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Banana Boat Sunscreen Sport Performance Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30, 1 Ounce

Sport Performance Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion provides sweat and water resistant protection. So no matter what your game, this sunscreen lotion is a teammate you can count on.

Key features

  • Broad UVA/UVB protection
  • Less greasy and more light weight
  • More breathable and won’t run into your eyes
  • In-Sun tested
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Also available in SPF 15, SPF 50 and SPF 100

Honest reviews


Cute, functional

We put these in our gift bags for a beach wedding. Everyone loved them. It’s good sunscreen, convenient travel size.

Debbie Colquitt, GA

Wedding Favors

We’re having our wedding on the beach and wanted to give these out as favors for our guests. They’re the perfect size for this purpose and for flying home to wherever our guests are from!

Taylor Nedrow, NY

Works for me

Generally, I do not burn very easily. I use the sunscreenspray SPF 30for cycling or hiking at sea level. However, I do ski in the winter at altitudes up to 11,000 feet and climb mountains above 14,000 feet in the summer. At these altitudes, where the UV radiation is more intense, I cover as much of my skin as I can, but I also use Banana Boat SPF 50 sunscreen. I find that it does work for me. However, you do have to be careful with squeeze tubes when you go to a higher altitude or travel on an airplane. The pressure in the tube becomes higher than the outside pressure. Just make sure that the cap is on tightly or the tube contents may squeeze itself out.P.S. This size tube is small enough that you can take it on an airplane.

Gretchen Jaroso, CO

perfect for travel

If you need to bring sunblock on your vacation but don’t want to check a bag, the Banana Boat 3-pack here is a great solution. I burn easily but did not as long as I reapplied it after spending time in the water. The one time I did get a burn, it was my fault, not the sunblock’s! I didn’t reapply it enough or cover up when I felt my skin getting too hot.If you apply sunblock 2 times per day, expect to go through a little over 1 tube per person per week. So one three-pack is perfect for a couple, two of them would work for a family of 5, etc. It didn’t feel greasy, although of course if you’re sweating it will make your sunglasses slide down your nose (a little face powder takes care of that, ladies).This three-pack is a great value as well. I found a 3-ounce tube of Neutrogena’s sunblock for $10 at a local grocery store. This pack cost less than that for twice the sunblock.We’ve used Banana Boat’s spray-on sunblock and like it too, but it can’t go in a carry-on. Banana Boat protects me better than Coppertone’s non-greasy formula as well, so for air travel, this is the choice for me.

Martha Sandy Point, ME

Melts right in, no grease!

I love this product. It melts right into your skin, leaves no white residue and no grease! Will definitely buy again.

Elinor Tefft, IN