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Bar Soap – Sandalwood, 6 Units / 2.6 oz

Bee and Flower Soap – Sandalwood is a gentle soap from Shanghai, China that is hand-milled for long soap life.

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Fun smelly soap

This isn’t a gentle or moisturizing soap — I don’t use it on my body much less my face. But it’s cheap, it smells good, and it looks cute stacked in baskets or big jars (plus it has wrappers that are great for decoupage), so why not grab some for the kitchen sink?Not to mention that if you grate it or soak it in warm water overnight, it makes a great scented laundry soap for all your natural fibers — you can have all your clothes or linens smell like sandalwood. Or scrub your linen shelves with it ad have *those* smell spiffy.

Rosanne Glenshaw, PA

Lovely sandalwood soap, pretty package, great price

altogether lovely! I have purchased this soap in a retail store, paid more. It feels good to know that I will be stocked for a while. Sent an order to my boyfriend, too – sandalwood is good for both men & women. Nice lather, beautiful smell – but not too strong. Calming for your bath or shower. I also unwrap some bars to scent clothing bags and drawers. Yummy!

Gina Jeff, KY

Bee and Flower Chinese Sandalwood Soap 2.65 oz 12/case

Order was processed and delivered quickly. Years ago I worked in shop that sold imported soaps, and it carried this brand and was very popular. The packaging is beautiful, so I hate to tear it open. I like bee motifs, and I like sandalwood scent. It comes in a couple other scents, but I’ve not tried them. I’m old enough to remember other products that used to have extra paper wrap and seals, like old Lea and Perrins, and Angostora Bitters, among others, so this has a nostalgic Victorian quality for me-not that I’m so old, but my mum had those bottles from her grandmother. The soap is basic, it is molded with a little pattern, it lathers nicely in hard water. The fragrance seems strong at first, but it dissipates so it is not obnoxious. The soap itself seems aged, which to me is good. Aged soap has less water so it lathers well and lasts longer. These are small personal sized bars. Such a nice little extra in a gift bag. As far as ‘exotic’ soaps go, this has a great price, works well and looks lovely.

Rhea Hesston, PA

Great Smelling Soap in a Cute Package

This soap smells so good. I love it. And it is in a cute package. Buy this by the case. One reviewer wrote that it is not a moisturizing soap, yet it did not dry me out.I think soaps like Irish Spring and other similar deodorant soaps [which I like by the way] are more harsh then this soap. This soap also kinda stays with you a bit longer, which I like because it smells so good.

Geri Los Lunas, NM

Classic Sandalwood Soap

Used to buy this stuff at Pearl River Market in Manhattan but was so happy to see we could still get it when we moved!Great product, great scent, has been around for ages. Gave a few bars to my brother for Christmas and now he is hooked. Can’t go wrong. Great scent for men or women. A case lasts a long long time 🙂

Norma Montpelier, VT

Amazing soap!

I keep reordering this soap every time I run low on it! I love it! It clean very well and smells out of this world! A+

Pamala Minerva, NY

Smells wonderful!

Some reviewers felt that the fragrance is not 100% consistent. At first, one of my bars smelled a little different, but it started smelling like sandalwood as I used it more. I absolutely love the fragrance! The soap is slightly drying to my skin. You can use an unscented or sandalwood lotion. Fabulous price! I keep the extras next to my bed, so I can smell them when I’m relaxing.

Tamara Xenia, OH

Old Fashion Soap with a Great Smell

We absolutely love this soap. It has the most wonderful sandalwood fragrance. Buying a case at a time also lowers the cost.

Eunice Igo, CA

Smells wonderful!

I’m so happy to have found this soap on here. I used to find it here and there if I was lucky. Mostly I just found variety packs of the soap. This is the only scent I truly like out of those variety packs. These bars smell wonderful and last pretty long. I couldn’t believe I was getting 12 bars hehe 😀

Diann Wallula, WA