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Bare Minerals Original Foundation ~Medium Beige N20~ 8 G Locking Sifter

Bare Minerals Original Foundation ~Medium Beige N20~ 8 G Locking Sifter

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  • Bare Minerals Original Foundation ~Medium Beige N20~ 8 G Locking Sifter

Honest reviews


Best foundation ever.

Before this, I could not find my perfect foundation. I tried everything from MAC to Estee Lauder to Chanel and nothing was doing it for me. This, however, is pure magic. I am very light-skinned, and this shade was perfect on me. The blushes also help a lot if you get tanner after buying this. I loveBare Escentuals Bare Minerals Face Color 2.8g – Glee, and it’ll help give you a glow to your tan so that you don’t look ridiculously pale.The best thing about Bare Escentuals Foundations is that you can adjust the coverage however you want. You can make it heavy, light, or in-between. It’s really difficult to mess up. Also, it works as a concealer VERY well. Oh, and even though I am very fair, I can also wear W20. A little darker, but still looks great!

Catalina South Royalton, VT

My favorite foundation

I’ve used Bare Minerals for about 6 years and I absolutely love it! Sometimes I combine it with a lighter tone MAC foundation, and add this one on top of it. Bare Minerals has changed my life! It feels so light, so fresh, so natural! I will definitely buy it from Amazon again! Thank you!

Brandie Ralph, MI

Love it!

I’ve used Bare Minerals Original foundation for years as it’s the only foundation that doesn’t clog my pores or cause me to break out. I am very fair with blonde hair so Light (W15) works perfectly on my skin. I don’t bother with any other foundations anymore.

Amber Keene, NH

BareMinerals Orginal SPF 15 Foundation# light

I bought this powder for myself but the color was not right. I used the fair light. some one told me that SPF has an date that they are not good she work at a store then some one else said they are still good. This was my own personal chose to use the BareMinerals and I like then

Pearlie Arnold, MD

Been using this for years

This is the kind of makeup that makes you look better naturally, but is good to your skin as well. You can sleep in it. I have not had any trouble with it and I have used it for four years.

Bridget Monticello, KY

Nice, but not enough

It’s never easy finding make-up that covers/matches your skin tone on-line, but the reviews were positive on this, so I gave it a try. It is just ok. Covers well enough, but doesn’t look ‘polished’. Don’t get me wrong, I wear it, just not crazy about it.

Jill Richton Park, IL