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Banana Boat Sunscreen for Men Triple Defense Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30, 6 Ounce

Banana boat triple defense sunscreen lotion for men SPF 30. Banana boat sunscreen for men will provide you with heavy duty sun protection while also combating odor, even while you are sweating. Active protect provides you with technology that kicks in when the sun’s at its strongest and you need it most.  This banana boat triple defense sunscreen for men also will hydrate your skin with aloe and vitamin E while providing you with a manly scent.

Key features

  • Contains an odor neutralizing ingredient with a manly scent
  • Combined with active protect to keep you protected as the sun’s rays intensify
  • Keeps you dry and smelling clean even when you are sweating
  • Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection

Honest reviews


For Men? Really?

I was a little surprised to see that sunscreen is now sold by gender. Somehow we managed to make it this far in life with a one-sunscreen-fits both policy. That said, the product is decent but not enough to make me switch from my current favorite. The scent is mild and not overly aggressive. I sometimes have an asthma reaction to sunscreen scents and the Banana Boat formula didn’t bother me at all. It’s not greasy and goes on very smoothly. Carrying it around a festival we reapplied it several times without feeling like our skin was weighed down or slick. I wouldn’t switch because I although I did not burn I browned more than I wanted to with this product. As well, one of our family members has excema and the areas felt like they were getting burned, although they were not discoloring. They felt uncomfortable and missed our other sunscreen. Another family member also said several times "I think I’m getting burned" so this product was effective (no sunburns) but not fantastic (browning).

Cheri Richland, SC

Me Too.

The product, designed specifically for men, purports to have three benefits: sun block, odor reduction, and skin moisturizing. Based on four uses before and during tennis matches, I’m not completely sure it actually blocked odor but I did appreciate the fact that it does not have much smell of it’s own. Sun protection seems to work but my personal preference is for a much thicker, less runny consistency. My sense was that it came off easily when I sweat. As for moisturizing, all I can say is that it felt fine. So, on the three features, I’d have to say, OK, OK, OK. Does any of this make Banana Boat particularly unique or better than scores of other sun blocks? Would I seek it out? Would I pay a premium for it? The answer to all these questions is NO.

Diana Quitman, LA

Great product

This sunblock has a nice light masculine scent. It goes on and spreads very easily. Had no complaints after using this for a day at the beach.

Mollie Laceyville, PA

Ideal for all types of sun except if you travel

!#!@$!?! airport security monkeys: all you can take aboard a plane is 3.6 ounces of fluid, so Banana Boat’s 6 ounce Triple Defense won’t survive the rent-a-security check. Like a guy goin’ on vacation is a threat; no matter: pour it into a smaller squeeze bottle. worth the effort. This one absorbs fast, although by looking at it you wouldn’t think so, and does the job through sweat, intense sun both urban and Mexican sun. This one’s stronger; a smarter buy.Banana Boat’s SPF 30 for men has a broader range of protection and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, but I’d be cautious in salt water or chlorinated pools. Finally, a compound that protects against UVA/UVB with aloe and vitamin E and without a strong, cheesy smell (but still enough to remind you you’re wearing it). I have trusted Banana Boat for years, and going to a season of baseball in the bleachers reveals all kinds of spots where I get burned, even through a teeshirt. So, call this on my recommended "Wrigley Field" sunscreen. More hydrating, works when you sweat while gardening or working outside. I’m a regualr guy; I don’t "hydrate" my skin except for salves after detergenting off grease and strong crud.The Triple Defense SPF 30 is pretty good for puttinbg a little life back into this older skin. This I can live with, summer and winter!

Anne Southlake, TX

Does the job.

I’m not sure how to review sunscreen. Do you do one arm and not the other and see how well it works. I wore this for eight hours today on the golf course. I see no signs of sunburn. So it works as far as sun screening. As far as the manly aroma, it smell like sunscreen and I really couldn’t detect anything manly about the aroma. This does the job and is priced competitively.

