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Banana Boat Sunscreen Sport Performance Cool Zone Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Spray – SPF 50, 6 Ounce

BANANA BOAT sunscreen ultra mist sport performance cool zone, SPF 50, 6-ounces. Long-lasting continuous spray sunscreen. Cool zone instantly cools and refreshes skin. Broad spectrum UVA or UVB protection. Invisible, rub-free, quick drying, and non-greasy. Very water or sweat resistant.

Key features

  • Long-lasting continuous spray sunscreen
  • Cool zone instantly cools and refreshes skin
  • Broad spectrum UVA or UVB protection
  • Invisible, rub-free, quick drying, and non-greasy
  • Very water or sweat resistant

Honest reviews


Nice and cool

I recently took this on our vacation to the beach. The easiest way for me to review it is in positive/negative bullet pointsPositives- nice cooling sensation- no overpowering smell, just smells clean- not oily feeling- stays on through sweat- twisting cap prevents leakingNegatives- “continuous spray” does not actually get everywhere you need it to- only way to get full coverage is to still rub it around, which defeats purpose of spray- did not seem to provide the protection I would expect from SPF of 30Not an awful product, but I personally would opt for a typical rub on lotion to insure I was getting the product to fully cover my exposed areas. And I would probably opt for a higher SPF if you planned on being outside for more than a half hour at a time.

Ivy Bordentown, NJ

Environmental Working Group says to avoid!

This sunscreen contains oxybenzone, a harmful chemical absorbed by the skin that is also hormone disruptor and linked to low birth weights. I avoid it completely in sunscreens. Also, spray sunscreens allow more chemicals to enter the lungs… I use mineral sunscreens instead- yes they are thick and may be harder to apply, but safer for my body.

Jacquelyn Bethel, MN

Not Enough UVA Protection

I do like continuous spray sunscreens for especially hot days, or when I’m at the beach. It’s nice to be able to apply sunscreen to my own back; I miss a little spot just between my shoulder blades when I apply lotions.I kind of also don’t like continuous spray sunscreens because it seems most have a lot of SD (aka denatured) alcohol. That’s why they dry so fast. Alcohol evaporates so much faster than water. But it’s irritating to the skin, so I’m trading convenience for safety. And this one has a menthol-based masking fragrance, which also happens to be the “cool zone” ingredient Banana Boat touts. Menthol is a skin irritant. In fact, it’s used in analgesic rubs as a counter-irritant. The cooling effect distracts from muscles aches, or in this case, heat.The active ingredients are good for preventing burn, but only fair for blocking UVA rays. It’s devilishly hard to wash off, too.Personally, I really don’t like it. It would be OK to use on a temporary basis, like a vacation, but not for everyday use. So if you’re a runner, forget it. A better choice for the active outdoor person isBanana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum, Active Max Protect, SPF 100, 4 oz.. The SPF 100 claim is bloated, but it’s a great sunscreen, and non-irritating.

Gena North Granby, CT

Love the cooling effect!

This sunscreen hits every mark in my book, and I really like the cooling effect which is nice when you’ve left the can in a hot car, or on those extra-hot days. It just feels good. Coverage is easy to acheive with the spray nozzle, and you can spread the sunscreen even more by rubbing it in, although this isn’t necessary. The nozzle locks, so you don’t have to worry about losing a cap or it spraying when it shouldn’t. The scent is a little more masculine than other sunscreen’s I’ve used, but pleasant enough.SPF 30 is perfect for this family–we’re of Scandinavian heritage and thus very pale, we burn to a crisp in mere minutes in the sun! Just as I expected with a quality sunscreen, this Banana Boat Sport performed very well and got the job done. I’d definitely recommend this sunscreen to those in need of a good sport formula and looking to stay extra-cool this summer!

Jennie Stony Point, NC

DO NOT use

I have used Banana Boat products for years. I have always enjoyed the reasonable prices and reliable performance of their sunscreens. So, I was pretty happy to see an aerosol spray version of their product hit my doorstep.Since I cannot give this product zero stars, I guess I can justify its single star with this: the twisting spray-top. Instead of having to use a cap to keep the bottle covered (and to avoid accidental discharges of product), you merely twist the top of the bottle when you’re done using it to seal it off. A nice touch.That said, my experience with this product a couple weekends ago was pretty awful. My two friends and I went out by the pool for a day and all three of us used this spray to protect ourselves from the sun. The day passed and we were fine – no sunburn.However, the next morning I looked in the mirror and noticed that my chest and shoulders were all red…huh. No pain, but definitely bright red. I thought it was a painless sunburn or something. The redness faded after two days. My other buddy, however, had a much worse reaction. His skin was bright red and insanely itchy. The itchiness started to fade after a couple days, but the redness took awhile to dissipate. In fact, as of this writing, it’s still a little red.I will not use this Banana Boat product again. What the heck did they put into it?

