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Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Minerals 9g Full Size

A luminous 100 percent pure bare minerals finishing powder for the face. What it is formulated to do: for the ultimate, translucent “finishing touch” to your makeup, mineral veil melts into your skin, infusing it with softness and light, giving the look you see with a soft focus camera lens. Buff on mineral veil over bare minerals foundation to lend extra staying power. What it is formulated without:- parabens- sulfates- synthetic fragrances- synthetic dyes- petro-chemicals- phthalates what else you need to know: completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, mineral veil gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores without the buildup of pressed or loose powders that contain parabens, waxes, dyes and binders. Best of Sephora winner 2008.

Key features

  • A luminous 100 percent pure bare minerals finishing powder for the face
  • For the ultimate, translucent “finishing touch” to your makeup
  • Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones

Honest reviews


pinkish veil

The first veil i used was the hydrating one but decided to try the original version.This one (the original version) definitely has a pink tint to it that I dont quite like.I was hoping it was more like the hydrating one which is a light beige tone and not pink at all.It’s not that obvious when used but still I wish there weren’t so much color variation on the veil unless you specifically by the tinted ones.

Sheena Saint Marys, OH

Great matte look for oily skin

I am a model/actress and sometimes have to do my own make-up (I’m also a make-up artist). I love Mineral Veil because I have VERY oily skin and it really just gives me a matte finish and it makes me look MUCH better on camera. This is a total must-have for the set. Nothing quite sets your Bare Escentuals foundation in place like Mineral Veil! And although the tutorial tells you it’s fine to use a lot, use sparingly…a little goes a long way!

Connie Smithland, IA


READ THE REVIEWS. This is like putting baby powder on your face. Not the real mineral veil. Who knows what’s in it, but i doubt it’s any good for you. Could be mashed up chemicals for all I know. Please do not buy. Real mineral veil is light and airy. This will make you look like bozo the clown.

Teri Proctorville, OH


This product took over a month to arrive due to the first one never being delivered. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one right away- no problems there. The problem is- this is not mineral veil! I don’t know what it is, but it is NOT mineral veil. It’s a thick white powder, not translucent like mineral veil is supposed to be. When I use it, I have to re apply my makeup because it’s that white.I wish I’d read the reviews a little more clearly before ordering, but I didn’t because of the low price. Don’t make my mistake!

Ericka Hettick, IL


Get product!!! great stuff and great price!! i have to write 15 words so i am writing more and more. i hope this helps your purchase 🙂

Francis Frontier, MI

The BEST finishing powder

I use very little makeup and love this as a powder over my BB cream. It’s light, you can’t really see it, and it doesn’t accentuate wrinkles.

Dawn Millerstown, PA

A beautiful finish…

I have been using this product, this size for years.Having tried other more expensive and cheaper mineal powders, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder is the one that I will stay with.Light dusting, fragrance free, it just does the trick without changing complexion color….it just ‘finishes’!

Brittany Brownsville, OR

Love this stuff!

I was pleasantly surprised to find this jar was larger than I thought it would be. I had the sample from my first kit of Bare Escentuals and it was about half this size. I love using this after I finish my makeup and it works well to touch up your face throughout the day, absorbs shine and leaves a nice finish.

Lilia Mission Hills, CA

Great finish

Great finish. This creates a nice smooth finish. I apply it over all of my makeup and it prevents my skin from becoming oily.

Lee Alamo, ND

hides pores

this product really fills in the larger pores, i put this on after I’ve put on everything else. works well!

Chelsey Mount Auburn, IL

Must-have product!

I have used mineral veil for years. It is truly the one product I am never without. I find that bare minerals make-up alone doesn’t have the coverage I want. I use CG compact make-up and then mineral veil to set it and stop shine. It gives an amazing natural looking finish. I also use it as a touch-up during the day and by itself if I just want to even out my skin tone without doing my whole routine. The new container is great. It has a dial that can be completely closed to prevent spills during travel.

Briana Gouldsboro, ME

Oily Skin’s Miracle

The main purpose I purchase the Mineral Veil from Bare Escentuals is to control my shine. I have such oily skin, I have tried everything (still open to suggestions)! I notice a remarkable difference when I apply the veil on top of my foundation – It helps my look stay throughout the day and eases my oil by about 85%.

Celina Newark, NY

Subtle blending effect

I don’t use this Finishing Powder on a daily basis over my other Bare Escentuals makeup (Original and Warmth), but I like to use it when I want to look extra-polished. The effect of this powder is very subtle; it helps to blend the blush with the base powder and gives a gentle "air-brushed" look to the face. The powder is more fine than the other Bare Escentuals products, so be careful when tapping it out into the cap–it comes out really fast and is easy to get all over the place.

