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Bare Escentuals READY® SPF 20 Foundation in Medium Beige-R250

bareMinerals READY® SPF 15 Touch Up Veil diffuses the look of imperfections while reducing shine for a flawless finish throughout the day. Powered by our proprietary SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex, this formula delivers incredible skin-nourishing benefits.

Key features

  • Time-released mineral hydration delivers 108% increase in skin hydration*
  • 12-hour long-wear
  • *After 12 hours of wear
  • Beautifully covers everything yet feels like nothing

Honest reviews


Finally a PRESSED powder from BM, but…..

I’ve been waiting for years for BM to develop a pressed powder, I was really excited when they finally came out with one. I was one of the first to buy it.The coverage is the same as the loose powders, the store clerk tried to talk me into buying a “special” brush (large, flat end brush) that is meant for the pressed powder that was over $20, I didn’t feel like doing that since I already have 5 other different BM brushes at home.Like I said, I enjoy the coverage, but it’s extremely messy. It’s like using a loose powder only more expensive since it’s in a pressed powder compact and you’re wasting about 35% all over the counter/sink etc. I finally just started holding it over a makeup bowl to catch all the excess powder being lost.I’m thrilled BM company is moving forward in their developments, but I will go back to buying the loose powders, it was actually less messy and more affordable.

Aimee Taft, CA

Bare Minerals READY foundation close to perfect but…

I had used bare minerals for many years, I was in their original club which mailed the products to you. I loved them it was great for my freckled skin and looked so natural and nice. Once I turned 30 and after I started to feel like the loose minerals made me look more wrinkled and my skin was getting dry. I have been on the look out for a perfect foundation for my combination skin that will also help with those first few wrinkle lines.I was so excited when I saw this product out. I thought from the description it was like they read my mind. I bought the fairly light at my local Sephora, (I did not purchase the brush and wonder if that would help) I also had a hard time picking a color light or fairly light. In the kits I used to get you would receive both colors. After getting it home I did like the coverage, which is full, but close up it does look cakey, and I did not notice my face feeling more moisturized like they advertize.I also felt like the fairly light was very fair, and you really need bronzer or blush to add color to your face, or know how to highlight your face properly (which is difficult) to add some light.I agree with the other reviewers it is very messy, I thought of trying to use a sponge with it to see if that was less messy but have not gotten to try it yet.Overall I do like it better than the plain bare minerals I was using, but wish you got 2 colors to mix, and wish it was less messy.

Lynnette Scottsboro, AL

Never again

I gave this stuff a shot for 3 months now because I’m loyal to my Bare Minerals and I wanted to try the Ready brand for reasons of a little better coverage and also ease of use. I am so disapointed. I’ve tried every kind of brush and technique applying this powder and even used a very light hand and blended like crazy as recommended by a consultant at Sephora. It settles into pores making them look’s extremely cakey and dry. Seems to dry out even more as the day goes on. Overall I think it makes my skin look aged and blotchy and I am definately giving up and going back to the Matte Bare Minerals. Should have read the reviews before purchasing because it seems alot of people have had the same feedback. =(

Emilie Eek, AK


This is my first product from this brand (bareMinerals).I decided to buy it because I love and use a lot of makeup that even with a lot of care is damaging my skin (Supposedly mineral products are lighter).On first use I can say I liked the cover and the product had a good fixation on the skin.The application was easy but it didnt came with a sponge or brush. The price was not the best but the product is also a factor 20 sunscreen.

Meghan Strum, WI

It’s not great for oily or combo skin!

i was thrilled to see this new product option in BE. I quite wearing about a year ago, as I got tired of all the pots and brushes and MESS, no matter how tidy i tried to be( this stuff while great does get in nooks and crannies of my bathroom!)So i listened to the Beauty expert relay how to put on with the speacial little brush( yes one more to buy ladies). it was OK but not great on my face. it is very matte, which is the only thing i really liked, but it – it seems to me- a lot of hydration, something i don’t need as it fights with the oily residue i try to keep at bay daily. i am not super oily but enough that this was clumping on my chin and around my mouth area the first day i used it. it was not a pretty sight!so now, i use very little of it, even less than before, and not for work or special occasions.I would suggest Studio Gear for their dry powder foundation. it is really lovely and provides a true natural dry finish – but the cool thing is that this powder can be used wet as well!

