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Banana Boat, Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion, Light/Medium Color, for all Skin Tones, 6 oz Tube

 Banana Boat  Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion, Light Medium No Streakers Here  Get golden with this tinted lotion. Slather it on without worry – it’s streak-free and dries in minutes. The Self Adjusting Color® formula allows you to control the shade of your luscious tan. Summer Color® Sunless Lotion Light/Medium lets you look like summer all year round.   •  Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E •  Oil-free •  Streak-free •  Quick-drying •  Also available in Deep Dark •  6 fl oz tube     

Key features

  • Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion gives you a radiant, deep summer tan all year long
  • Banana Boat

Honest reviews


smells nice

and has a nice texture, easy to rub in, just not for me, as I do not want to re apply until I achieved the desired level of tan, I am really pale and I think I will stick with the fake bake tanners , spray or lotion which if you use less of them, in just one application process give you a very nice flawless tan, yet you can apply more generously or re apply the next day and you do not have to wait until you achieved the desired tan ,just to at that point exfoliate and start all over. Just not for me .But for anyone wanting this kind of self developing gradual tan, I recommend Banana Boat alone for the pleasant smell compared to L;oreal (love loreal products) the tanning lotions (stating they have a pleasant citrus smell) are not for everyone. Also Nivea has a strong smell and takes very long to develop .Good luck and happy save self tanning, whatever product you choose

Araceli Windsor, VA

tanning product

This product creates a natural tan appearance on my arms and face, if I’m careful to rub it in evenly. It’s not so good for the legs, however.

Courtney Bovina Center, NY

Makes Me A Sexy Sunless Sensation 😉

I am fair-skinned with 40 years of sun on my arms and shoulders with the rest of my tan uneven from infrequent visits to the tanning bed and laying out with a bikini. With all the talk about skin cancer, I was ready for sunless tanning.Last week I bought Banana Boat Summer Color, Light to Medium at Walmart (for $7.98) and used it according to the directions.HOW TO APPLY: It says to apply to clean skin and allow 3 hours to see the color achieved. You can do it again and wait the same period, and again, until you get the color you want. Then apply 2-3 times a week to maintain.MY EXPERIENCE: I applied it after a shower (a good idea since the skin is clean and moisturized). The product says it is tinted so you can see where you put it. Meh – it is tinted, but you need to pay attention to where you’ve been and not double up. It’s not THAT tinted, especially on your browner skin.When the 3 hours had elapsed, DANG! I was so much darker, and in a sexy, natural way. No one would ever know that it came from a tube. My very white belly was now an acceptable beige. (I also put it on my face the first application, but only once because my face is pretty evenly tanned).24 Hours later, I applied the same way, after the shower. Color was gorgeous, and developing more on my thighs and legs.On the third day, I applied it a 3rd time and was happy with the color. I am keeping it this way with renewed applications every 3 days.DOES IT STREAK? I have been very careful to massage it evenly all over and I have not seen any streaking. You gotta make sure you are spreading it evenly, for sure.DOES IT STAIN YOUR HANDS? Yes. It says to wash your hands after applying, and I did. I want to advise you to SCRUB YOUR HANDS well. I ended up with tinted fingernail beds and the heels of my hands were tinted. That wore off in 2 days, but now I scrub with a rough washcloth when I am finished applying, including scrubbing my nail beds…THIS PRODUCT IS STINKY: It smells slightly of cocoa butter mixed with a little clean sweat, which I don’t find pleasant at all. I would NOT use this when heading out on a date or when snuggling with my honey. I put it on many hours before then, and cover up the odor with a nice-smelling lotion before any closeness occurs! Just saying!HOW LONG THE TUBE LASTS: This tube covered me all over for 5 applications, and it is still half-full. I will definitely use this through the summer.Good luck!

Courtney Cerro Gordo, IL


This was okay. Smelled a little funny, applied a little blotchy but overall is a good self tanner for the price.

Alta Hingham, WI

The best one so far

I’ve self tanned for years and years, I was self tanning before it came into fashion. One of my favorites used to be Loreal Sublime but when they upped and changed the formula and added glitter, I left it for tanner pastures. I am so pale that I never tan naturally and I also have a fair amount of freckles. In the sun, I tend to just freckle more and burn rather than come anywhere near what people might call a bronze color. Self tanning is a boon to me. I can actually get a little color without sacrificing my skin in the process. I tried the darker formula of Summer Color but found it way too dark. I’m not really aiming for a true tan,just some light color. This goes on streak free, which stunned me as I’ve not yet had this experience with a drugstore self tanner (except old formula Sublime). But I do apply the self tanner quite lightly. With this stuff, I apply about one and a half tablespoons of lotion to each leg. I premix the lotion with my body lotion, which I use 2/3rds more of. So for every dollop of self tanner, I mix w/2 to 3 dollops of lotion. This will prevent streaking and the tanner will go on very smoothly and naturally. Word of warning, you will be rubbing this in for a few minutes. This isn’t a quick process. I put about a half to half ratio of tanner to lotion on my arms. They should be darker naturally, I think.I always do the leg test in sunlight test after application (after it’s developed) and this one has passed every time. No tell tale streaks, no blotches on the ankles or knees. And it doesn’t look orange. I think I might prefer this one to the Clarins self tanner, that is my current fave.

Alma Attica, MI