Heidi Ridgway, IL


A suntan lotion made specifically for men. Gives a bit better of a scent than the norm, though the norm is fine. This just sets apart a little in terms of being unique without being overbearing. Will likely purchase again.

Francisca Nelliston, NY

Depends on your mood and purpose for being outdoors

So I use both Banana Boat products and Hawaiian Tropic products depending on my mood. If I want to smell like a coconut and really beachy then I’ll go with the Hawaiian Tropic (which reminds me of my youth at the beach). However if I want to smell nice and not advertise that I have sunscreen on while still getting protection from the sun I’ll use Banana Boat. Both are pretty much the same stuff and provide the same SPF protection. I like the idea that the Banana Boat has some ingredients that mask BO, which might be nice if you are doing some outdoor activities with friends. So I would get the product again.

Vanessa Blanco, NM

Sunscreen in a manly dark bottle

The bottle is the only obvious thing that distinguishes this form normal Banana Boat sport sunscreen. I gather from the “ActiveProtect Technology” tag that there is a little more going on here, but really it’s your good-old sweat-proof/swim-proof sunscreen that may or may not have additional odor-fighting ingredients. I can’t speak to that as I usually smell pretty good anyway. There is a scent to it that is a little different from other sunscreens, which was really the one thing I was worried about, but it’s very faint and I smelled it more fresh out of the bottle than later in the day (it seems to dissipate as to be totally unnoticeable once it’s dry). The scent is actually not bad or macho, just different, and as I said, pretty light. So much so that I think this would even work on the fairer sex with no issues.

Sherry Howard Beach, NY

Good basic sunscreen with a light scent

I was interested in trying this product because you always need more sunscreen for summer, right? I’m a woman, but I read other reviews to suggest that the scent to this product was not strong, so I didn’t let the “for Men” label put me off.Because it’s still late spring and there haven’t been all that many hot days here in upstate New York, I’ve had the opportunity to sample this product only. Regarding the scent, I certainly would not call it “manly” as described on the product page, nor would I agree with other reviewers who have said that it does NOT smell like typical sunscreen. Rather, I would say that this product is lightly scented, with a scent that is somewhat reminiscent of a basic, beachy sunscreen but also a bit musky–definitely not unpleasant.This sunscreen dispenses as a lotion. It is not too thick and spreads easily, but to me, it DID feel a little greasy, at least at first. For this reason alone, I know that my own husband will not use it (he prefers spray-on sunscreens). However, I don’t mind continuing to use this, and I will. I will also update my review when I have the opportunity to use this product in the sun, mostly likely on a biking trip.

Andrea Braddock, ND

Works great

After several hot days at the neighborhood pool, I’m sporting a nice tan. And thanks to the Banana Boat for Men sunscreen, I was able to spend long hours in the sun without getting burnt. It left my skin feeling cool and hydrated, even after hours of time in the sun and playing with my kids. It is easy to spread and smells nice, not the smell you usually associate with sunscreen.

Alisa Cataldo, ID

Works wonderfully to prevent sunburn and has a clean fresh scent

This product I have used personally and also a friend of mine (a guy), has used. It does say that is it for men, however, I believe it works just as well for a man or a woman. Anyone who is outdoors and needs SDF protection of 30 needs this product!Found that the scent is clean and not overpowering and I love that it is easy to grip and apply the lotion.Also after applying this, my hands were not greasy nor my skin.Highly recommend this for men or women as well.

Beatriz Alamo, NV

Really nice sunscreen that smells good

I really liked this sunscreen. I’m sensitive to a lot of sunscreen ingredients, but I didn’t have any issues with this one at all.It went on smoothly and provided good coverage. It has a nice, cologne-type smell to it. But a woman could easily use this as well, as the smell is not strong and dissipates quickly.After applied it soaked in quickly and wasn’t greasy. I wore it all afternoon in the hot sun and didn’t have any sunburn.I’ve used it on my face and have not had any breakouts, like other susncreens give me.Highly recommended.