Mamie Dayville, OR

4.5 Stars—–Honest review

Ok, so I have been using this foundation along with the warmth all over face color and the mineral veil since the beginning of last December and I give it 4.5 stars. I wanted to really use this stuff before I wrote any kind of review. First off I have combo skin, it can get pretty oily in the T-zone. Since I have been using this stuff my skin stays 90% oil free all day. I usually put it on around 6am and it isn’t washed off until before I go to bed. I have never ever tried a makeup that has been so good with keeping my face shine free. As all of us combo/oily skin girls know you can put your makeup on and it will look good for a couple hrs and then you are a slick face shortly after! 🙂 I definatly recommend getting color matched at the store. I would have chosen the wrong color for myself. I have light-medium skin tone, and this stuff runs lighter than what you would think. I got the med tan and it matches perfectly. One thing I also noticed is that you need to use it sparingly around the eyes, it says it can be used as a concealer but when I first started using it I noticed that it really enhanced the fine lines around my eyes, and I just turned 27 so I really dont have lines yet. My eyes looked better w/o the product on so I just started lightly putting it around the eye area. I have also noticed that my acne has decreased to almost nothing. I didnt have it to bad to begin with but I think because it really helps control the oil it helped clear my acne. I dont like to use the foundation by itself, but paired with the warmth (which gives a beautiful healthy glow to my skin) and the mineral veil. I have tried using the warmth with other foundations and it doesnt give the same effect. you have to use it with the bare minerals set. I recently tried to switch to revlon colorstay because stuff can be kind of pricey and since you have to buy the warmth and veil, I was trying to save money, but I came back to this because I love it so much, and I love the fact that the ingredients are actually good for my skin. I also have to say that my first compact of this lasted me over three months. So it does tend to last quite a while for me anyways. I really have to say the only downside for me is the price, and you have to be careful not too put too much on and go light around the eye area. Other than that I really recommend people to try. I know everyone is different but it is worth a shot. I really like it. I hope this review helps, it is by far the longest one I’ve ever wrote LOL!

Francis Walhonding, OH

Love it!

Bare Escentuals is a great make up. It glides on easily and lasts all day. I am 63 and have used this make up for at least 10 years. No oil or shine, and I always get compliments about how smooth my skin looks.

Laurel Libby, MT

Not easy to apply correctly

I have used the loose BM powdery foundation for years, but it didn’t give enough coverage and at times is too shiny. So I gave this product a try. I hated this the first few times I applied it with the special brush. Finally I caught a video and found out I was applying it all wrong, even with the fancy brush. You have to tap it with the brush, then stroke it on. You cannot apply this over any moisturizer or primer that hasn’t sunk in100%. You must apply this over a dry powdery finish or it clumps oddly on your skin. Even the video suggested putting on a thin layer of Mineral Veil first. So now I do that and it works fine, not great but acceptable, I think you absolutely have to put on Mineral veil or something similar first, and you MUST use the special, expensive brush. I will use this up, but will not buy this product again. The similar Clinique powder foundations are easier to use and give better coverage.Pros: good coverage and you can add on until you get the coverage you want. It does last all day even in a hot humid climate.Cons: tricky to apply correctly, special brush and technique required.Update: I have given up using this product. Even using the steps above it still gets splotchy and uneven, though my skin is not the least bit oily. I thought I’d use it up since it was expensive, but I just don’t like the way it looks. This is the first Bare Minerals product with which I am I not satisfied. If I could return it I would.

Marva Ashley, IL

My favorite product

I used Bare Minerals for years and am very happy with the coverage. But the other day I wondered if it was time for a change, if there was something better out there…So I went shopping at Sephora for foundations for 2 HOURS. A dozen foundations later I always came back to the bare minerals which still had the coverage and look that I liked best. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener.I highly suggest giving Bare Minerals a Try, especially since it is all natural. This compact is so much easier to use than the loose, so that is one change I’m happy that I made.

Krista Porter Corners, NY

looks natural

I’m in love with bare escentuals. My makeup looks natural, unlike the liquid foundations. Liquid foundations I’ve used in the past looked caked on in the sun.. gross. I prefer the compact to the loose powder, because 1) it fits better in my purse 2) I can apply it faster and 3) it’s less messy. I often times use the powder puff that comes with the touch up veil to apply the foundation, because you can get more coverage in half the time. I wish this foundation just came with its own puff.

Lena Rampart, AK

Love. This is my favorite foundation

Love. This is my favorite foundation. Nice coverage, not cakey…just right!

Selma Alva, WY

Pasty, Shows Lines and Wrinkles

I am such a fan of Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation, and have been using it for years. It is light and covers all imperfections. I have nothing but kudos for this product. That said, I decided to try the ready foundation when it became available.The READY(R) Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Foundation is the latest in solid mineral technology. This formula is supposed to deliver, long-wearing, medium-to-full coverage that blends onto skin. This product is said to be powered by SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, along with micro-encapsulated glycerin, humic acid, and vitamin-rich rose hip seed oil. To use, Tap brush on foundation until bristles are lightly coated. Buff gently onto skin in a circular motion for buildable coverage.I thought I would give this a try, since I have been using the loose powder for years. This is cakey and I can see my pores and lines as it enhances my pores and fine lines.. I have tried to blend without putting more on my face by using my brush. I have tried tapping my brush before applying, but the formula is different and clings to the brush. I use the primer first on my face over my moisturizer, and it makes no difference, it still is not a good foundation.Not Recommended. prisrob 03-21-14

Elinor Zephyr, TX

too much like a powder

I was hoping this ready foundation would be an improvement over the fly away original, but on me, it is kind of "cakey" and you can see the powder foundation. The point is not to be able to see any visible foundation, so it didn’t work well on me.

Rosemarie White Oak, GA