Sabrina Austinville, VA

Great Finish

This helps to keep my "face" in place all day long. Could apply the foundation and the mineral veil and it stays for hours!

Thelma Walkersville, MD

big fan!

I love the whole Bare Escentuals Line and the mineral veil is definitely an essential! It really does add the finishing touch to make up. i truly believe this makeup makes your skin look so much better!

Rosemary Lattimer Mines, PA

Not Sure

I know Bare Escentuals touts the usefulness of this product, but I’ve used it for several weeks and cannot see what – if anything – it is doing for my complexion.

Cheryl Morann, PA

best for oily skin

I have super oily skin and have tried lots of products. This keeps my face matte the longest. I start getting oily after about 8 hours but I just touch up the powder and it lasts just as long. I buy the regular mineral veil. Illuminating is too shimmery.

Patty Fairfax, SC

LOVE IT but don’t use too much

This amount will last you forever! I’ve been using it for years now it really helps to keep the rest of the make up on and take away the shine. However, you shouldn’t use too much, it can lighten you up too much and you’ll look like a ghost. Just a little bit goes a very long way. Try mixing it into your foundation.

Susanne Big Rock, VA

Be careful of fakes

I’ve used mineral veil for years. This wasn’t my mineral veil. Instead of light and translucent it was white and cakey. It also smelled like talcum powder. Thankfully I got a refund. There was something very, very wrong with what I was given.I don’t leave many negative reviews, but I felt an obligation to. I hope Amazon looks into the sellers, or the sellers look into their suppliers.

Mindy Cannon, KY

Mineral Veil

Mineral veil completes my makeup routine, no matter how little or how much makeup I use on a given day. However, I found that I definately like the illuminating mineral veil better. This is more of a matte finish. The illuminating mineral veil brightens up the face more.

Vonda Flushing, OH

lovin it

I use this product because it looks very natural on my skin and I would reccommend this product to my friends and family members

Glenna Lysite, WY


Love this. It really conceals the pores and smoothes the skin before applying their foundation. I use it every day!

Rosa Vienna, ME

Great for unshinyness

I put it on as a finishing powder – makes it look more natural – also good for fake eyebrows as a finishing touch to make them not look so fake

Fran Norton, KS

Love the mineral veil

I really like the mineral veil finishing powder. It goes on light and provides just the right amount of coverage. Remeber to swirl and tap tap before buffing it on your face.

Jasmin Harrogate, TN

I’m not getting the hype

This is a nice enough loose powder, but that’s about all it is: nice enough. Yes, it does make my skin look smoother, more even, and it reduces shininess. But all powders do that, and this one doesn’t seem to have any greater effects beyond any other powder I’ve tried. I found that it wore off rather quickly. For me, this simply wasn’t worth the price.

Lakeisha Fishtail, MT


Must have for finishing your mineral makeup look. Gives the soft focus look to your makeup and is very pretty.

Rosemary Twin Rocks, PA


I LOVE this product! I can finally have a shine free face without the break out. It goes on light and fresh and keeps your skin looking great. A must!

Therese Summerfield, NC

Worst mineral veil ever

I have been using bare escentuals mineral veil for a couple of years now and this definitely isn’t it. This seems like a knockoff of some sort. I might as well use johnson & johnson baby powder.Very deceiving , the container looks just like the real thing.Next time i have to be more careful before i order anything again.

Marguerite Steptoe, WA

Softer, Lovelier Face

When you dip the brush into the mineral veil, you then tap the brush, and gently swirl on your face over the foundation, and then buff the face with the brush. It takes very little product to do the job. Your face will have a lovely, soft luminescence. Pores and lines are gone, less product is better. Often, if I don’t want a full foundation, I use the Mineral Veil over my moisturizer. It gives enough coverage so that pores and lines are hidden, and my face appears fresh. This product is one of the most important aspects of a beautiful face with Bare Escentuals, foundation and then Mineral Veil. I top the Mineral Veil with a small amount of blush over the apples of the cheeks. Thus I am ready for the day.My only issuemwith the Bare Minerals is the small mess that is made with loose minerals. However, compared to so,I’d or liquid foundation, this is much more appealing. I will put up with it.Highly Recommended. prisrob 09-27-12bareMinerals ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation with Click, Lock, Go Sifter – MediumBare Escentuals Bare Minerals ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation (Fairly Light)

Patricia Echo, UT

Mineral Veil- Translucent

This is my absolute favorite product ever. It sets everything and give a seamless look over my Bare Minerals foundation. I used translucent powder before, but it just can’t compare to the veil.

Marcella Snoqualmie Pass, WA