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bareMinerals Tutorials: Eye Lining

It’s about time you learned your lines. Our Tutorials teach you the makeup styles you’ve always wanted to know, but weren’t taught in school. Our subject today is Eye Lining. This kit is your personal beauty coach for learning lines like a pro and delivering a flawless, eye-opening performance. Tutorial includes: bareMinerals Sable Liner Shadow (smoky mocha), size Small bareMinerals Minx Liner Shadow (sparkly multicolor charcoal), size Small Magnetic Multi-Liner Brush: Full-Edge Liner, Pointed Liner, Soft Edge Liner Brush Pouch

Key features

  • 100% pure bareMinerals Liner Shadows offer intense color for a variety of eye-defining effects.
  • Wear dry for subtle or smoky looks, or wear them wet for a more intense, fine line.
  • Good for sensitive eyes.

Honest reviews


Another kit

I like bare escentuals a lot. The black in the kit is a little sparkly, which I like. The other color isn’t really for me, but I’ll use it when I layer. The three brush heads with the separate stem is nice. I think this would be great for traveling, so you wouldn’t have to pack three full length brushes. And they’re nice brushes! I’m no professional, but they work great for me. I also really liked the instructions for different eyes. I think this would be a great gift for a young girl (or any age that wants to learn) to learn how to do different styles of makeup.

Gabrielle Dracut, MA

Great little eyeliner duo!!

It’s suprising that one can use powder as an eyeliner, but this stuff works great! I have gotten many compliments on the product even though it is subtle (or can be dramatic too). This is the way eyelining was meant to be!

Patrice Morgan, TX

Worth the price – start looking like a make-up pro!

With the lower price tag of $20, this is now a much better value than it used to be. In the kit includes:-Sable liner eyeshadow (smoky mocha)-Minx liner eyeshadow (sparkly charcoal)-Brush pouch-Magnet brush with three different heads you can switch between (full-edge liner, pointed liner, and soft edge liner)The brushes are very high quality and effective. Being able to switch easily between since they are magnetic is really convenient. The “tutorial” is the only thing I was slightly disappointed in. I was hoping for an actual guide or a DVD, but instead it’s just the flap on the front of the kit that you swing open, and it gives you three different looks to use and how to do them. It’s useful, but if you’re like me and not too coordinated, you’ll be better off looking for a YouTube video on how to apply.Minx is basically like a black eyeliner, and is used as such. I will say this – the staying power of these liners is *tremendous.* I once worked an 11 hour shift where I did sweat quite a bit, and when I came home it was the only part of my make-up that was still on. Like all powdered eyeshadows, they are very, very messy and the Minx just seems to get everywhere.Also, if you are serious about being more professional with your eyes, I highly recommend getting a soft focus brush in addition to this kit, because that is really the only thing missing. A soft focus brush is a small eyeshadow blending brush and is really a neccessity.Bare Escentuals Retractable Soft Focus Liner Brushis the Bare Escentual one, but most cosmetic companies that make brushes have this type of brush.This is a definite steal for $20!

Merle Prescott Valley, AZ

Great kit

These tutorials from Bare Minerals are so helpful. This is a tough look to do right, but the instructions and the brush provided make it easy.

Hollie Gasburg, VA

Fun for make-up lovers

This made a great gift for my sister-in-law who is a big makeup fan (and loves bareMinerals). The tutorials isn’t something you’d buy for yourself but would still like to have (in my opinion). She told me it was her favorite Christmas gift this year!

Sheryl Mc Alister, NM