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Banana Boat Sunscreen Protect and Hydrate Moisturizing Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30, 6 Ounce

Lightweight 2-in-1 sunscreen and moisturizer lotion combines Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with aloe and antioxidants to maintain 100% of the skin’s natural moisture during sun exposure.

Key features

  • 2 in 1 UVA/UVB sunscreen plus all day moisturizer
  • Keeps skin 100% hydrated with aloe vera and antioxidants
  • Absorbs in seconds and non greasy
  • Fragrance free

Honest reviews


Itch and break out (UPDATED from previous 5 star review)

I had a 5-star review about how great this lotion is; no smell! No white-reflecting cast to your skin! No irritation! Sweat proof, etc. That review is below.However after day 3 of wearing this product, my arms are like raw hamburger from the insane itching it is causing. I have two juicy zits on my neck from it as well. Apparently it just took time for the allergic reactions to come out. I’ve downgraded it because of that. If you are at all sensitive to chemical sunscreens, and find yourself having to use only titanium/zinc sunblocks because of chemical sensitivities, then you won’t want to use this one.==========(ORIGINAL 5-STAR REVIEW)I’ve been limited to Roche-Posay physical sunblock for years, as chemical sunscreens normally make my arms itch down to the bone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this Banana Boat product not only works but it didn’t make me itch! I only applied it to my arms and neck.No fragrance that I could detect, which is a huge blessing! Most sunscreen has a sickly aroma but this has none. It goes on smoothly and evenly just like a rich lotion, with no discoloration or residue. I loved that it rubbed right in and didn’t make me feel filmy or slimy. I was able to mow the lawn (including lots of sweat) and this stuff stuck like a champ–I didn’t even get any pinkness from the sun. I made my husband wear it also, normally he complains as I slather sunscreen on him but for the first time in forever he didn’t complain about sunscreen ‘running all over’. He never even mentioned that he had it on, which leads me to believe he just forgot all about it since it applies so smoothly.I was able to apply this after shaving with zero irritation, a huge bonus over most sunscreen or lotion! I will buy more of this when the tube is gone.

Laura Pencil Bluff, AR

Moisturizes and Waterproof! It works.

I use sunscreen everyday for surfing and going to the beach so I go through a lot of bottles every year.This sunscreen goes on smoothly without any white residue. It rubs in completely.The lotion is easier to apply than theBanana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, 8 Ouncewhich is thicker in consistency.This is rated at 80 minutes water resistance and it actually works.After 80 minutes of swimming and surfing in the ocean it still protects. Haven’t had any sunburn after using this for two weeks.There is no smell to this sunscreen and your skin doesn’t look shiny after use.Overall, works great and you can use it daily for the moisturizing too.[…]Thanks!

Mariana Burnside, KY


My son has very dry skin. I really like the extra moisturizing in this lotion. It has a very nice texture, not too thick, and goes on the skin easily. There is almost no scent, which makes it great for daily use (don’t want to smell like a Pina Colada when at work. I definitely recommend this product.

Marva Boonville, MO

Good everyday sunscreen but not water resistant

I am using this as a face and head (my head is shaved) sunscreen. It is not oily at all. It soaks in quickly and leaves no residue on my hands. Usually I have to wipe off my hands after applying sunscreen, but not with this one. The fact that it is combo sunscreen and moisturizer makes it ideal for me as a face and scalp sunscreen. I still use a spray sunscreen for my arms and legs because it is easier to apply to my hairy limbs, but I will continue to use this a face and head sunscreen. It seems fully adequate as a sun protectant. I’ve used it a few times now with no reapplication during the day and I’ve come out the other side with no sunburn. I have found that it is not water resistant at all. If you plan on sweating heavily or being in water, then do not rely on this sunscreen.

Velma Kingman, ME

Great Smell and Sun Block!!

I love the coconut bananna odor of Bannana Boat lotions. The block worked well as I was already burnt and could not tolerate anymore sun. This blocked worked well for several hours without any additional reddening due to burning. The lotion is a great skin conditioner, too.

Margo Munroe Falls, OH

Love Banana boat!

This is the the first time that I have very used a Banana Boat product. Usually use Coppertone-which I have used for many years. This had a great smell and it was not greasy or slimy-which was my main worry.Will definately buy in the future! Adios Coppertone!

Amber Allakaket, AK

Banana Boat Nails It With This One!

