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bareMinerals Blemish Therapy, 0.03 Ounce

Conceal and prevent future breakouts with this targeted remedy and brush. The exfoliating properties of our 100 percent pure rare minerals actives oil complex along with the blemish fighting benefits of natural sulfur effectively address blemishes while helping to prevent future breakouts from forming. This non-irritating formula also helps to minimize the appearance of pores, neutralize redness and diffuse imperfections. Size: 1 g/0.03 oz.

Key features

  • We formulated our skincare to perform expertly with our foundation to give you a younger-looking complexion both instantly and over time
  • Clinically proven to reveal brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and remarkably smaller-looking pores
  • Represents a new generation of active minerals with extraordinary skin-renewing benefits, including faster cell turnover and antioxidant protection

Honest reviews


Not for people w/ moderate acne

I’m thinking this product would be okay for the “average Jane” who gets a pimple now and again. However, if you are experiencing mega hormonal breakouts on your chin as I am, this might not cut it for you.I did not find the smell (sulfur) to be overwhelmingly unpleasant & only noticed it if I had the container right under my nose. I tried using the included brush, but didn’t care for it. My EcoTools brush did a better job, coverage-wise, but still, I just didn’t feel this product provided enough coverage for my current acne and/or scarred areas.I tried this product for two weeks or so, and I really don’t think it aided in the healing of any of my acne, unfortunately. However, NOTHING seems to be working on my acne, so I don’t fault Bare Minerals. (I should add, I also do not feel it broke me out any worse…)So.. who knows…. maybe this will work for you as it does for some people, but I would suggest that if you are a moderate, hormonal acne sufferer, I would not put much hope into this product.

Allison Beltrami, MN

“Mid-Life” Acne – works surprisingly well, goes on translucent

I have had hormonal acne through the years and continue into menopause. I use other bareMinerals products and thought I’d give the blemish therapy a try. I haven’t bought it through Amazon yet, only Ulta (I’m still on my first “jar”). It took a few days (more like a week), but I noticed a significant difference out of nowhere. It seemed like it wasn’t working at all, then one day I was all cleared up, seemingly out of nowhere.My skin color is fair. I use this product once per day under and over my morning moisturizer. It doesn’t conceal unless you brush on several layers. Even then it doesn’t really conceal. It’s a light-colored powder but goes on translucent enough to where I’d think even the darkest skin tones could use it, especially if wearing other makeup over it or using it after washing your face at night.I’m not used to using a fine talc-like powder to treat my acne so I have a hard time saying I love the stuff, but I do like it and find that it works if you let it. Don’t expect your acne to go away overnight, but I feel confident saying that you should notice significant improvement after a week or so of religious and continued use.

Andrea North Attleboro, MA

Works Perfectly

This product works great on the blemishes and redness that I encounter during my makeup routine. Not only does it conceal the redness, but I’ve also noticed that this product treats and minimizes my blemish occurances with continued usage.Very little product needs to be used for it to be effective, and the sulfur smell that many take issue with is very minor. This product is meant to be a spot treatment underneath your foundation, not as a sole concealer, etc.

Julia Kraemer, LA

yeah, um, not that great!!

I love bare minerals so I thought I would give this product a shot. Everyone complains of the smell so when I got it and actually enjoyed the smell I was shocked! with that said this stuff did little to nothing for my skin, I will probably keep using beens I spent a good amount of money on it, but it feels like it doesn’t even stay on my troubled spot, its super thin so definitely cant use it to hide anything, and I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin condition, I have light break outs nothing severe so I’m going to assume that if you have severe acne this product isn’t going to be your answer!

Deirdre Herrin, IL

for daughter

Unfortunately my oldest daughter has a horrible acne problem. We have been to two dermatologists with no help. I have her on special vitamins that we do think are helping and I finally have her convinced to drink more water than most people because, it WILL flush toxins from your body that cause acne. So having said that, I read about this product and thought we have nothing to loose. She loves it and has told me if she has a spot that starts to burn or itch she will dab a bit of this on that spot and it stops the burn/itch. She never leaves home without it. We do wish it came in a bigger container because this one is quite small, we would pay the price for a bigger one, I buy it 2 and 3 at a time for. The cost is worth not having to suffer with acne.

Gilda Coatsburg, IL

Good makeup!

I have used Bare Minerals before. Only problem was this time I ordered a color a bit too light for my skin. Will order next color up and blend the two.

Jerry Kenmore, WA

Doesn’t Cover Blemishes/ Dry…Love BareMinerals Products Otherwise!

Doesn’t cover as well as I had hoped and dries out skin so the area looks flaky. I suppose I should have assumed this before purchasing since the ingredients and it comes in powder form.

Tanya Palmyra, VA

Not going to get again.

No noticable results, better than the redness stuff but not a keeper

Samantha Sarver, PA

Great for preventing breakouts!

I’ve been using this blemish therapy powder for years. I put it on at night after my moisturizer has sunk in, just in the spots where I would typically break out. It keeps my acne-prone skin from breaking out without being drying.

Jacqueline Tuttle, ND

Here’s the low down on this product

I love this product and this is why:I am mixed with oily tan skin. I have adult acne. I hate it. I bought this product for the first time not expecting much. The other day I had two big pimples under the skin forming and thought “oh crap, I don’t have anything to cover it with”. But then I remembered this product, broke it out, dabbed it on. It definitely was lighter than my complexion but it sort of soaked in. The best thing, though, was that by mid afternoon I checked the inflammation and it went down. This product helped to dry out my pimples fairly well and I am pleasantly surprised. I am a product junkie and I love it when it works.The smell IS NOT THAT BAD. Just don’t go around sniffin the stuff all day and you’ll be fine. Put it on, forget about it, and it won’t bother you at all. It’s not THAT strong.

Melody Superior, WI