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Bar Soap Raw Shea Butter 5 Oz By Nubian Heritage

The Nubian Heritage raw shea butter collection are recipes of essential vitamins, skin and hair-nourishing ingredients, including vitamins E and B-5, soy milk, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and macadamia seed oil.

Key features

  • Infused with a special essential oil blend of frankincense, myrrh, cardamom, ginger and black pepper that adds an aromatic experience and skin-healing properties
  • 100% vegetable based
  • Shea butter in its purest form has the highest level of healing and rejuvenating properties

Honest reviews


it is great and smell great too

it is a great natrual soap but i like african raw black soap better . it has more moisturing than this soap. African black soap is high in glyernic than this soap. Through you may have to carefully keep African raw soap closed because of glernic and it doesn’t have scent as pleasent like that soap. I still choose african raw soap because it is 100% real directly from Ghana made with shea and cocoa.

Shirley Glen Hope, PA


I have used this soap mainly over the winter months it isn’t all that chocalaty but smells rich and makes leaves you skin moisturized and smooth.

Serena Pacolet, SC

Fine product and excellent service from Amazon

I have been searching for a natural body soap for quite some time now. I already have an excellent natural black soap with shea butter that I ordered here from Amazon that I only use for my face. I saw/smelled this Nubian heritage soap in Walmart and I always said that I would buy it but for some reason I never did and the store doesn’t keep it in stock. This is an excellent soap! It is made with high quality natural ingredients and leaves my skin soft and clean with a nice light scent that goes well with the coconut oil that I use as a moisturizer. The frankincense and myrrh scent is a nice, sexy “grown people” scent that makes me feel like a queen. I am going to order the multi pack next. ***I had a slight billing problem and Amazon provided excellent customer service that satisfied the problem. The Amazon representative was very courteous and the matter was handled fairly and expeditiously.*** *I am LC from NC*

Claudette Waneta, KY

Love all natural soaps no added crap

I am 58 years old and all the time people say I look 40.. I had a man come to my door and say to me last month " I talked to your dad last week about the truck he has for sale Is he home now?." I laughed and said yes my husband is home.. Please use all natural products stop putting cancer causing stuff in or on your body.. PLEASE!!!!!

Josie Stratford, NJ

very moisturizing

As cold weather approaches I need a good natural soap that would keep me moisturized so I don’t have to apply moisturizer all over especially when Im in a rush. This soap does just that and more, I use this soap for my face a body. For my face I use it with my clarisonic mia It lathers on to my skin very well and with the exfoliating motions the clarisonic provides Im scrubbing off the dead skin cells and replenishing the new ones at the same time with the benefits shea butter provides (anti aging, moisturizing) my face is super clean, smooth and dry areas of my face has reduced, also a difference in acne scarring has smoothed out quite a bit. This leaves no residue on my face and removes all traces of makeup fast without any drying effect. As for my body I use it with my favorite scrub towel ever! the salux washcloth also can be found here on amazon I highly recommend that (wrote a separate review). Using the salux wash towel and the soap together I get a lather like nothing Ive ever seen before its crazy amounts of bubbles which I love. You need the smallest about of soap to be rubbed into the soap and then I scrub my body really good I can instantly feel the softness this soap gives my skin its buttery smooth. My body usually dries up as soon as a step out of the shower forcing me to slather it with lotion but this soap gives me options on days when I take a shower I can’t be bothered with lotion and waiting for it to dry so I can put clothes on, now I can just put clothes on and not have to worry because it has provided me with enough moisture I still do put on lotion if I get the chance. By using the same bar of soap for my face and body I go through 1 bar of soap in exactly a month so that pretty good to me also you should get a soap container it will keep your soap dry and not melting away.Highly recommend !!! I have been repurchasing for months

Ester Grayling, AK

Best smelling soap ever!

I guarantee you will love this soap, it also is good on your skin. It leaves your skin soft and smells great, fresh and sexy scent.

Dessie Magnolia, NJ


Smells amazing and will be ordering more soon. Has awesome ingredients to soothe and heal . I would definitely recommend this product especially if you have skin issues and want less chemicals in your soap.

Penny Marengo, WI

smells delicious

I love this soap. All natural ingredients and it smells absolutely delicious. Needs to be stored in a dry place because it tends to melt if stored in a puddle of water.

Tameka Browning, MO

Love it! I use this when I’m in the tub and it helps my lichen disease.

The bar of soap is healing to my body. It’s moisture is great for my lichens and I will continue to use this soap. Thank you!

Berta Williamsburg, KY

Awesome scent, but leaves film on skin.

One star for the natural ingredients; one star for the awesome smell. I feel like this soap leaves a film on my skin and didn’t do anything to help with my sensitive, dry skin. I still had to lather on lotion once I bathed, just like with other body soaps and washes. I also noticed soap scum in my tub was quicker to build up with this soap than others. I wish the company would make a perfume or body spray with the smell of this soap. I’d buy the scent in a heartbeat!

Tracy Yettem, CA