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bareMinerals Brow Color – Ash Blonde/Pale by Bare Escentuals

Eyebrows are expressive. What are yours saying? With bareMinerals Brow Color, you can help them communicate the right style by giving them a natural form and color that frames your face and highlights your eyes. Once you see and feel the difference, you’ll be quick to ditch the pencil.

Key features

  • Uses a healthy mix of 100% pure bareMinerals
  • Keeps your skin clear of preservatives, fillers, binders, and build-up
  • Gives your face a warm, beautiful hue
  • Has a creamy texture that buffs on silky smooth
  • Works beautifully for all skin tones and types, including sensitive and problem-prone skin

Honest reviews


Redheads: just use “warmth”

This is twenty bucks for a tiny, tiny, tiny little container of deep red powder. I suckered myself into buying it, since finding supplies for red eyebrows isn’t exactly a treat and I was curious – but true story: you can just use warmth (whatever the default "warmth" is that comes in the basics kit – that’s the one I’m talking about). It’s actually a dollar less, and it has more powder and is only a very tiny bit lighter than this. I mean, one full shade lighter *maybe.*On top of that, the product I got in the mail was clearly old. It had stayed fresh, so I can’t exactly hold that against it, but the sticker was old and the labels were faded – it was just a waste, all the way around.

Haley Valparaiso, IN

love this!

I am a natural blonde, started dying my hair dark brown this past summer and realized i needed to start darkening my eye brows to match which sucks.. so i tried a pencil for awhile but i wasnt happy. I purchased this product and brush to match and I LOVE it! Goes on so easily and stays all day but doesnt stick like the pencil incase u make a mistake. LOVE this!

Meghan Cherry Valley, MA

sorry they discontinued this product

Have been using this product with the gel for a few years now and discovered they have discontinued it. Too bad. It’s a good product!

Annette Monticello, MN

love it for brows and a lite root touch up.

I really bought this to touch up my roots for my medium brown hair with a blonde weave , if I do not have time for a touch up .It works great for a little root touch up, but this is for your eye brows , and is a small jar.The inside top is plastic with little holes in it, so you do not use too much, and Just incase you should tip it over, it will not spill all over.I love this for my eye brows. You have to use a short stiff natural brisil brush that is cut on a angle. I did not buy the Bare Minerals brush.I bought one at the drug store that was less expensive and it works fine.Touch your brush very gently to get a little powder on your brush, tap it off, then use short lite strokes on your eye brows. Do NOT push it down on your browsI use a different brush after to blend it in.Even though this is a small jar of brow powder it goes a very far way.Try to put this some place so it will not not turn over. Lay it flat in a drawer!The color is more of a medium brown. If my eye brows where very light blonde this would be too dark I think.When I use to use a eye brow pencil , I used a lite blonde color, but this blends in very nice.It also colors over a couple of my gray eye brows!

Cornelia Fort Washington, PA

Does what it says. Good purchase from Amazon

My wife is very pleased with this product. It matches medium as well as dark auburn hair. You just apply a little more pressure for the darker shades. Make sure you use their brush or another good brush.

Kay Paden, OK

Great Product

Easy to apply. Perfect color. Stays on all day. I used to be a brunette (now have white hair). Found out the dark blonde shade was too light. This shade is perfect!

Nanette Screven, GA