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Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, 4 Fluid Ounce

BANANA BOAT natural sun protection deflects UVA or UVB rays without harsh chemicals. 100% naturally-sourced mineral sunscreen is as effective as chemical sunscreens. Tear-free and sting free. Dermatologist tested. Gentle on delicate or sensitive skin. Recommended by the skin cancer foundation. Oxybenzone and paraben free. Very water resistant.

Key features

  • 100% naturally-sourced mineral sunscreen is as effective as chemical sunscreens
  • Tear-free and sting free
  • Dermatologist tested; Gentle on delicate or sensitive skin
  • Recommended by the skin cancer foundation; Oxybenzone and paraben free
  • Very water resistant

Honest reviews


Sunscreen is very much caveat emptor. Check EWG webpage before buying any on Amazon

Boy is buying sunscreen a challenge. The main source for information on sunscreens is the Environmental Work Group or EWG. I wish Amazon would take the lead and link to their webpage or at least provide their overall ranking. For the EWG the lower number is better. I don’t want to risk anything other than a 1. This ranks a 3. I didn’t do my due diligence when I ordered this, but I am. Don’t let titles of sunscreen products fool you.It has unbalanced UVA and UVB protection. And good but not great ingredients. I get the desire to balance cost and safety. So let me give you 2 that rank a 1. The first is burnout kids. It is pricey. But it goes on so well and is great when active. Best sunscreen for playing tennis on my face ever.BurnOut SPF 30+ KIDSThe other one that I have yet to try but is even more cost effective is from Seventh Generation. I have liked their other products and I am excited to give it a try. I have it on order.Seventh Generation Baby Sunscreen SPF 30, 3 OunceWhen ordering sunscreen I have 2 browser window tabs open. One on Amazon, one on the EWG webpage. Copy the product title over to the EWG and see the results. I don’t think 3 is worse than average, but there are better.

Louise Paradox, NY

finally a mineral sunscreen that works

I usually use chemical sunscreens because they don’t leave a pallor on the skin but for some situations I prefer a mineral sunscreen that provides an instant physical barrier. Most mineral sunscreens up until now were grainy and looked truly awful but this is smooth and leaves only a faint pallor on the skin. I still thinks it’s too unflattering to wear as a daily protection on the face but if you’re looking for a high quality mineral suncreen this is it.

Donna Bens Run, WV

Pretty good

My favorite sunscreen is expensive and I’m looking for substitutes. This one blends in a lot better than most of the barrier lotions (though it gathers in creases), has a rich lotion-y feel, and has a very faint, pleasant scent.

Carissa Presidio, TX

Works Great

Pros:-no bad smell-no white residue, and i really hate when sunscreen leaves a white hue-does not clog pores-great protectionI have not gotten a sunburn using this yet, and i tan and burn easily. It is a great sunscreen!

Rosanne Pinckneyville, IL

Decent Physical Sunscreen with Very Little White Cast

This is a decent physical sunscreen – I prefer physical over chemical sunscreens, and the price on this one is hard to beat. It works great as a BODY sunscreen, as it leaves very little white cast. I didn’t like it as a facial sunscreen, as it left an unattractive sheen. No sunscreen smell was a plus, though.

Adriana Manzanola, CO