Shana Mortons Gap, KY


This product for me provided about a month of full use.I applied it to my feet, legs, arms, and face. The face is a tricky area. You are not supposed to directly apply it to your face, as the inhalation can be harmful. You have to apply it to your hand, and when you get enough, begin to apply it your face. As a result, it was easy to miss some areas if you’re weren’t too meticulous where you were applying.The cooling sensation is wonderful, especially during the hot summer afternoons when you want some relief from the sun. The cooling sensation last for only a few seconds. As soon as the mist settles into the skin, its gone.You are supposed to spray 6 inches away from your skin. I found that for places like arms, it was hard to gauge and a lot of the mist ended up missing your arms and going into the air. I suspect this is a fault of all sunscreens sprays, and not necessarily just this product.Its convenient, cheap, and if you have little ones running around, a great way to spray them quickly, especially if they are too anxious to wait around for lotion to dry 🙂

Mavis Gantt, AL

Easy Application with No Greasy Feeling

This sunblock is pretty easy to apply – spray on, and you’re pretty much done. You will find yourself wiping it around a little bit – not because it clumps but mainly because there are a few hard-to-reach places plus if you’re like me you’ve been conditioned to rub the stuff in. Also, there isn’t a greasy feeling after applicationThe SPF rating is 30, and after being in the sun for a couple of days it does a pretty good job of blocking the sun for my family. You could tell, for example, a few places where you didn’t put it on as consistently as there was definitely a sunburn on the parts not covered as well.Being in and out of the pool, it does stay on for a while – we would reapply every hour to hour and a half with no problems. Another thing I did like is it doesn’t leave a sheen on the surface of your pool like other brands do.Overall, I’d recommend this sunblock and would purchase it in the future.

Joann Crossett, AR

like most other spray on sunscreens

This product works very much the same as most other sunscreens that spray on. Yes, it is cooling when you’re spraying it on, but I think that’s true of most (all?) of the other similar products, too. This covered my skin well without it feeling either greasy or tacky, but I’ve learned my lesson in the past to not rely on spray-on sunscreen like this to cover sensitive areas of my body that are going to get a lot of sun exposure. I just don’t think you can be certain that products like this have evenly covered your skin, unlike lotions where it’s obvious where the product has been applied.My only caution regarding this product is that I am aware that some people — my dermatologist among them — no longer recommend sunscreens that are based on the types in ingredients in this product (oxybenzones, avobenzones, and the like). This is because some studies have actually shown that while those ingredients prevent sunburns, they actually increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Supposedly sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are better in this regard, but it’s definitely more difficult finding such products, particularly spray-on ones. Given that I don’t live somewhere where I need to coat my entire body with sunscreen regularly, I figure that I can use a product like this when I take a beach vacation and not worry too much about the alleged increase risk of skin cancer.

Dorothy Macdona, TX

Fun, Effective, But This Won’t Be Inspiring Any Perfume Companies

I use sunscreen anytime I think I will be outdoors for a length of time because I worry about skin cancer and premature aging. Putting on lotion sunscreen can be a bit of a chore because it can be messy, and it is hard to rub in on places like your back. This spray on sunscreen is great because it doesn’t need to be rubbed in and you can get to those hard to reach areas.The spray has a cooling sensation, which is nice for those times at the pool or during a workout when you need to re-apply, but it is hot outside. The sensation is only temporary, but it is less stifling than a heavy lotion.I imagine that kids would enjoy using this sunscreen over a lotion because it is more fun.The only downside is the smell, which reminds me of Pine Sol or some kind of cleaning product.

Elisha Fullerton, CA

Don’t care for the smell, but otherwise it works well.