Minerva High Shoals, NC

Nice consistency

This absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy feeling. Supposedly it helps prevent body odors from sweat. There is a faint scent I can’t identify, but it’s not unpleasant. I like the finger grips on the sides to help hang onto the bottle while applying the lotion.

Florine Poulsbo, WA

Works well, great scent, and moisturizes too!

This is a great sunscreen and did a great job keeping me from burning. It is just right to spread (not too thick, not too thin). The scent is unusual – to me it smells like a combination between regular Banana Boat lotion, and a super-light slightly masculine scent that you would expect from an men’s deodorant. The funny thing is that I noticed this smell before I realized that it actually fights odors. I’m not sure deodorant smells like this or if they just added that AXE-like scent to make it manly. Whatever it is, it does smell nice, but it’s definitely a scent that’s got two layers and is difficult to put your finger on. It also does a good job of moisturizing as well, which is nice because men (myself at least) tend to neglect this step in taking care of their skin.

Margaret Wamego, KS

Pleasant To Use And It Works

Texas is known for its bright, hot, unrelenting sun. So, I tried out the Banana Boat For Men Triple Defense twice now on walks in the sun. The product goes on easily and does not feel greasy or thick. It seems to coat the skin smoothly and feels comfortable. The aroma is not unpleasant; has a nice scent for men. Did not stain clothing. Best of all, it seemed to work. I did not burn or get a deep tan – in fact, my skin looked pretty much as it was before I started out on a one hour exposure to the sun on a walk with intermittent shade. Good protection, easy to use, easy to store in the truck door pocket. A better test would be to use the product on the beach or by the pool, but I have not tried it there yet.

Erika Lithonia, GA

Not just for men…

This is Banana Boat product is marketed to men but both my daughter found this to be appealing in fragrance and decided we’d use it too. Nothing about the smell made it seem to "manly" for a woman. Just smells clean and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands after applying.Found that it lasted longer then most brands.

Rosetta Essex Fells, NJ

Decent Sun Screen

This is a decent sun screen that to me doesn’t have much of a scent but what scent there is seems masculine and not feminine at all. The sunscreen comes as a lotion that might be just a bit greasy to the touch. It did protect me from getting a sunburn which is its most important feature and at the current price for it on Amazon at $6.30 for six ounces this is a well priced product.

Patty Kendall, NY

Nice subtle smell and it works!

Dermatologists suggest that SPF 30 is the minimum, although some people use SPF 15. I always use SPF 30 and this Banana Boat sunscreen does the job. It goes on smooth, has a subtle, pleasant aroma, and is reasonably priced. What more do you need?

Rhonda Fort Lupton, CO

Non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin

This really seems to do the job. In West Texas, the UV factor is very high and using a good sunscreen is an absolute must. It also gets very hot, so having something which still "breathes" is also important. I will have to wait until next month to really test this, however in the 80 degree April weather, this works well. It is not greasy and it absorbs quickly into the skin. This is important, because I use it mainly for golfing. Not having it make my hands slippery is a big plus. It also has a faint, pleasant scent.

Robbie Carlsborg, WA

Banana Boat always delivers

My family has always been using Banana Boat sunblocks for years. It has always given us the protection we need from the painful burn we get from the sun. This holds especially true when we are on vacation overseas in a tropical country where you can really feel the searing heat of the sun. The Banana Boat for Men Triple Defense gives the same skin protection in a scent that is designed for men. Aside from the manly scent, it also moisturizes your skin and blocks out the harmful rays of the sun that can causes sunburns and damages your skin. The consistency of this sunblock is just right and once applied to your skin, it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy at all. Once you are in the water, it stays put on your skin and doesn’t wash away easily. Great product that offers protection and smells great too!

Claudine Mantua, NJ


Good basic sunblock. Smells nice and not fruity like some do. I think it is pretty hydrating which is a nice bonus and because I don’t want to use a bunch of products. Works good.

