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Balla Powder Talc For Men, Original 100g

The perfect blend of Balla for Men’s fine Italian talcum powder and subtle fragrance that will leave your entire body feeling dry, comfortable, and smelling great. Original Formula will make clammy skin a thing of the past and will put batwings on the endangered species list.

Key features

  • Finest silky-smooth Italian talc
  • Subtle masculine fragrance
  • Battle chaffing, clammy skin, odor, and more
  • Engineered for elite athletes & average Joe’s alike
  • All natural product with no animal testing

Honest reviews


I’ve tried the rest. Keep coming back to the best.

I know some have rated this less than stellar for whatever reason. I’m of the mind that a lot of people vote based on the price of things. IN truth, I agree that Balla Powder’s price is not appealing – but I also believe that you get what you pay for.The problem with other powders is not in how they work. You can get some el-cheapo baby powder at Rite-Aid for a few bucks and it’ll keep you dry. The problem is the smell. A man should not smell like a baby down south, and I don’t agree that he should smell like nothing either. Certain aromas create confidence, whether you’re subconsciously aware of that increased confidence or not.Balla Powder goes on very evenly, smells quite epic, and it does the job…but more to the point, it smells manly. It’s like a powdered version of cologne. I usually get the tingle version as it has a "fresh" feel to it that regular powder can’t touch.If I had one negative, it’s that the containers are too small. They don’t offer any larger containers, and the price of these is steep. I pay it because of the quality, but I would like to see them offer the powder in larger sizes. I’d also like to see Amazon keep these in stock rather than relying on third parties. The third party fulfilled by Amazon is ok, but then it’s a crapshoot as to whether the product is available for purchase or not. But I dinged it a star because there just isn’t enough powder per container. If they’d fix that or offer larger options, I might be inclined to give it the 5.

Brigitte Farmington, WV


Smells great and feels great. Need a minimal amount of powder to apply to areas. I love the tingle and it gives me that fresh feeling everyday.

Lee Long Mott, TX

Happy With It

This was another purchase for the boyfriend. We bought the fragrance free talc and he’s very happy with the results.

Queen Rew, PA


This stuff is perfect if you’re going on a long run or just need to freshen up, you know. The tingle formulas sweet! I would recommend this to anyone who works out regularly goes on long runs. Leg chafing is no fun

Crystal Hamel, IL


Initial reaction was positive but hubby hasn’t had a chance to use it all that much. I did catch him using J&J baby powder again the other day in the cooling cucumber scent so maybe he’s just not that into this? I did like the scent of this powder though so that’s something I guess. Maybe he just hasn’t used it enough.

Glenna Mountain View, HI

Good Powder

I gave it a five star because I with that Bella would make a cologne that smells like this powder. Its original and last a while. Just a bit on the expensive side but its worth it.

Melody Aimwell, LA