying a toothbrush to remove stains etc.I wet the brush thoroughly, add a drop or 2 of shampoo and gently work the shampoo into a light lather. Rinse the brush completely under a gentle stream of lukewarm water. I gently squeeze out the excess water, re-shape brush a little and stand on end to dry. I regularly use 4 or 5 brushes and wash approximately every two weeks. Perhaps more often is recommended. I stay on the two week cycle, works well for me.As you work in the shampoo you notice all traces of color immediately leaving the brush. Even the “warmth” or blush brush comes completely clean with very little light rubbing. Products and brushes I have used in the past usually ended up in the trash. Never came clean and brushes ended up quite “splayed” and useless.The combination of quality equipment cared for properly means I have not had to replace a BE brush in the 14 or 15+ years I have been using them. All are the originally purchases brushes.I didn’t come across this product until I had been using the products for several years. The “warmth” brush was quite stained and a looking a little sad. Ordered this shampoo (because it was less expensive than a new brush) and voila…I have saved my original brush from extinction.The shampoo leaves the brushes easy to reshape and rinses out really easily and thoroughly. The texture of the brush stays exactly the same.I am still using the original tube of shampoo I purchased and don’t foresee needing to order more any time soon. Lasts forever. You only need a drop or two.Washing all of my brushes @ the same time takes under 20 minutes. Keeping on this schedule also ensures everyone of them is clean when I need it. If your skin is sensitive or prone to breakouts, you may want to decrease the time between shampoos.The shampoo paired with a “specialty” BE brush would make a nice little gift – thoughtful and quite affordable. Enjoy!

Morgan Kellyville, OK


I’m not exactly over-the-moon about it. After one use, my brushes were kind of stiff. I know I rinsed enough. By the third time, my Full Flawless BE brush has all kinds of damaged bristles all in the center of it, crumpled in and broken. I feel it’s chewing away the quality of the brushes. The brushes are expensive and I bought this to help, not damage them! I heard castor oil is good for brush cleaning, so I think I’ll try that sometime. I have to look into how to get the castor oil off–I don’t want it leaving oily layers on my expensive brushes but I’m torturing them using this. For my Featherlight BE brush, its white at the tips and I did like how it took out all of the pigment and brought it back to its former whiteness, as if I hadn’t used it.Note that you should dry your brushes horizontally, not vertically. I assume its so that water doesn’t rust any metal on your brush and so that it doesn’t soak inside the handle and make it moldy, or just do damage if it’s a wood handle soaking in water from the bristles. Just a tip. It does say that in the instructions.You do get a lot of product. I feel this would honestly last a life time for me, especially with my dread to use it spacing out my cleanings longer than they should be. I won’t waste it, I will use it, but with dread and very carefully. I may not use it on my nicest brushes. Those may just have to hang in there until I find a very decent brush cleaner. Next time, I’m definitely going to try to size DOWN on my cleaners until I find something worth investing in that I’d be happy to have around for a long time.

Jan Mackinaw, IL


I’ve tried many brush shampoo and this is the one really works very well. It can remove all the residual makeups and keep your brushes clean.

Amanda Glen Carbon, IL

It is effective, and does what it says…

This brush shampoo is effective and does what it says. I like that it leaves no discernible scent. If I am using a cream or liquid product, I have to first use a solvent based brush cleaner to ‘break-down’ or dissolve the product first, or the water will not even touch the bristles. I have different methods of cleaning my different brushes, and I adjust that from time to time. There is no single cleaning method or product that can be used for cleaning all brushes all the time that is optimal.Bottom line: When you need to shampoo your brushes, this BE brush shampoo gets the job done.

Bobbie Plain Dealing, LA

They mean it when they say it’s LARGE!! 🙂

I bought this thinking I was spending a generous amount of money on shampoo for a makeup brush (feeling a bit silly)…. But you really do get a good amount of product for your money. The product says to use a dime size amount for each cleaning, so it will last a LONG time 🙂

Marion Doylestown, PA


When I run water over my brushes, nothing. But as soon as I add a drop of this cleanser, all of the built up make-up just falls out of the brushes. It makes me think of how gooky the brushes are if they don’t get cleaned properly. My brushes react well to the product and fell silky soft afterwards. I’d buy more.

Melinda Montesano, WA

Bare Minerals Well-cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo

I haven’t had the time to actually go and buy the little bottle of this wonderful product. It’s my first time ever washing my brushes–and this shampoo was wonderful, the directions are listed on the back, and the product arrived fast and safe. Use it as recommended, and you won’t be disappointed, just remember if you’re like me (someone who hasn’t washed their brushes since they bought BareMinerals–2-3 months, you might have to wash each brush 2-3 times using the recommended amount). It works so well, my brushes are soft, and clean. ALSO! if you’re like me and you have sensitive skin, and chose the BareMinerals synthetic brush–the shampoo works just as well on those, just give all your brushes time to dry (roughly 1-2 days).

Randi Alexander, NY

awesome shampoo for make up brush!

i loved it! it makes the brush really smell good and takes out all the nastyness and stink. i buy it again if its gone

Alyson Red Rock, OK

It’s great!

I decided to try this shampoo, and I was definitely not disappointed! It seems to realllly get your brushes clean as well as condition them. Definitely would recommend this product.

Monika Hanover, ME