Clara Lehman, PA

Works well, smells a little like cheap cologne

There’s nothing particularly masculine about the smell of Banana Boat for Men. It has a sweet smell that reminds me of cheap cologne or body spray, but it doesn’t seem to be as strong as the spray version of this sunscreen. As for effectiveness, it seemed to work as just well as any other Banana Boat sunscreen that I’ve used before. If you like the smell of body spray, then this might be a good sunscreen for you this summer.

Twila Jamesport, NY

Works Well, Feels Good

I ordered this sunscreen for my husband, knowing that he would be playing golf outside for three long days. Although most sunscreens are similar, this one had some features that he particularly liked. For starters, it worked. After applying the lotion to his face, neck, arms, and ears, he was able to stay in the sun for several hours each day without burning.The lotion is smooth and easy to apply. It feels good (not thick or heavy) and smells good. The scent is pleasant and subtle; it conjures up memories of the good old summertime without overwhelming the wearer with that familiar coconut smell. In fact, it smells somewhat manly!

Henrietta Glen Jean, WV

Using This Product will Leave You Red-Faced

On a recent trip to the beach I gave this lotion a full test and did I ever pay the price. Let me add that I have a dark complexion and had been in the sun numerous times doing yard work before we hit the beach. My face and head were somewhat tan, but I put a generous application of this product over both. By the third hour on the beach I was very sunburned. My wife, who had not been exposed to the sun before this and who burns easily, didn’t have the slightest sunburn. She had used Hawaiian Tropic, SPF 30. To me that was a pretty accurate test. I will not use this again.

Sophie Sleetmute, AK

Great for both men and women who don’t want a fruity smelling sun screen

This sunscreen has a fresh, clean scent and isn’t fruity smelling at all which I love, not just for my husband but for myself as well! There is nothing overly ‘manly’ about this scent and therefore I feel quite comfortable using it myself, especially since I’m not fond of fruity smelling creams.I’d say overall this is a pretty normal SPF 30 sunscreen, great for every day use and bouts of being outside in direct sunlight, but not strong enough for all day beach time or swim time. In my opinion you need something closer to SPF 50 for these kind of activities.Also, I like that this sunscreen is a cream and not a spray as I’m always hesitant quite how much sunscreen you are actually getting with the sprays. Plus, they tend to smell horrible in my opinion.Overall, I’m happy with this product and I’d definitely buy it again.

Luann Levering, MI

Good protection and smell great too…

I got this to put in the range bag for days when I’m shooting to give some protection from the sum without slathering on a coating of white grease. Plus it smells good too.

Barbra Canton Center, CT

Smells good, keeps us from getting burned

Used out in the desert where it was burning hot sun and very little shade while trail riding. It has a nice scent when applied, and the scent was not too strong and faded after a while too. I can say my fair-and-fuzzy husband used it most: he applied it once in the morning and he did not get burned at all, even after all day in the sun and wind.

Isabella Hamshire, TX

Goes on well

This sunscreen is very good. Applies easily, and has a pleasant scent.Protection probably pretty good, although hard to tell exactly.The only downside is the downside! I wish you’d open these things from the top, not the bottom. Just a personal preference.But still a very good product.

Iris Lake Huntington, NY

Great Sun Protection for the summer

I love this product. It is easy to use and it has the right SPF protection I need. I also like the way it smells. It allows me to enjoy being outside without sun damage to my skin.

Ginger Brookville, IN

Aloe an attractive scent, but may sting the eyes

This smells like an aftershave. It tingles like it, too, and when applied to the face, its astringency can be felt immediately. I have fair skin, and thus use sunscreen, but the problem is that it drips in my eyes, even if not much is applied, when it’s hot. I fear this product would not only irritate my eyes as commonly many such lotions do, but sting them with the added punch of aloe.It is an attractive scent; like most sunscreens, it leaves a shine on the complexion, at least mine. The lotion goes on white and needs some smoothing in, as it is not clear, and may stain clothing. I may use this on my arms or neck, legs and cheek and nose, but I’d stay very far from my brow or near my eyes, to be on the safe side.

Alexis Nowata, OK