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Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport Performance Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Spray – Twin Pack – SPF 30, 6 ounce

Banana Boat ultramist sport preformance dri-blok lotion spray sunblock provides fast and even protection with one touch. The breakthrough formula goes on like a lotion but dries in seconds to a super light, clean feel so your grip won’t slip. It is formulated with patented avotriplex technology for photostable, high UVA/UVB protection that won’t break down under the sun.

Key features

  • Water resistant up to 80 minutes
  • Invisible, rub-free
  • Easy grip spray can
  • Twist and lock spray, no cap

Honest reviews


0% Zinc + Fragrance & Alcohol…

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 2.0%, Homosalate 7.0%, Octocrylene 5.0%. Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Isobutane, Isododecane, Diisopropyl Adipate, Lauryl PEG-8 Dimethicone, Phenylisopropyl Dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate/Isostearate/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer, Caprylyl Glycol, Hydrogenated Methyl Abietate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Mineral Oil, Panthenol, Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Fragrance.Sprays are the most damaging type of any type of sunscreen due to their mix and where it may land, especially on the face and eyes. I use many brands and I will not use any sunscreen in any form recommended by Consumer Report since those are all chemical sunscreens when infact there are few brands out there with good ingredients and great protection. Target, Hawaiian Tropic, Copper tone, Nutrogina, etc. may offer protection but offer many unwanted chemicals as well. Bottom line, what ingredients are you looking for and how well it protects you for what you pay per ounce. If chemicals are not disturbing, then roofing tar offers the best sun protection on the market.Zinc Oxide is a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one, blocks both UVA (320-400 nm) and UVB (280-320 nm) rays of ultraviolet light. Chemical sunscreens are less effective and carry unnecessary health risks. ZO is insoluble in water, used in many industries, in ointments, creams and lotions. Non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic, used by athletes as a bandage to prevent soft tissue damage during workouts. ZO must be NON NANO / UNCOATED UPS -2 ZO which has a mean particle size greater than 30nm, when applied to the skin do not get absorbed into the body, do not enter the bloodstream, and are not a threat to human health.SPF is a measure of how much longer someone will be protected from UVB rays than someone wearing no cream. If the sun reddens unprotected skin in ten minutes, for example, a person wearing SPF15 can be exposed to the sun without reddening for 15 times longer – 150 minutes. While UVB rays are behind the redness of sunburn, UVA rays damage the skin’s DNA at a deeper layer. Both radiation types can cause skin cancer. The EU recommendation is for sunscreens to offer a UVA protection factor that is a third of their SPF.I make my own sunscreen as well as I purchase sunscreen for times when I do not have time to make any since I need to surf. For that reason, when I purchase a sunscreen mix, I need the same formula as I use when I make my own organic sunscreen mix since it only requires few ingredients but for more protection like my nose, I bump the zinc. Zinc is what you see surfers put on their nose for protection. The more zinc, the more protection but it means a mix that is more like a mud since zinc is a powder that I purchase and add to VCO. Sunscreens are worse than processed foods (which I never consume) since there is no nutritional guide for sunscreens. For a small investment, sunscreens may offer me the possibility of avoiding sun burn, pain, cancer, medical bills, pain killers, etc. that come with exposure to the sun. For that reason, choosing a formula with the least amount of ingredients but high zinc oxide is the best solution. A good sunscreen formula should not have more than a handful of ingredients, certified organic at least 95% and FREE OF; fragrances, biologically harmful chemicals like Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, or UV Chemical absorbers, paraben, phthalates, PABA and 1,4 dioxane and alcohol. What goes on the skin is the same as being consumed through the skin. Chemicals, alcohol and fragrances are no protection for the skin.

Felicia Scottsdale, AZ


Banana Boat has long been my sunscreen of choice. Until now, I have used the cream product that comes in squeeze tubes. I use it when I go hiking or skiing in the mountains where the UV is more intense than at sea level. I used to use the SPF 30 cream, but moved up to SPF 50 when the 50 became available.The Banana Boat SPF 30 spray is interesting. It is easier to apply than the cream. It goes on easily and quickly with the exception that you are warned not to spray it on your face. You are advised to spray it on your hands and then rub it on your face. That does work.Because of its ease of use, I am likely to use the spray for casual sun exposure, say bike riding or walking in partial shade, instead of using nothing because of the trouble involved with applying the cream variety. The spray does appear to be effective. Comparing, the spray can with the tube, I see that the active ingredients are similar.

Jeannie Valders, WI

Works great

This stuff works great as sun block. It even traveled in my suitcase on the plane with no issues. It was a little gummy when I first put it on the first time I used it but that was because I used too much. Use as a light spray from about 8 inches and it will dry quickly. It stayed on me for the day I was at the ocean and it did allow me to get a little color. I’d buy it again.

Young Chalfont, PA

Five Stars

What it promised it realised.

Marci Davenport, VA


nice 2 pack. sprays out nicely. not greasy at all. stays on pretty good – but i re-apply after laying out a while or when in water. easy spray top.

Johanna Ringoes, NJ