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bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer, Original, 0.1 Ounce

Does your eye color disappear on a long day? Put a stop to this beauty crime with prime time eyelid primer, designed especially for use with bare minerals eye colors. Apply our silky, lightweight primer to maximize your eye color, extend its wear and prevent creasing.

Key features

  • Works overtime so that you enjoy vibrant, lasting eye color
  • Combats excess oil so that your eyelids don’t look greasy
  • Perfect for when you need all-day, all-night staying power

Honest reviews


Not for me…

I bought this at the Macy’s counter and not at Amazon, but I wanted to give it a review hoping it may prove helpful to other ladies. I did not care for this product. It still felt slightly tacky to me and my eye shadow didn’t seem to blend as well. At the Macy’s counter, there were three types of this Prime Time: Matte, and two kinds of pearl, one in a pinkish shade and one in a yellowish shade, so I’m assuming this one is the Matte, which I also purchased. It really muted my eyeshadow color and I felt like I needed to apply more to get the same result. I also did not think it blended as well as it does when I normally go without primer. I have had better success using the BE Face Primer (not sure if that’s what it’s called exactly), but when I apply the Face Primer, I be sure to glide a little over my eyelids and that seems to do a better job. My eyeshadow just glides on when I do that, so personally, I don’t see the need to purchase a separate eye primer.

Darcy Tomball, TX

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

I wanted to try this product, bare escentuals eyelid primer because at various timesI have a problem where my eyeshadow once applied moves around on my eyelid whereeyeshadow builds up in the crease of the eye or by the end of the day, shadow is veryunnoticeable or has disappeared off of the eye. This primer is a netural color basewhen applied helps to smooth the eyelid, hide imperfections also., plus help maintainthe eyeshadow when applied to the lid. The tube is small, only wish Bare Escentualswould eventually make the primer in a larger size. This primer does work for me.I still give it 5 Stars. PS- You just need a little dab on each eyelid as the primerhas a crème consistency which covers nicely.

Esther Pomona Park, FL

CANNOT use anything else.

First of all, I didn’t originally buy this product from Amazon…I usually buy it at Ulta. But, regardless, I’ve been using this for probably about 6 years. I know a lot of girls SAY they have oily eyelids, and then what they REALLY mean is that "it’s kinda-sorta oily, icky." I’m not one of those girls. When I say my eyelids get oily, I mean they get disgustingly gross, nasty, oozing oily. This primer is the absolute ONLY PRIMER that works for me. And believe me, I’ve tried every single one of them because I use it not only on my eyelids, but I use it on my eyebrows, too, when I need to fill them in. I really, really wish I could find something cheaper that works just as good, but no. Even the Urban Decay primer (which everyone seems to love) does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t know WHY this primer works best for me, I wish I did know…but, I’m just glad it does and if they ever stop making it I’ll probably cry. I don’t really wear anything else of BareMInerals, just because it’s too expensive, but my eye primer is a necessity, so, I am forced. Even though it works SO FREAKING WELL on its own, I’m still always extra paranoid, so I usually swipe my finger in Anti-Lady Monkey Butt powder (it’s a chaffing powder, shut up lol) and swipe it on top of the primer…between the primer, and the powder, my eye make-up LITERALLY stays on all day and night, and sometimes—on the RARE occasions I sleep in make-up, it lasts until the next morning. So, I’m addicted to this stuff. Definitely recommended. Unless your eyelids are worse than mine (and trust me, they probably aren’t, lol) then this stuff should work wonders. Good luck! 🙂

Terrie Philadelphia, MS

Amazing product

When applied correctly–this is AMAZING. I love bright colors and lots of liner and this makes it LAST, all day and all night! I can do my makeup, go to work and then go right out without any touch ups. I have very very oily eye lids. an hour or two into my day and my shadow was creased and my liner up near my brows. Apply your foundation (any), take a small amount of this, and dab it on your lid. Let dry a second or two, then apply shadow, liner, mascara and go! I don’t understand the whole “muting” colors review, I’ve never run into that! But I know if I want more pigmentation, I wet my brush.

Carole Ashburn, MO


This is the best for keeping eye shadow from creasing ALL day. I love it for when I’m shooting photos at a wedding or spending a long day out and about.

Sharlene Proctor, VT

no more creases!

this eye lid primer is the only way to go. you need very little, which is good cuz the tube is small. but it’s worth the money–makes any eyeshadow last all day without creasing!!

Lenora Lakeville, PA

Love this primer

I am not usually a fan of Bare Escentuals because I like a lot more coverage with my foundation and powder. I bought this on a whim and I am so impressed with it! It glides on your eyelids very smoothly and evenly and dries immediately. The primer helps any eyeshadow stay on for the entire day. I have tried a bunch of different eyeshadows from ELF and Covergirl to Lorac and Urban Decay and no matter which shadow I put on it stays on and looks perfect with this primer. I am very impressed with this primer. It is not too thin or too thick and it has the perfect consistency. A little goes a long way so it is worth getting.

Ollie Monticello, IL


This is the only product that will keep my eyeshadow or liner on without smuding or disappearing throughout the day. I am 58 and will keep ordering.

Ophelia Ashland, WI