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Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion – Deep Dark: 6 OZ

Self adjusting color for a natural-looking tan. Streak-free. Oil-free. Quick-drying. Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tanning Lotion with the Self Adjusting Color formula lets you control the shade of your tan. This lotion will allow you to get deepest, richest tan that is achievable with your skin tone. The more often you apply, the deeper your tan becomes. After achieving your desired color, you can maintain your tan with less frequent applications for a natural-looking tan. The lotion is tinted so you can see where you’ve applied it for a streak-free, sunless tan that dries quickly. It is oil-free and enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Made in Canada.

Key features

  • Oil-free and enriched with aloe vera and Vitamin E
  • For a rich, sun-free tan
  • Streak-free; oil-free; quick-drying Made in Canada
  • 1 tube – 6 oz

Honest reviews


the quickest results

I bought this before I went to Florida in February. I live in MD and I don’t use tanning beds so I decided to go this route so my legs wouldn’t be so white! I am a 1/4 Japanese and tan nicely in the summer! This is however the best product I have ever used and it gave me great results in about 2 days. No streaks – make sure you rub it in. And the color is so natural. I am going to order a pack of three and not sit on the beach for 4 hours and bake myself. I didn’t use it on my face so I can’t comment on how it works there…. But I love it for my body!

Brandie Brandon, MN

Better than MOST! but still…

I was very excited tto read this lotion does not stain or leave an orange/dirty look. Well it is WAY BETTER than most self tanning lotions but it has the odor to it, too. I tried to hide it by putting on Designer Skin’s Paint It Black 50X ( since it smells SOOO good) and I could manage it a bit but still, I CAN SMELL IT. Also, im yellow right now. Not orange. But yellow. Im olive skinned and now looking a bit yellowish but Im gonna apply it tonight as well and see what happens. Apart from the awful smell and yellowishness, its a pretty good product because it looks more natural (not too natural on me (yet)) than an average self tanning lotion for a good price. I would recommend it if you can find a solution for the smell.

Amie White, PA

LOOKS REAL! Only problem is it causes breakouts~

I tried this stuff because of the good reviews and frankly, I just want something I can apply every few days and that’s that.Well, I actually ordered this off […] for 20% off, free shipping over $25 AND free gifts!I was worried this wouldn’t be as deep dark as promised, but alas it IS! I am still shocked I look tan. I am scared of wrinkles, so I don’t go tanning and where sunscreen nearly every day (all year long), but this stuff is incredible!I live in California, so I see real tans ALL THE TIME, and seriously: This stuff looks LEGIT!I’ll prob post some photos of my skin before and after soon :DBut anyways here is a short lists of Pros about this product:*long lasting (can last 5 days easily)*goes on DARK and looks REAL!*Tinted so you can see where it is, but not so much you can’t leave the house before washing it off*Doesn’t dry out my skin (other sunless tanners sometimes do this)*Not blotchy, doesn’t rub off easily*Affordable!Cons:Causes my face to breakout. 🙁 If they had a face version of this product it would be ***PERFECT!***Anyways, I used to use Loreal Sublime Bronze, but that one isn’t as dark and is a bit orange.This is def. my favorite sunless tanning product~!!! 😀 I highly recommend this, and if you have any questions about it you can always comment on my review lol. 😀

Tameka Dorchester, NJ

Works Very Good for Me.

I am so pleased with the way this works for me I am med faired skin and needed some color and it did the trick I feel that glow needed and not to much and no streaking or orange color for me, just the right balance I only use it for my face and neck because my arms and legs are fine for me.

Katina Brill, WI

So far so good

I’ve tried Jergens sunless tanner and Hemp sunless moisturizer and neither one gave me instant dark color like this product…and neither gave me deep of a color – even gradually. I am pleased with this product. After having read all the good reviews, I decided to pick up a bottle locally since it was available at Target. I’ve been using this product for the last 3 weeks. I would warn not to apply too much of this because you could look a bit orange. Apply minimally until you’ve reached desired color. Blend very well. I highly recommend exfoliating every so often and moisturizing every time before applying this product. This seems to dry my skin so I use the Hemp sunless tanner on days I don’t apply this. I think 1-2 times weekly use of this product would be sufficient. I realized this was drying my skin having snakeskin/scaley look in certain areas of my legs, so I scrubbed the area with my bath sponge and it removed the scaley appearance.For the price, I think this is a very good sunless tanner that doesn’t stink.

Elba Needham Heights, MA

Orangey Glow

This stuff will leave you orangey. I would not bother with this stuff. I found Jergens products better results then this stuff.

Mandy Charlton City, MA

The best

Lasts Long, deep color. However, deep color stains your hands while applying.. Wash thoroughly after. I’ve been a religious user for years now! Love it

Jacklyn Highmount, NY


I purchased this item for medium to dark skin and I applied it daily and could barely keep a "tan". I started off with exfoliated skin and applied twice within 12 hours, then applied to clean skin daily after that and never built up a suntanned look. Other than that it did give me some color, just not enough.

Marion Hatton, ND

I always go back to this product

I didn’t specifically order this from amazon, but I have bought it from my local grocery store. It doesn’t give a super harsh color in a short amount of time. You don’t look pale one night then really dark the next morning. But you can tell a difference. I love to build this up to get a dark tan and it lasts for quite a while, a few days at least. It is very moisturizing and doesn’t have a self tanner smell at all. I don’t think it really has a smell at all, maybe a little bit but not noticeable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone 🙂

Dorothy Bristol, TN

Nice color

Gives a nice color, but doesn’t immediately stain hands if washed. Works as well as high dollar products. Not stinky.

Patty Tobaccoville, NC

Not orange or streaky!

Easy to apply, not orange or streaky.It does take several coats to make you noticeably tanner.There’s a lot in the bottle though so it still lasts you a long time.Smell is potent but could be a lot worse.Not a bad self tanner for the price.

Marva Manokotak, AK