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Bare Escentuals Original Mineral Veil 2 g

This sheer veil morphs into skin like “special effects,” minimizing pores, lines and shine. It’s light as a feather…so all you’ll see is shine-free skin. Wear over bareMinerals foundation or blush for a gorgeous, soft-focus finish. Perfect to use throughout the day. Contains no talc, fragrance or binders.

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Mineral Veil

Mineral Veil is the best finishing powder… I’ve used it for years and LOVE it! It sets makeup so well that I rarely have to reapply.

Kristina Neal, KS

Makeup Full of Carcinogens

I bought this product due to the rage, but also did some research about the ingredients. The two active ingredients are known to be carcinogens which cause skin cancer. In addition, the inactive ingredients cause folks to break out in an itchy rash. Going back! Bare Escentuals is not the answer to better makeup or skincare. Spoiler alert!

Adriana Blackstone, MA

Veil Bare Mineral

A must for the Bare Mineral user — it smooth out the foundation and blush. Good product. I love it.

Augusta Crowley, CO

I love Bare Escentuals.

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil is amazing. It is the perfect finishing tough to bare minerals foundation. I use this with the bare minerals foundation brush and it goes on so smooth and effortlessly. The trick to applying powder foundations is to move the brush is a circular motion and really rub it in. Bare Escentuals has never caused me to break out and is great on my sensitive skin. I will use a liquid foundation on any spots and then apply the powder foundation then mineral veil. It feels light and makes my face look flawless.

Priscilla Chittenden, VT

Original Mineral Veil used to be beige, now it’s pink!

I used this for years and I have some left in a travel size. When I went to purchase this again, I saw that it is now very pink, too pink for my skin. I guess they’ve changed the formula. It’s too bad, I was a convert to at least Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil and blush. The foundation doesn’t come in a tone suited to my skin. Now that they’ve changed the formula, however, I’ve discovered a much better powder, Urban Decay Naked. It’s more finely milled and doesn’t contain talc, which I am allergic to. I will still continue to use the blush, because it’s the most natural flush out there. The colors are superb. Naked also comes in a much larger container but is about the same price ounce for ounce.

Carolyn Donahue, IA

I can NOT use it alone – itches terribly!

ITCHY! – They claim all this purity stuff. and this is the FIRST product in my 30+ years of wearing makeup that actually truly irritated my skin. I can put it on. OVER moisturizer, and before I get out of the driveway my face is itching like mad. What gives??MULTIPLE? – I mentioned the itch at the store where I bought it and they immediately wanted to sell me ANOTHER product to wear as a ‘base’ or something. . . I don’t need to get into buying multiple products where one should be sufficient!ONE SMALL USE – That said, I found it effective as a colored finishing powder in ONE area of my face – I have a dark spot on my cheek that’s very difficult to cover, due to its difference in texture. I forget what it’s called. . .anyhow . I can use a creamy concealer on it. and then use the small concealer brush to tap this gently over it and it works fine for that . without itch. At least I can use it up now.SHINE – I dislike the pearly gleam in it. .it really shows where you place it, unless you follow it with a blush, as I do.

Rochelle Bessemer City, NC

Beautiful finish!

This mineral veil really does create a flawless finishing touch! I love how light it is and it blends so well!

Brandi Hancock, NY

bare escentuals

excellent product line get compliments all the time and I am 62 should have used this product when it first came out

Cristina Revere, MO

Works great!

I believe the main ingredient is corn starch so it works really well for oily skin and doesn’t seem to cause break outs.

Allyson Sidell, IL

A Gift to My Wife – She Loves This Brand!

This is a no brainer gift to my wife. She loves this brand and says it’s the best she’s used. The inert ingredients are naturally good for the human face.

Edith Shamokin, PA

Mineral Veil

Bare escentuals origninal mineral Veil two gram product was as advertised! pride better than in the local store carrying these products.

Terry Hemlock, IN


My skin looks like it glows! After reading about the Bare Escentuals line, I finally gave in. I love this line. All of their products look so natural so I don’t feel like I am coating my face with makeup. I love how fresh this makes me feel! And a little goes a long way!

Sally New Bavaria, OH