I am fair-skinned and extra sun sensitive due to prescription medication I take, so it is important that I be careful about sun protection. Five years ago, I moved to a small beach town so, since I am outside and at the beach more often now, sun protection has become even more important.This aerosol spray sunscreen is cooling when you spray it, so that is a nice side benefit to the sun protection it contains, which is SPF 30. The can produces a nice, light spray and when I rub it into my skin, it doesn’t feel oily. It was super windy at the beach today and, even when the sand blew against my legs, the sand did not stick to my legs. I have severely dry skin, though, so it could be that my skin absorbs it more completely than oilier skin would.I like that the spray feature can be disabled (for transportation or storage) by turning the top of the can two clicks. Two clicks back, and it’s ready to spray. This is helpful as I use a backpack as my beach bag and there will often be things piled on top of the sunscreen can on the way to or from the beach that could cause a mess inside my bag if it didn’t have this feature.I am quite fragrance sensitive, so I notice the fragrance of products more than most people. I found the fragrance of this spray unpleasant–it reminds me of bug spray. THANKFULLY, once it absorbs into my skin, I don’t notice it much, if at all.The protection the sunscreen provides is good. I am out in the sun enough that I still tan, but I tan slowly and I do not burn. Many people may not need an SPF as high as 30, but for those of us who are sun sensitive, it is a Godsend.I am a long-time user of Banana Boat sunscreens, though this is the first aerosol spray I believe I’ve used of theirs. It is a brand I trust that has been on many a vacation with me and always kept me protected.In summary, I believe this to be a good brand and a good product, but the off-putting scent of the sunscreen kept it from getting a 5-star rating.

Georgia Camden, AL

Lots of skin types, no burns!

Love this product!I took this on a family vacation this summer, and encouraged everyone there to help test it for me. With a big Puerto Rican family and assorted married-in relatives, we had almost every skin type in the book covered (pun intended). From blue-ivory to deep brown, no one burned. One pale-skinned “test subject” did note that she sprayed it on, then got in the pool, and her swimsuit top shifted position enough to expose skin she hadn’t treated; she ended up with symmetrical bright red sunburns outlining the difference between protected and unprotected skin. Even she didn’t burn where she’d sprayed the sunscreen, though. The kids liked it because it went on fast and easy, so they didn’t have to stay still for long. Even when they jumped in the pool faster than I thought prudent–I thought it should have time to dry fully–they still didn’t burn. We did spray it on hands to wipe on faces, to avoid spraying too close to eyes.Anyway, this will definitely be a staple part of our outdoor plans from now on!

Wilma Boardman, OR

Like a Cool Breeze

It finally got sunny enough here in the rainy Pacific Northwest for me to shed my winter coat and sit in the sun by the pool. Every summer, especially at the beginning of the season, I experience a sun allergy called Polymorphic Light Eruption. It is a rash that I get when I am first exposed to the summer sun. I sprayed Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen on my body before going in the sun. It felt cool and refreshing and after sitting in the sun for 4 hours I did NOT experience one sun rash or bump. Not many sunscreens have been that effective for me, so I give Banana Boat my highest endorsement. In addition to its effectiveness it also had an extremely pleasant summer scent that reminded me of my younger days and fun summers at the beach. You can’t go wrong with Banana Boat Cool Zone.

Faith Pottsboro, TX

Is it “rub free” or not? NOT!

I specifically chose this product because it was advertised as “rub free,” but as soon as I read the directions for use, the second line states “spray liberally and spread evenly by hand,” in addition to the directions for applying this to your face – two instances of using your hands in the directions (although it makes sense not to spray it on your face for safety reasons). I was really disappointed by the misleading advertising.The cooling feature reminded me of a pain relief spray that I’ve used for sunburn relief; it was refreshing, but the sensation doesn’t last very long, especially on a hot day.The one good thing I can say is that – like all Banana Boat products – this spray did prevent sunburn, but I will go back to using Banana Boat cream after this bottle runs out.

Lenore Eden, VT

New favorite

I’m a fan of this sunscreen! It’s super easy to apply and it sprays evenly. It’s not greasy or heavy, it feels like a dry mist. It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent and one application lasts all day. It’s so easy to use and works so well that it is the only sunscreen that I’ve been able get to get husband to use. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Helen Farmington, IL

Works well. Easy to apply. Not smelly. Not very “cooling”

This sunscreen is very easy to apply, much more so than a cream. Despite its very light texture it works well. It doesn’t smell, which seems rare. The bottle has a handy locking feature so it won’t accidentally spray in your bag.My only negative, really, is that the alleged “cooling” effect is so tiny as to be not noticeable.

Casey Hubbard, OH

Doesn’t sweat off

We took this on a weekend getaway in Arizona. It was great. Felt very nice going on then I completely forgot about it. It didn’t sweat off–which is a huge plus–and there was no unpleasant odor. Would definitely but this again.