I wear sunscreen every single day. Even on the cloudiest, dreariest, cold Ohio day, any exposed skin gets sun protection. Even if I’m going to stay inside all day, I wear sunscreen. The sunlight, however diminished, is still there. I have a enough sun damage already from my younger days when UVA/UVB sunscreens weren’t available.I useCeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion AMon my face, but I have a devilish time trying to find a fragrance-free body sunscreen that contains skin-friendly ingredients beyond the sunscreen actives. I wind up using body moisturizer and apply sunscreen on top of it.Which brings me to the price of this sunscreen. It seems a bit high for this brand, but I don’t have to use two products. This isn’t loaded with fantastic skin-care ingredients, but enough that it will do. It feels more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen when you apply it. In short, I love, love, love it!The only gripe I have is the green color. The product is like a green and white swirly. I could live without the color, but I’m not going to ding it for that. It’s the last ingredient, and does not show on my skin; nor does it irritate my skin. The plus side to it is the kids will like it.

Susanne Tecumseh, MO

Exceeded my expectations

We spend a lot of time out by the pool in the summer, and my teen daughter and I had noticed that in addition to getting some color on our skin, which we wanted, between the sun and the chlorine, our skin was getting dry. When I was offered this product, I wondered if it would take care of that problem.PRODUCT CLAIMS vs MY EXPERIENCEFrom the front of the bottle:Absorbs in seconds, non-greasy — This is a big deal to my husband, the way sunscreen feels, so I’m mindful of it. This product lives up to its claims. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and it did absorb very very nicely, even when I slathered it on.Sunscreen + All Day Moisturizer — I didn’t even really think about this, not expecting a sunscreen to act as a moisturizer after the fact, but after using this for a few days, I DID notice that my arms and legs were more moisturized. I love that!! The actual protection against the sun worked too (though to me, this is a given). I have been protected from burning, while still adding to my base tan slowly and safely.SCENTIt says it contains aloe, so I was expecting the fake aloe scent, but after looking at the packaging, there was no real claim about the scent. A nice fresh scent would probably even add to my enjoyment of this product, but it’s fine as is. It doesn’t have a sunscreen smell at all. It’s probably as close to unscented as you can get with a sunscreen product. After looking at the inactive ingredients, it doesn’t look like any artificial scent has been added, so if one is sensitive to that, this might be a good product for them.I received this for review, but this is a product that I plan to buy when my sample runs out.

Penny Claremore, OK

Keep me on the boat

Sunscreen is a funny thing. You only know if a product works if you don’t get scorched by using the right one.I recently had to spend a day in the hot sun performing yardwork. Being very fair skinned , I am always nervous of coming in the house looking like a ripe tomato. The wife suggested the Banana Boat product , and I was very pleased with the result. No burn marks , no hot skin , and no greasy feeling. The yardwork is done , and the Banana Boat worked in every aspect.

Caitlin Nottingham, NH

very nice aroma

I presume that this product is safe to use and does a good job shielding from harmful rays. I say presume because I haven’t been out in the sun this summer yet so I don’t know! But I do know that the aroma is very pleasant, the product goes on very smoothly, and that the ridged container will make it much easier to use with greasy hands. Excellent package design. My only concern is that Dr. Oz did a show in May 2013 where he recommended “physical sunscreen” with active ingredients like zinc or titanium. This product’s active ingredients are avobenzone, octocrylene, and oxybenzone.

Kristie Clarion, PA

Light and good protection…

This is very light and moisturizing. I do like it very much. It does not have that typical nasty sunscreen smell.However I have two kids – both have sunscreen allergies. I keep searching forever for something that they are not allergic to. As for this Banana Boat, one kid was fine, the other had a little rash. But don’t let this affect your decision, because my kids are just allergic to sunscreen.

Gwen Summit, SD

Stinks… and Apparently I’m Allergic

BANANA BOAT makes some fine products, and in fact, this is the first sunscreen from the company that I haven’t liked.The first thing I noticed was the unpleasant smell. It’s not horrendous but I would never buy this sunscreen just based on this fact (that it stinks).The second thing I discovered was that it irritated my skin. Now I have many allergies, and my skin is super sensitive, so keep that in mind. But the PROTECT AND HYDRATE sunscreen made me itchy wherever I used. I tried it on an arm… and the arm itched. I tried it on the back of my knee… and the back of my knee itched.I’m utterly surprised by this. And I have to say that if you are allergy sensitive you might want use one of Banana Boats other sunscreens.

Viola Hoxie, AR

Love it

I have been going through this stuff like crazy! I really lather it on because I am very fair skinned and burn very easily. It covers really well and it smells clean, not medicine like. I feel very protected with it and I have not had any burns at all. I do get some freckles but that’s just normal. This product works well.

Gabrielle Dallas, SD

Does double duty…

This sunscreen does double duty – it protects your skin with SPF30 sunscreen and moisturizes at the same time. This combination helps cut down on wind-burn, as well as sunburn. The only drawback, and it’s a minor one, is the scent. I think they tried for scent-free, but there’s still a scent, and it’s not really pleasant. Not horrible, but I think a very light scent would’ve been a better choice.

