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Barbasol Soothing Aloe Thick & Rich Shaving Cream 10 Oz

Barbasol Soothing Aloe moisturizes dry skin and softens even the toughest beard to give you a comfortable, close Barbasol shave.

Key features

  • Thick & Rich Shaving Cream
  • Comfortable shave
  • America’s premium shave cream
  • Special formula and quality ingredients

Honest reviews


very good

Barbasol makes an excellent shaving cream with aloe for us men who need to shave off that facial hair we get. I suppose that women could also use this same cream to shave their legs or underarms–but regardless of who’s using this, please–oh, please–wet the skin first with warm water before putting on the shaving cream and shaving! You’ll cut yourself all over if you don’t! This caveat holds true for all brands of shaving creams.Now that THAT’S out of the way, I can’t say enough good things about this shaving cream. It’s affordable; it can fit into an overnight carrying bag; the cap stays on so the cream can’t dispense itself and ruin whatever is close to it; the cream stays fresh for a very long time and it does indeed help greatly to moisturize and lubricate your skin just before and during your shave. Excellent!In particular, this type of Barbasol is very good for those of us like me who have sensitive skin. My skin has become more sensitive with time and it’s easier on my face when I shave with this–I nick myself a lot less!It’s so easy to use, too: Just shake the can up and down several times, remove the cap and push down on the top button to make the shaving cream come out of the nozzle.Overall, Barbasol shaving cream is truly the best shaving cream I’ve ever used. Stock up today; you won’t be disappointed.

Mamie Tampa, FL


I have less irritation with this one as compared other. Actually I am going to order 1 more soon. Thanks.

Katrina Blanket, TX

husband swears by this

He shaves his head and his face every day, and has tried everything out there. This is is his favorite, and a great price also.

Janell Eldon, IA

Ditch the expensive gels

I don’t recall when or why I started shaving with expensive shaving gels. Maybe the wife bought it once by mistake and I decided to stick with it. Anyway, I ran out of my $5 a can shaving gel and this was the only product available. I fully intended to use it as a stop gap until I could buy the gel again. What have I been using all these years! The gel cannot compete with this shaving cream. This cream is rich, doesn’t require you lather it up manually, and gives a close shave without irritation.I ditched the gel, and this is now my go-to product.The old style can is also kinda cool.

Eva Smoaks, SC

Cheap & thick. Smooth shave & smells good.

Noticing how my wife used up my more expensive shaving gels to shave her legs, I’ve decided to look for something cheaper. Well, not really. I’ve used Barbasol for years and I always enjoyed the smooth shave it provided. I have tried it with multi-blade cartridge razors, DE razors, and electric razors. It performed great with all of these options. Currently, I am using it with my Norelco 8891XL. I have tried different foaming creams that you use with a brush, and shaving gels, and, while they offered good shave, I did not find them to be better than Barbasol. And, if there is no difference, why pay more?

Dorothy Dozier, AL

Good stuff – & CHEAP!

This is good stuff. I really like it and it’s cheap, especially if you can get it from the local Wally World.I find that cream is better than any gel.This stuff is smooth & creamy, & smells good too.5 stars.

Vivian Miley, SC

Good shaving cream at a reasonable cost

I’ve tried several brands of shaving cream, and they’re pretty comparable. They all have just about equal thickness. Their moisturizing properties are about the same. And they all smell pretty good. This is as true of Barbasol as it is of the other brands on the market. However, Barbasol is typically a few cents cheaper at the supermarket or the drug store than some of the other brands. And so, unless you find something about another brand you like more, it makes sense to go with Barbasol. The Soothing Aloe has a nice fragrance, so you might want to consider it for that. As far as its soothing properties, I haven’t noticed too much difference between the aloe and the other types of Barbasol.

Leila Lostant, IL


who needs that spendy stuff when you can get this at low cost? it works very well for me. for the price it’s great.

Sheena Floyd, NM

the best shaving cream

now I don’t skie, however the slopes of my face need something smooth and easy to make it past the rough edges and this shave cream always hits the spot and leaves a good feeling on my face after i use it. i stock up on this stuff and it works.

Liza Southbury, CT