Earnestine White Springs, FL

Easy to use, stays put (for the most part), no obnoxious smell

We have a mix of skin type/color in our family. Both my son and I (got the Scandinavian genes) and are very fair and burn easily (and rarely tan alas!). My daughter (courtesy of her Egyptian Dad) is more olive complected and tans easily with very little sunburn occurring. This product worked very nicely on all of us when we took it to the neighborhood pool and the park. It did stay on in the water and was easy to put on. My son who is smell sensitive and it didn’t bother (which is great as many sunscreen’s are cloyingly sweet and obnoxious smelling!) while his sister didn’t notice any smell at all. It provided great protection and was not oily/greasy nor did it leave any residue on the towels. It was re applied after about an hour in the water and we had no issues.

Ashleigh Washington Mills, NY

cool, fast and no mess

So you want to take a nice long bike ride. You want to protect your self from the sun. So you grab your bottle of SPF 30 and put some on your palms. You rub it on your arms and legs and face and then go to the garage to get your bike. Wait! I’ve got slipper stuff on my palms and now on my handle bars. If I’m lucky I won’t wreck my bike after sweating for a half hour. Now with Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 30 I don’t have that problem. All I do is spray on with no mess on my hands and get the bike and go. The spray is cool and refreshing. The spray is fast and easy and there is no mess. I suppose the only downside is how long will the product last and how expensive will it be? So far it still sprays and I use it when I’m in a rush to get that ride before the rain. I like this product!

Geneva New Columbia, PA

Light, easy application, scent a little to sweet and strong

I love the spray-on sunscreens because they are so easy to apply on squirming kids and even make self-application easier. Banana Boat’s Sport Cool Zone is perfect in these aspects. We did a test run today. It is not sticky with the “acrylate copolymer” being the ingredient that helps it to be water resistant.My only complaint with this particular Banana Boat spray on sunscreen is the scent. It is very strong and on the very flowery and sweet. The last thing I want to apply on the kids is a sunscreen that will attract insects. If you’re swimming at the beach it may be fine, but at certain lakes and pools I’d go for a lighter and less flowery smell.

Hester Sugar City, CO

Inconsistant spray

If it would spray evenly every time it would be great, but it doesn’t. More often than not the stream is a direct stream that you then have to spread out with your hands. Given that I’ll stick to regular sun lotion.

Alyson Nekoma, ND

Works great!

I use this spray while working outside in 2-3 hour stretches. It applies easily, just twist the cap and spray all over. I haven’t seen a need to rub it on anywhere except my face, where I really don’t want to spray near my eyes… It has a nice scent, and a slightly oily texture, not as greasy as many creams. I have yet to get a burn, or redness when using the spray. I can get quite sweaty while working, and this sunscreen doesn’t come off easily, I haven’t had to reapply. It does feel cool for a moment when spraying, which I guess is useful for telling where you’ve sprayed. Other than that the coolness aspect is probably gimmicky, as it’s gone quickly.

Shari Sedro Woolley, WA

Protects from the sun

My kids and I used this spray on sunscreen when we went berry picking and it did a good job keeping us from getting sunburned. The spray was easy to apply -just point and shoot. Although you are instructed to rub it in, we didn’t and were fine. I don’t recommend you follow what we did, just wanted to mention that fact. To put on our faces, we sprayed sunscreen into our hands and then put that on our faces because I don’t like the possibility of the spray getting into eyes. The sunscreen didn’t smell bad and it wasn’t greasy. I definitely liked the quickness of applying this spray on sunscreen.

Jessica Marienthal, KS

Works but doesn’t differentiate itself much from similar products

Our most recent trip to the beach was overcast, so the cooling effect was not a benefit. You’d want to reserve this for hot days, but then again, the sensation really does not last longer than a minute. The cooling effect appears to be a menthol component (think pain relief sprays). The scent and application are light–not greasy. It’s hard to tell when you are in the sun, but I am wondering whether the menthol may be drying to the skin? By the end of the day, my skin had never felt so parched.All in all, it’s pretty much like other sprays on the market. The menthol affect simply doesn’t last long enough to make a difference. If you apply it every two hours or after getting wet (per the directions) it will protect you from sunburn. And continuous spray is by far the easiest way to apply sunscreen on my family.One other note, mine shipped in a flimsy bubble mailer. Just an aerosol can in a bubble mailer. I do wonder about the potential safety/leakage problems this poses.