Bobbi Townley, AL

Silky Skin After Use

This product is a great moisturizer with perfect consistency that leaves your skin silky smooth. The bonus is that it is a broad spectrum sunblock. It’s a good size and great value for the cost and for the quality of the product you receive. It does have a light scent but it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t smell like perfume so would be perfect for men and women. Definite recommend.

Elisabeth Florence, OR

Excellent product, does what it says

I generally rate suntan lotions by what they are not: not greasy, not irritating, no odor, not drying. This product is not anything, which is the best it can be for me. It goes on cleanly and easily, disappears into the skin, has no odor I can detect and while I would never confuse it with a moisturizer, it does not actually dry my skin. It gives decent protection as far as I can tell, and lasts reasonably well through normal swimming, sweating and running around.So while it doesn’t do anything extraordinary, it does what it is supposed to do well, without some of the common defects in its competitors.

Francis Potomac, IL

It is Sunscreen … light scent, not really greasy

Amazon suggest that our reviews share the things that we want to know about a product. On this particular Sunscreen, you already know it is SPF 30, 6 oz, and that it has some lotions in it.What would I want to know? It smells nice. It rubs in relatively well, not greasy, but takes some rubbing.I suppose that is a short review, but there isn’t a lot to say about Sunscreen, unless of course you are selling them and you want to make some sales points. I like Banana Boat … it didn’t do funny things to my skin … and the only thing I can complain about is that they didn’t send a guy to rub it into my back for me. Five stars.

Alexandra Macungie, PA

Good sunscreen

I used this Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 while working a yard sale in the bright sun. It went on smooth and non-greasy. It absorbed well. The color is variegated green and it looks a little like bird poop in my opinion. I would recommend they change the color. Other than that, it protected my skin well from sun damage. I should have put more on after the first 1 1/2 hours but I didn’t so I did burn a little but that was user error and nothing to do with the product. I prefer higher SPF but for 30, this one was nice.

Trudy Stonefort, IL

banana boat protect and hydrate

I don’t think it smells like bananas or sun screen, I think it smells like a light lotion. It is a full spectrum protection spf 30 with aloe and antioxidants. It is the perfect every day moisturizer and sun protection. It does absorb quickly and fully and my 60 yr old skin feels smooth and soft. Can’t beat it and the price is right.

Alisha Clarksburg, PA


This sunscreen has both UVA and UVB protection, it stays on reasonably well in water (pool or ocean), it smells (barely) nice and I can feel the moisturizer. It spreads easily without being very greasy at all. Protected me and my family from sunburn while I was in and out of the pool all day. Not particularly cheap, but sunscreen is always expensive and this stuff does exactly what it says it will do so it’s worth it.

Evelyn Viroqua, WI

Great product

This product does as advertised: protects and hydrates. There is no overwhelming smell. Those that like a sun tan lotion to smell like a warm sunny day might be disappointed, but those that want little or no scent will be happy. The lotion comes out a funny light yellowish-greenish color to match the bottle, but it doesn’t stay that color once applied to your skin. It protects me very well as I take my dog for long walks in the neighborhood in tank top and shorts. I don’t lay out in the sun so can’t tell you how long it lasts by the pool or beach, but I am happy wiht it for my purposes. My husband puts in on before he works in the yard.

Anna Mc Grath, AK

Great sunscreen!

My family has tried many kinds of sunscreen over the years, and this is definitely one of the better ones! It spreads very easily and absorbs well, so it’s fast and simple to apply. I also like that it has only a very light trace of scent, rather than a powerful, overwhelming one. And, best of all, the combination of sunscreen and moisturizer works very well together… my eczema-prone daughter breaks out from most standard sunscreens, but she’s been wearing this daily for a week with absolutely no problems!This lotion is SPF 30, and the bottle recommends reapplying every 80 minutes when swimming or every 2 hours otherwise, and though we’ve accidentally stretched that several times, the kids have shown no signs of sunburn. Definitely a great sunscreen that we’ll be buying again!

Mabel Gladstone, IL

Banana Boat Protect and Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion

Banana Boat Protect and Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion. I tried this product out today when my granddaughter and I went strawberry picking. I thought that would be a perfect time to check it out. Strawberry picking didn’t last long, but after that, we had long day, mostly out in the sun. I am happy to say that I was satisfied with this sunscreen lotion and moisterizer.I slathered it on today. It went on with a cooling sensation. It protected my skin. And my skin is thin, sensitive, dry, pale, and itchy.I am happy to have this product, and I will be using it for the remainder of the summer.

