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Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

The Bare Escentuals bare vitamins prime time eyelid primer

Key features

  • Silky, lightweight primer to maximize your eyecolor
  • Prevents creasing and sheer, neutral tint that doesn’t interfere with your favorite colors

Honest reviews


Keeps the Eyeliner On the Lash Line

This primer keeps most of my eyeliner in place all day. It is invisible and does not irritate my lids. A little bit goes a long way.

Georgina Bascom, FL

Pleasantly surprised!

I purchased this product after reading all of the favorable reviews. I honestly wasn’t expecting much because I’ve tried other Bare Escentuals primer products and didn’t really care for them. But I thought I would give this a try because I do have a problem with eye makeup settling in the creases by the end of the day. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product. My Bare Escentuals eye makeup stays firmly put throughout the entire day, just as if it was freshly applied. My boyfriend even made a comment at dinner last night about how nice my eye makeup looked. I wasn’t wearing anything different than usual, so my only conclusion is that this eyelid primer helps the makeup stay on longer. I also notice that when I apply my eye makeup, the color seems to have a deeper intensity, and the loose minerals don’t go flying around all over the place as much. Something in this eyelid primer holds the makeup to where it’s applied. I’ve fallen in love with this product and can’t believe I went so long without it. I don’t know how this stuff works, but it does!

Greta Central Village, CT

love love love

I’ve actually had this for a while now. It’s the color of skin when it comes out and blends out to be transparent. It’s a nice sticky base to hold your makeup all day with no creasing. The tube it comes in is pretty small but you only need the tiniest little bit and you’re good to go! It’s totally worth the price. Some times I do use a MAC paintpot over top just because I do like the extra base but that’s just my preference, it’s totally optional. I highly recommend this product.

Lidia Agate, CO

I swear by this stuff and nothing else!

I always have problems with my eyeshadow creasing up and this stuff seriously makes it stay put until you wash it off yourself and even then it’s a little hard to get it all off. I use this any and every time I put on makeup and never ever has it let me down. Even after sleeping with my makeup on, it’s still perfect!I thought that this was pretty pricey, especially since it didn’t seem to last for many applications. But I’ve tried everything else; store-bought primers, liquid eye shadows, concealers, even adding a little bit of water to my eyeshadow – none of it worked! This primer is more than worth the price and you won’t regret purchasing it!It has a nice light tint to it, so my eyes are instantly brighter as well. I like to apply it below my eyes because it covers dark under-eye circles and it makes my mascara stay put even in hot, sweaty conditions.

Chelsey Alexandria, TN

Product excellent, beware of size

The product is excellent — it will keep you eye shadow perfect all day long. It goes on smoothly and works perfectly with the loose powder pigment shadows L’Oreal has. Beware however that this size is a SAMPLE size. 0.1 Oz. — the price is super high and ridiculous for a sample. Aren’t samples free?? My stupidity for not noting the size in the description. I have no clue what the proper size vs pricing should be, but was shocked when I got this Barbie size tube in the mail.

Tameka North New Portland, ME


I have been using another name brand primer and it worked, but Ifound that it was drying my skin out. This primer works great and is non-drying.

Marian Pilot Point, AK

A Great Primer But Expensive

Primers are the unspoken heroes of the make-up world. There is no sense in investing in expensive make-up without a good primer to make sure it stays on and in place. Overall, this is a terrific eyelid primer. It is light, easy to apply, it does not clump and it is long-lasting. My only complaint is the price. It retails for $18 for 0.1 oz. – that’s expensive, even by premium cosmetic standards. Urban Decay sells their Primer Potion (an excellent primer) for approximately the same price and you get three times as much.

Lula Sanford, CO

A Miracle !!!

I have oily eyelids; have used powered shadows, eyeliners, power over liners, liners over foundation………ANYTHING to keep my liner/shadow intact and NOTHING has worked like this has. I come home and after having it on for 12 hours, it still looks great with no smudging, creasing or smearing. I am TOTALLY happy. Its a small tube, but you dont use hardly anything at all from it.

Patti Ledbetter, TX