Emily Clintwood, VA

Easy to use but…

Invisible…Yes, as many other products are.Rub-free…Yes, as many others are.Quick drying…Yes, as many others are.Very water or sweat resistant…probably but unsure.non-greasy…probably not.Cool zone instantly cools and refreshes skin…Really? I didn’t really feel the coolness on my skin…It is very easy to use and spray. My only issue is that it feels greasy and a little sticky still. I tried another product before that did not stick and leave a oily feel on my skin. So, I’m more inclined to get a non-sticky/non-greasy one next time.

Marci Belmont, OH

Even coverage, not messy

With 2 kids, living in California and going to the pool almost daily during the swim team and summer season, we get the chance to try LOTS of sunscreens.I really like this product. As with ANY aerosol, there is a bit of overspray, so don’t spray it on while you are sitting on your best couch or whatever. I find it goes on very easily and it rubs in quickly. My kids don’t feel like greased pigs for an hour after they’ve been sprayed down.I think they intend the spray to be floral scented but it comes off more as eau du bug spray- that is just my opinion, though. I don’t really have high fragrance needs/expectations from a sunscreen. If you are really scent-sitive I recommend a non-aerosol as these always have a sort of alcohol/cheap hairspray sort of afterscent that lingers briefly (Clearly a chemical byproduct of the aerosol and probably not the most healthy thing to be inhaling).I do like that I can touch my kids just a minute or two after application and not have to worry about getting greasy sunscreen all over my book or kindle if I’m reading by the pool.While I have not tested the upper limits of the claim on the sunscreen in terms of lasting power/waterproofing, we reapply at least every two hours if not in shorter intervals and the kids have not yet gotten burned. My kids have burned before, once when they went to an event with a friend, but they are not super fair-skinned- if they were, I would reapply like every 30-40 minutes with ANY sunscreen but maybe that is just me being overly protective.I like that this gives adequate protection, goes on evenly, is not messy and doesn’t cause a problem for the kids even with rubbing some from their hands on their face(other brands, sometimes seem to goop up and then run in their eyes. I would, definitely give the sunscreen the proscribedAs far as the ‘cooling aspect’, I did not notice any major effect using it myself but I also do not let myself or my kids get burned. We spend serious time outside and so I like to make sure they are as protected as possible. If my kids were already burned, no way would I take them out in the open sun, cooling sunscreen or not. No sunscreen is perfect and sun damage can be irreversible.I definitely recommend this product, especially if you have kids and don’t want a huge sunscreen mess every time you go outside or to the pool.

Patsy Courtland, KS

Not bad, but remember to reapply

You have to reapply this sunscreen after 2 hours, but that seems to be the only downside. The spray is convenient, and the can can be turned off to be safely toted.

Ruthie Polo, IL

A Very Pleasant Sunscreen

I don’t use a lot of sunscreen, but I always seem to buy a sunscreen that has too strong a fragrance, and then I can’t wait to wash it off. This product has a very subtle, pleasant fragrance. I sprayed some on one arm when I received it, even though I was not outside, and my skin felt very soft and not at all greasy after using it. Since then I have used it while gardening and have been very pleased with it. I also find it is easier to put on my young grandchildren than lotion sunscreens.

Katelyn Mizpah, MN

Great for summer swimming!

My son swims all summer and we often have problems finding a sun screen that will stay on while he is in the water (he swims competitively so he is constantly moving and submerged). The Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone did a great job staying on him while he swims and is not greasy. Several other sport sunscreens irritate his skin because of the grease and do not last long enough for him. He also noted that it really did feel “cold” going on and effectively cooled him off a little bit. I think this is a great choice for anyone that needs good coverage while being active outside. Furthermore, it is easy to apply and you won’t feel as though you have a layer of sunscreen over your skin.

Irma Ulm, MT

Does an adequate job, but I wasn’t all that impressed

I’ve used this spray on sun block throughout the summer of 2012. I used it when I was going to get wet at the river or lake, and when I wasn’t. The application was easy. When I needed to do my ears and face I just sprayed some in my hand and wiped it where I needed it. Otherwise the spray application worked great.The coverage was, in my experience, somewhat spotty compared to a rub-on sun block. It worked OK, but not great IMO. I applied it, waited, and then got in the water, and when I was done I’d gotten a lot more sun that I expected.All in all, an adequate but not stellar sub block. It is an easy application, especially if you have to do younger kids, but I’ll be going back to my rub on Bullfrog sunblock.3 stars.

Lilian Fort Defiance, AZ

sunscreen is good-mist is not…

I really like the quality of the sunscreen. None of my kids were sunburned useing the product. However, the spray on my can is not continuously the same pressure. It goes from full steam to next to nothing in a few seconds.

Rachael State College, PA