Gabrielle Bristol, VT

Pleased with the non-greasy feel

I’ve tried several sunscreens that have claimed to feel non-greasy, and most still do. So I was pretty surprised with this Banana Boat 2 in 1 sunscreen when I put it on and found it went on more like a light body lotion than a thick sticky sunscreen. There’s virtually no smell to it at all. You have to put your nose right up to your skin to try and detect a scent.The aloe in the formula helps sooth your skin some if you already have some sun exposure and also aids in keeping skin feeling moist. It is water resistant, but keep in mind you do need to reapply it after 80 minutes of wearing it, as it will start to break down. Also after a bad sunburn using another sunscreen some months ago I learned that applying these lotions 15 minutes before going into the sun is very much an important step. They need time to absorb into your skin to start protecting it. While this Banana Boat lotion absorbs in quite quickly, I would still suggest applying it a little ahead of time like they suggest, so that you don’t get burned before it has a chance to start protecting your skin.The moisturizing non-greasy formula makes your skin feel soothed and cool, especially if there is a breeze. As of yet I haven’t run into any problems with it causing my skin to break out. It goes on and feels lighter than most of my body lotions do. This is a great sunscreen to keep on hand since it works both in and out of the water.

Naomi Hillsboro, OR

Serviceable Sunscreen

Promising to protect and hydrate, this sunscreen has a reasonable SPF of 30. Pale green, it absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth and moist. Although it is described as scent free, it does have a slightly rather cucumber/green scent. It dissipates, leaving a vaguely chemical after note. It is barely noticeable and makes it fine for use at work or other places where a beachy scent may be inappropriate. Reapplication is suggested after eighty minutes in the water or after two hours of normal activity. It does afford the promised protection and leaves no greasy residue on skin or clothes. The bottle is easy to handle with indentations along the sides providing grip for greasy or wet hands.This is a serviceable sunscreen and worthy of consideration. I do admit that I love the tropical aroma of classic sunscreen, but this is certainly an acceptable alternative.

Gertrude Claude, TX

I like this sunscreen

My husband is very picky about sunscreen. He liked it soo much he kidnapped it and put it in his car for those days he is walking around a lot. It has a nice feel going on and doesn’t feel too heavy like other sun screens that I have tried in the past.It is not a high Spf though. I wish it were higher.Overall though, I will be buying this again.Enjoy.

Shana Gray, GA

Adequate protection

This provides adequate sun protection. On my first sun exposure of the season I was able to stay in the sun for 75 minutes. Subsequently I was able to be in the sun for three hours and did not to reapply. The lotion has a swirl effect as seen through the bottle. Instructions do not indicate that it needs to be shaken well. the lotion is slightly thicker than most lotions. It goes on smoothly. It is a bit difficult to get out of the bottle, perhaps due to the thick plastic. There is not scent to this product.

Bianca Apple Valley, CA

Not much protection at the beach

I had two banana boats to try, one coolzone and this hydrate. My husband, son, and I headed out for a day of sand and water at Grand Isle LA. We rubbed the lotions on each other, one on each side to test hydration against cooling. I didn’t wait the 80 min during swimming, I reapplied every time I came out of the water. My husband, who is not as fair skinned as I am, reapplied to his face, my son to his shoulders.We are all three various shades of burnt. I’m a rather lobster, Josh’s shoulders are brick, and Jim is red everywhere but where he already had a farmer’s tan, on his forearms and back of the neck.I have used other SPF 30 at beaches and been fine, so it’s this product. The lotion went on smoothly, I’m not terribly dry so I guess the hydration worked, it has a pleasant scent, but three of vote Fail for protection.Comment Comment | Permalink

Rhea Clinton, NY

Does What the Name Says

There is n noticeable fragrance with this version of the product. It does indeed moisturize the skin as it protects. Perfect for hot days working in the vegetable garden or out fishing. I’ve tried the cooling version of this product as well and it seems to entice more mosquitos, but I don’t notice it with this version. As for the sun-blocking properties, I only use this on the back of my neck and the back of my knees as I do not burn much. My wife, on the other hand, is quite fair and burns very easily. She uses it on all exposed skin, including her face, with no problem and she doesn’t burn. I believe they offer a 50SPF if you need more protection and a 15 SPF if less will suffice. The cooling version of this productBanana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, 8 Ounceseems to make my skin shiny until washed off. This version does not have that slight downside.

Marcie Anasco, PR

Quite nice

This sunscreen feels more like a good lotion (like Curel) than sunscreen. It has a light fragrance and seems to alleviate some dry skin as well. It is nice to have a two-in-one product, particularly since sun exposure has a tendency to dry the skin. While it is hydrating, it is not overly greasy like some sunscreens.

Lou Pittsview, AL